Meeting the Beings Connected to Our Electrical Technology.

Meeting the Beings Connected to Our Electrical Technology.

Previously I have indicated that the manifestation of our electrical technology began with acts of unconscious magic, in order to take from matter this order-power of the Father at rest, and capture it in chains. Part of the problem comes from our lack of Faith, such that while we play with “Powers”, we are unwilling to honor Them, having lost the direct connections of antiquity.

Part of the pandemic pandemonium is that there is an uptick in experiences at the threshold between the material and non-material levels of reality. We are waking up, just as predicted … we are in the “dawning” of the Age of Aquarius. Not in the Age, in the “dawning”.

All the oldest religions knew directly that such acts of gratitude for our existence were important, and from this were born the many Rites all over the world, that honor the Divine Mystery. These Rites vary in accord with the local spiritual and geological realities. This means that there are different spiritual beings that effect culture and language, and take account of local conditions on the astral and ethereal planes of existence.

This also means that the Way – to approach and meet the Beings connected to the unconscious magic that birthed our technological civilization – varies all over the Earth. On the blog I write, as a kind of headline: “finding the path to the future through the gateways of the past”.

Ceremony. Rite is ceremony. Our daily routines are Rite, whether we do this awake or asleep. Ages ago women were known for their gifts of the household, and for working with the little folk – the elemental kingdoms, who are the leading edge of continuous manifestation. If the men hunted and fished, food was taken with reverence. It was prepared with reverence.

If the reader of this has the time (and the interest) it will be useful to seek the oldest religious tales where you live, from the time when the Mystery was seen as a Pantheon. They are not metaphorical, except in the evolution over time of their telling. We tell tales of Spider Woman to our children, and in this help them see Spider Woman in the Now. What might be called “the Underworld” in the ancient Americas, and Faerie in England, is called “the Lost Cities” in Italy.

In the TV series “Stranger Things”, that premonition – of the return of the laws of the dark – was called “the Upside-down”. Our creative folk are dreaming dreams of something lost to us, but not to the Mystery. The movie Arrival is a wonderful mediation out of the Collective Imagination, where we are taught what the Beings of our Atmosphere wish us to know.

In that film, twelve objects materialize all over the planet. Our governments react with the idea that this is likely an “alien” invasion. Even so, first contact efforts are made, which involve those who wish to exchange “knowledge” having to enter into the objects. When we enter, the whole of our perceptions of relationship to gravity are almost literally upside down. It is as if the environment of the visitors is a realm where levity is stronger than gravity, and even time slips away as the main human character – a women – learns their “language”.

Eventually she gets to ask “them” why they came, and the line from the film goes something like this: We wish to help you now, because in the future – in 3000 years – we will need your help to save us.

When the “alien” ships “leave”, they don’t go towards outer space, but fade into the atmosphere.

Their help involves a new “language”, which is sort of what humanity needs in the present. We need start with remembering beings of the deep past, as a means to forge a more modern Way of Discourse.

Keep in mind this, from Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

The same with the movie Annihilation, and its idea of the “shimmering”, … a barrier where if we cross it we find exuberant chaotic growth, which in the end wants to emulate the human being. Even in the recent Star Wars films, the trials of the main characters include an encounter with their “own” darkness. In Star Wars VIII, Rey falls into a cave, and into water, and then when out of the water finds a vision of a hall of mirrors, full of her image in endless repeating reflection.

The nature of the True Dark, where resides the oldest powers, is that It feeds back to you what you bring. Rudolf Steiner went there and investigated it as a scientist of the spirit, finding within only his own unfinished business. To go into the Luminous Dark (thanks to Stephen Clarke for that term, and as well the use of the word paradox in my last posting), we must go naked, weak, needy, human – aware of being horribly flawed, and yet surrender to Her Love, for She receives us as we are, not expecting us to be otherwise. In fact, our goofy-ness is a kind of virtue. If we did not let our own wild out on occasion, we miss out on knowing Her. Years ago, the word “silly” meant possessed by the sacred.

The above is a reflection on the attitude that needs to be cultivated if we want to understand and use the magic aspects of technology. As we “took” these powers from their proper place, part of us had to be unconscious, because it was an Act that needed considerable oversight from both Above and Below.

We see now the technological mess, and our artists imagine all kinds of dark potential futures, mostly because history shows a major human tendency to wickedness.

In Ceremonial Magic, a “sigil” can be an aid.

During the development of our diagrammatic ways of setting up electrical circuits, “symbols” were used without us knowing which class beings were called into the ordering structures that unfolded greater and greater complexity over time.

A glance at those two google pages will reveal that electronic symbols/sigils are mostly straight lies, while the magical sigils/symbols have many curves, and sometimes curves and straight lines together.

As humanity more and more denied its ancient wisdoms, in favor of a world view with no spirit in it at all, we lost the understanding of the nature of spiritual evocation. Franz Bardon’s second book is called: “The Practice of Ceremonial Evocation”, which oddly enough was the first Bardon book I read. The story it tells can be very inspiring.

There are hundreds of sigils in that book, along with the name of the specific beings, its capacities, and where in the zodiacal spheres does its home lie. Bardon only gave sigils for beings we would tend to call “positive”, and a left out sigils from the beings we would call “negative”. We already have some of the latter sigils in the electronic symbols of a wiring diagram. Bardon also did not reveal even the “positive” beings of the Mars Sphere, given the temptations that wait on the path to magical understanding.

In much of so-called magical literature, they frequently present a few various sigils, but only Bardon has the depth and breadth we need. A lot of the literature on magical Rites is sort of fast food magic. You get what you order. If you want a meal prepared carefully, you have to do it yourself.

Bardon’s books are, in a sense, gateways just in the reading of the words and ideas. Thinking what has been written is a type of magical experience, when reading an author with Bardon’s gifts. Consistent with magical literature lore, not all the secrets in the books are obvious. There is a lot of noise in the signal, which then lets folk find the magic music they seek and desire. We bring something to the act of reading (as in the descent into Faerie), and the Bardon’s books reflect back to us our hopes and dreams.

One of the hidden instructions involves the idea of the “meditating scholar”. We read the books to get a sense of the deeper context – in a scholarly sense, and as a beginner on the magical Path, can still engage in conversation across the threshold, through using the imagination to picture the sigil, or other symbolic notations such as the name.

Before we call – in a neighborly way – on the entity, we cultivate an attitude of gratitude. One way to do this, is to first draw a geometric shape in the imagination, consistent with each zone, … say for example the shape of a pentagon, itself imaginatively inscribed into a circle. So in the imagination we first draw the circle as unity, then inside that the geometric shape symbolizing the zone in the spirit, and then the sigil and name of the particular being with whom we seek conversation in meditation.

You can also do this by talking out loud to objects in your environment, thankful of their service. Our efforts should include the re-ensouling of all of material reality. Nature watches us more closely than we watch and honor Her, and Her many helpers.

Keep in mind that what you bring with you, as unredeemed appetites for example, will affect the contact, and may even cause us to “meet” someone else entirely. In essence, this is a kind of courtship, seeking friendship, which then honors the immortal entity with which we desire spiritual intercourse.

Many of us already do this activity, using guided imagination to meditate on love, or forgiveness, or many another abstract ideal. Bardon describes the “ideal’ nature of the each being, so for example here are what he sez about:

Fig. 1: Pyrhum. In the the kingdom of the elements Pyrhum is powerful spirit of in the rank of a king or sovereign. A great number of fire-spirits are subject to his power and are constantly at his disposal. He will reveal special method to the magician who rules him; methods by which the magician may have striking successes with the help of the fire-element. … The sign of his seal must be drawn in a red color … A talisman … must have the shape of a pentagon.

Fire is the symbol in this ancient science for the forces of the “will”, by the way.

A key mood is play, although above we see Bardon use the word “rule”. Once on a Bardon discussion list I asked other students about such language as “rule” or “command”. Should we impose our will on such an entity? Is that not somehow immoral?

It is tradition to see the elemental kingdoms’ beings as not free in the same way as the more ephemeral hierarchies. We can see the goofy here by asking something on the order of: If I chance to meet the Mother, would I want to rule or command Her?

Such close encounters of the fifth kind, are on the order of a couple of racially different appearing kids in a playground who have never met, and for a while just play a bit side by side in order to work out “safety” considerations, before we join them in the wild and intimate spontaneity of play. Alien abductions are unconscious meetings at the threshold, with the Elementals that were sucked out of their normal sphere of existence through the class 23 white singularity which we call an atom bomb, and into our dimensions of habitation.

The problem is the physics didn’t recognize matter as having consciousness. Some UFO “scholars” have the view of there begin four primary “races” of “aliens”, … a broken mirror understanding of the four kingdoms of the Elementals

Should you wish to become a meditating scholar on magic, the best results will come from the use Bardon’s The Practice of Ceremonial Evocation. Read it for fun, keeping in mind that the place to start is the sigils and names for entities from the Four Kingdoms of the Elementals: fire/will/salamanders …. air/intellect/sylphs … water/feeling/undines … and, earth/consciousness/gnomes.

A wonderful book for appreciating this, is The Slow Regard of Silent Things.

Consider this hint … most of us acquire a collection of physical objects, often sentimental for the memories they evoke. In Bardon’s first book, he explains the use of talismans. We do this ourselves, instinctively. A favorite scarf, or hat. A particular piece of jewelry. A candle. A view.

There is life and consciousness in all our relations.

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