Dear RSF folks,

Dear RSF folks,

At my current cyberspace locus
is at:, where I described myself as a: “white privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic”. In Steiner speak, “pagan anthroposophist” works just as well. Some further tales as to this activity are described in this direction are here:

I wish to give to RSF skills. Don’t have money, but skills, … all aces and all in. All the same I am in my 80th year, and need to spend what I can sooner rather than later.

Decades ago I met RS through his books, discovered the practice of Goetheanism, and applied Steiner’s science of knowing {GA-2 ~!~ GA-4} to learning to read the Book of the Social. I succeeded, and that work, written after my initiations into both the mysteries of the Son, and of the Mother, is: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”. By intention I rewove religious truths into the form of a theory, and by this placed those questions into the stream of natural science. This was a kind of “washing the feet” of the underlying moral principles living in the methods of natural science.

I am a seer of the living presence of the Son and the Mother in social life. I am not clairvoyant, but Carl Stegmann called what I do: clair-thinking. My inner life unites with Beings in the form of Ideas. Years ago, I called this experience: the presence of Fullness, and the fullness of Presence. Later: the Rising of the Sun in the Mind.

Among my gifts/curses (there is no knowledge without loving the object of thought, … and, as a shaman (initiates in the true West are called shamans, because of their devotion to the Mother) I am the beneficiary of many invisible companions.

We all see the world poised on the cusp of the dying and becoming of Western Civilization. The social movement we call “environmentalism” is/has been taking up the tasks of giving a voice to Nature, who seems very much to be in physical danger, as is the life sphere needed to support the future of humanity.

RSF has many such connections, and I would like to serve those folks, with the only currency I have, which is spiritual knowledge.

It is possible, using law (I have a JD) to do something remarkable. The political-legal sphere, which is the middle balancing organism, in between the cultural and economic spheres, is a place where the heart’s mind needs deeper application. There is power – latent in the law-process – to give scientific voice to the Beings of Nature.

If a corporation can be a person before the law, then certainly a Planet can be a person, before the law.

As to the science part, … Goethean science has already laid the foundations for seeing/knowing that the Planet, … in fact all “matter” … is alive and has consciousness. I wrote an open letter to Greta Thunberg, in which I laid out the details of the ten most important books to read, and how to understand them. All “environmentalists” need to become familiar with these texts. , which are most accurately described as “gospels” of the Return of Christ in the Ethereal.

I’ll name them here, as a kind of preview – the way they are presented is crucial, and far less abstract. “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception” – a gospel of knowing; “Poetic Diction” – a gospel of the imagination; “On Becoming an Alchemist”- a gospel of the soul; “Man or Matter” – a gospel of physics; “The Nature of Substance” – a gospel of organic chemistry; “Sensitive Chaos” – a gospel of movement; “The Plant vol. 1 & 2” – a gospel of life; the next three have the same author, so go together: “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”, “Vaccines, Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness”, and “Cancer and the New Biology of Water” – a gospel of healing medicine.

One of the qualities of the law is that it can be used as a means to change the collective narrative. We do not have to win lawsuits, in order to use their filing as a means of “raising consciousness” to the level where lots of folk begin to get it that materialistic science is rooted in the vain and unjustified assumption: That the human being is the only sentient self-aware entity – with an interior life of consciousness – sharing our Earthly environment.

It is the good question, and embraces a core element of our actual reality: The world of Nature is more aware of us, than we are aware of Them.

One way to unfold this would be to put me in touch with some of the environmental folks you serve, so I can – in some kind of face to face (Zoom?) – answer questions. Then, as a result of helping them to increasing their own understanding, they can choose to file law suits, in which a factor is to get the law to declare the Planet is as much a person as a corporation. Again, this is not about winning, but about changing the collective narrative to the underlying cosmological implications.

For example, it would be a goodness if these lawsuits were filed every Earth Day. In the first year or so, only a few, then later a flood. Again, we are staging a “media” event, and this works because media is the heart of the heart of the social organism (see my initial dissertation on that social phenomena here: “Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order” )

It is central to the lawsuits that they be filed against the multinational corporations, which are egregorial cultures, that have eliminated from their Way any human act of conscience or kindness. Our plaintiff is the Earth, who needs a voice before the law. Only human cognition can place Her Voice rightly at the human threshold issue of legal Person-hood. Of course She Speaks, we just have lost the sense to listen. Rogue weather, anyone?

An important tactic is to sue more than one at the same time. They will fight to be treated as separate (legally possible), but in the course of asserting “separation” they will be shooting at each other, in the courts and in the media, not just at we, who are filing the narrative changing lawsuits.

If a suit gets to the discovery stage. Give them the usual corporate law trick – a document dump … copies of all ten books.

By the way, I am very much not interested in being any kind of “public figure”, for the simple selfish reason that this puts myself and my family in the cross-hairs social media trolls. Environmentalists are already in that strange circus, and if possible I’d like to work behind the scenes helping them take this future increase – in the integrity of the collective narrative – up in the Way that best suits them, each organization having is own individual style&spirit.

This does not require march-about-protesting thoughts, though. Sure, celebrate Earth Day, with His sword of truth in our own heart’s mind in one hand, … just include Pan’s flutes in the other, for sharing via community life, … we all know the value of a good party, with good food, and good dance to it music. She … has the Whole World in His Hands.

Of course, you can ignore this opportunity. I could die, and become then less useful. In case someone wants to meet me face to face, in the physical, that would be a helpful and cautious next step. Alas, I am physically unable to travel. I hardly leave the house. Someone would have to come here, which is Paxton, MA, a small town just west of Worcester, MA. This puts me in between the concentration of anthroposophical efforts in Spring Valley, and the concentration near Boston.

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