The Nature of the War Against Humanity, and the Role of the Multinational Corporation

The Nature of the War Against Humanity, and the Role of the Multinational Corporation

Understanding the pandemic pandemonium requires some careful thought. This “moment in history” is a teaching story, written and enacted by the Divine Mystery.

There is a war, and a battlefield, and sides to choose. But first a tale ….

In my book “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”, I tell a story to illustrate the dangers of assumptions, gossip, and pre-thought thoughts. This is what I wrote:

Tom goes to a cocktail party with his friend Sam. As they enter the main room of the party, Tom sees an attractive woman across the room, and asks his friend if he knows her. Sam says yes, but she is not available, and in fact the man talking to her is her boyfriend. Later during the party Tom finds himself standing next to the woman, and she flirts with him a little bit. Tom would like to respond, but notices that across the room the man, that Sam told him was her boyfriend, is watching them. Tom, thinking this could be a problem, does not respond to the flirting and goes home alone.

The fact was Sam didn’t know what he was talking about. The girl was single, and the man talking to her was her gay neighbor, who always looked out for her at parties, worried about who she might hook up with. She was genuinely interested in Tom and that is why she was flirting with him. He, however, carried the taboo connected to what Sam had said (not wanting to interfere in an existing relationship) and so didn’t understand the opportunity presented to him.

Since he already thought he knew what was going on, his pre-thought thought (his assumption) prevented him from actually thinking about the real nature of the experience he was having when the girl was flirting with him.”

Let us now apply this insight (as a kind of test of my “Theory”) to our situation.

Given that this will be a “metaphorical” approach, rather than an analysis, perhaps the reader should note in passing that part of what is at issue is the difference between the quantitative aspects of existence, and the qualitative. Analysis gives you one point of view, while “metaphor” and the underlying law of analogy gives another. The former is more dead, and the latter more living.

The party we – in our time – are going to, involves the whole of our situation. On one side (Tom) is human beings hungering to reconnect to Nature, She who is so attractive across the room. Sam is scientific materialism, who gives honestly felt, but completely erroneous advice about what is really going on.

The pandemic pandemonium is the Mother Nature mystery flirting with us. Think about it. The world is running away from a bug, and it is a bug that is a kind of life. She is Life-Blooming (April showers bring May flowers), especially when the growth cycle is going full blast. Imagine, if you can, all the bugs in our bio-home. More than the number of the stars in the sky, each a point of life, a kind of type, and thus at the same time: a unity.

We live in seas of microorganisms, which act collectively (think split-screen physics, and spooky action at a distance). This collective connectivity is self conscious, as are we. Nature is better at observing us, than we are at observing Her.

The Mother was known to all the ancient Earth Religions. She stepped back so that we humans, in our own evolution of conscious, could be as free as possible of the original awareness of the Mystery (be at one with nature). This separation is now acute, witness the battle for our forests, between the remaining aboriginal peoples, and the powers of international commerce and finance.

Out of scientific materialism, which is ignorant&arrogant, we are taught that Nature as no sentient inside, and is just a bunch of soulless “things”. Sam really believes he is helping his friend. Sam sees dangers, where what is really there – in the “gay” friend – is protection and caring, and a willingness to dance wildly on occasion. For us, these are floods, earthquakes, rogue weather, and Sam’s favorite modern boogeyman: Climate Change.

We are Tom. All the same, Her flirting is relentless. She still wants to connect with us. We just have to see past Sam’s mechanistic theories – in this specific case – the narrative we are currently being sold of the meaning of events, by folk who do not actually know.

There is no contagious bug running around trying to kill off humanity. There is – in modern civilization – massive conditions of illness, most of which are born in Sam’s ignorance about human nature: no spirit, just matter, coupled to human appetites, that are a kind of darkness in their own Way.

Sam’s only “model” will be in wreckage in the aftermath of this crisis. The crisis, if we can access the real facts, will show that the disease of “greed is good” had more to do with the pandemic pandemonium than the alleged plague. For example, on my Facebook feed yesterday there was an assertion by an expert whose ideas are counter to the current narrative, which assertion was that if we have had a flu shot in the last ten years, we will have early versions of the “COVID” class of “bugs” already in our system. Making the testing even more useless, and as well socially dangerous to our freedoms.

Illness symptoms introduced through vaccines is to be helped by more of the same? We are urged in directions that are not for our good, but for the “the greater good”, a favorite excuse of the leisure class when it is about to – conscious of the “evil” – make more wealth and power at the expense of the rest of us.

The pandemic is a fiction of the moral children, occupying positions of power. Follow the money, and the real boogeyman is at the end of that rainbow. The pandemonium is the gift of the Mother, in order to make the powers that be less effective. Chaos is to our advantage. Excesses of order is to their advantage.

Saving us from the fictional plague, … that is the battleaxe of fear pointed at our hearts&minds, when the real cause (and meaning) of most “deaths” is otherwise.

A multinational corporation is an entity built on anti-human principles. They have no conscience, because to rise through the culture of such businesses requires the attitudes of a sociopath, coupled with the intelligence in the darker ranges of autism-spectrum “disorders”.

The Mystery loves them anyway. And, as with the rest of us, guides their biographies (through Mother’s Divine Providence – there is no self-made man), given – if we actually see “history” – given that She is teaching something to all of us, lessons for which each has volunteered. The reason for the alleged population explosion has to do with spirit-souls wanting to incarnate in this age, for the rare opportunity to grow through the personal trials of their individual biography.

In my first experience with the Divine Mother, I was in a moment of crisis, and asked what do She and Her Son do with all our crap/evil/etc., for surely They knew us more intimately than we do ourselves. She spoke softly, and with a hint of affection: “We turn it into Love”.

There is a clever saying that is not really true: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Surviving trials in life, yes. Death and dying … no. Death and dying are special, even if the dominant narrative is all about saving people from a most fearful aspect of existence = dying and death.

In the aftermath we will have an opportunity to reflect. Many questions, in the face of a powerful hunger to place blame.

For a moment, let us just look at aspects of this as a kind of story …

The course of this illness is confusing, mostly because scientific materialist’s don’t know how to think in wholes. People are getting flu symptoms, flu being an elimination of toxins process. The toxins, whether radiant energy or just vaccines themselves, are the cause, and the proliferation of the bug (earlier versions of which are already inside us) a secondary effect of imbalances in the bio-home due to the toxins in the air, the food, and the water.

Now – to She who has the whole world in His Hands – dying and death are very special rites. S – a – m (scientific materialism) not recognizing spirit, does not even begin to understand dying and death.

The dying is taking place in environments of more stress. They poke us, stick hoses in our lungs, all the while using all of the arts and medicines (themselves toxic) to try to heal us. The intention and hard work is wonderful. Were we to better understand death and dying, it can get even acquire moments of grace.

Many of those dying experience a hardening of the respiratory process, which ultimately creates suffocation. We die because we can’t breath.

To the human spirit what does this mean, to die of suffocation, as did the Son on the Cross?

A qualitative (not formal and organized) Christianity understands what are called the Seven Stages of the Passion of Christ. Washing the Feet; the Scourging; the Crowing with Thorns; the Carrying of the Cross, the Crucifixion; and the Entombment. Many biographies in our time have events, which are qualitative trials organized around this same spiritual metaphor.

What does it mean to enduring a death via suffocation, and then to find one’s spirit in the afterlife, a place for rest between trials

Modern corporate greed is the Roman Empire dying, and this is accompanied by the “cross” of a narrative that does not yet see that: all are to be forgiven, for they know not what they do.

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