Conceptual Pollution

Conceptual Pollution

There are to me (as a spiritual social scientist) some curious “concepts” / “ideas wandering among our collective representations, as Barfield might have put it. Too many of them are linked to a fundamentally bad idea, which is that the human being is only matter, and not spirit at all.

In addition, as a kind of reasonable corollary to such an idea, there is our view (collective representation) of most of existence as consisting of discrete entities, or parts, making up everything. Atoms, molecules, viruses, bacteria, electrons, protons, leptons, … physical matter is made up of the smallest first, and the complex later, according to the theory of natural selection and random chance evolutionary development.

So, for example, we get the idea of six feet of separation, and masks and gloves, as able to screen out the tiny bits, which tiny bits are making us sick.

Just think about yourself, for a moment. You are reading this text, probably on a computer screen. The point of writing, however, is not about the page and the ink, but about the transmission of ideas from the mind of the writer to the mind of the reader, an event which requires no matter-based direct connection at all.

In fact, there is no more obvious disproof of the matter-only existence but our direct experience of our own mental life. Thought is invisible. The experiencing “I” is invisible. Sure, unnatural science explains everything, while at the same time explaining nothing.

Bits of photons and electrons, interacting in complex chemical/physical relationships, bringing about the experience of vision itself? All the same, what/who decides where to look, and from where comes the ideas of the meaning of what we see.

To try to cut to the chase, lets take a slightly different tack.

Our existence is a kind of Russian nested dolls – as conceived (made into concepts). There is the human being. The human being seems to come in two types, male and female reproductive organs. Then there are the differentiations that go with race, culture, religion, and sanity.

Our inwardness is assumed to be unique among the other entities on the planet. We have consciousness, perhaps even self-consciousness and free will. Not so much germs, or rocks, or bits of air and water.

Suppose that our concept of separation of parts is erroneous. Suppose everything has consciousness – a sentient self-aware interior life, interconnected on multiple invisible and musical levels.

The “pandemic” has a physical level, and a conceptual level. We see the material effects, and have shared interior-senses of what this “means”.

Our ideas of what is going on at the physical level have been changing quite a bit. There is evidence, that we are killing folks by putting them in hospitals, and treating their symptoms without really knowing their causes. Hospitals are not an environment conducive to health, mostly because the treatments are essentially experimental, and done in an environment that makes rest nearly impossible.

Then there is what might be called the political-sociology of the management of large scale events, conceptualized (again) as a pandemic due to a little thing running loose all over everywhere.

The politician needs the appearance of doing something. The expert needs to be right, but if we follow what has been happening, what the expert does is statistics. When I was a kid, we where taught that there are lies, damn lies, and worst of all: statistics.

The politician needs experts, given their own – lack of comprehension and the necessary experience. And the NEWS is addicted to sensational stories. Everyone possible has as a microphone shoved in front of their face, and gets asked – not only the same questions over and over again, but questions without any real thought behind them.

The expert knows some stuff. The politician knows how to appear to be dealing with the crisis. The reporter only knows how to invent a story, with good pictures and soundbites, as well as time in front of the camera.

Now many of those involved, might admit to believing in God. They may have a faith, one of many. The politician of course pretends. The expert can’t keep his job if he uses the world spirit.

We live in a world apparently poorly managed. Experts are not as expert as they like to pretend. Politicians have no use for the truth, only for how next to control the narrative (doesn’t make any difference to the politician to have the true narrative). Pirates and madmen rise to power in Nation States, as well us multinational corporations.

I don’t believe there needs to be only one answer as to whys and hows and consequences and blame.

A lot of us have lived with a great deal of dismay over the last hundred or more years. We are tired of wars, and the intrusions into our personal lives by governments and social media trolls – individuals as well as corporate.

Many a person has gone to sleep at night wishing ill on whoever is oppressing them. Is such a wish a possible cause of a “pandemic”, were we to perceive it as a social/mental disease as much as a physical one.

Imagine that all has consciousness. All is spirit. Each part important to the whole, and the whole important to every part. Can we be “grateful” for the perfect storm of global dysfunction, such that we are required to slow down, and think for ourselves about what it all means.

With what adjectives and adverbs will this moment in time be described, by our descendants?

A tale of magic and triumph as humanity threw off the shackles of dominance to ideas that make us sicker, not more healthy. Starving and bereft of hope, instead of wise and back in love with Nature.

What’s in your wallet of choices of meaning?

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