America Strong

America Strong

first some music Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner Folksoul Band_We Can Make It Better Jimi Hendrix – The Star Spangled Banner Ray Charles – America the Beautiful Joni Mitchel – Woodstock

a poem, as if She – America – had Her own Voice:

The narrative on the News, in these days of the “pandemic”, is woe is us, and everything is awful. Millions unemployed. Thousands dead. A government that wasn’t prepared. Experts who have often turned out to be wrong.

Given the pending presidential election, the two political Parties will fill the airwaves, in this crisis, trying to sell themselves as just the ones to fix things. Foreign governments will defile social media with fake news. The major media will remain hysterical. The corporations will only be looking out for themselves.

Mainly Americans are being sold the same old b.s. that we should be divided, not united. Not “out of many, one”.

While the News tells its tales of woe, and politicians will try to fix the blame on the other guy, and gloss over their own failings, Americans have the opportunity to rise above the crass and ugly voices, and find Our Songs. Which we have been experiencing directly … namely that we can work together.

Do We the People need to rebel against the powers that use and abuse us? Yes.

Do We the People need to do this by being smarter than the bankers, the News editors, and the political Parties? Yes.

Next below, the contents page of a small book, written by a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.

a preview, for readers that might not be interested in the whole text 3

author’s preface 5

introduction: the situation in America 6

the grandmother war 9

the army of the unemployed 11

manufactured consent – the secrets of the money changers 15

waking up and declaring victory 30

the market expects – unmasking economic religion 34

strategy and tactics – in general 37

strategy and tactics – in particular 40

a brief, and perhaps more poetic, summation 59

notes 63
appendix: the Needed Future for the Occupy Wall Street Movement 64

a money debt owed bankers is merely a number …
while what lives in the hearts of a People is a
spiritual currency of infinitely greater value read for free here, 2011 version, … this Spring I changed the title a little bit, and added a small new introduction to the printed version:

Older research here: “Uncommon Sense”

why play be the rules, when the game is already is already fixed free on line …

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