riots and such

Ordinarily, in the end of winter, March Madness appears. That celebration of college basketball is in public venues and on television. Woven in and around this are NBA games, and then playoffs. All over the world soccer is played again and again, in public venues, and on television.

Spring brings professional baseball’s “spring training”.

We have sports bars. And fake bettable contests in a variety of types, from texas hold-um to internationally televised computer game tournaments.

As the ancient Greeks understood, that these events, including religious rites, are emotionally cathartic. Cheering and dancing and intoxication are normal ways to ‘blow off steam”.

In lieu of those necessary events, the idiots behind the pandemic-Pandemonium, got all that energy and bottled it up, with social distancing and fear of the other.

Are we to be surprised that when an old festering wound is opened wide,, that bile and rage pour out?

Sure there are bullies and rude boys and agent provocateurs – all throwing gasoline on the fires. They are just a few, while the actual individual moral/ethical majority – want companionship and some damn thing to do besides sit alone in fear.

Here’s the oddity: … the powers that be have reached too far in their desire to rule. In America, at least, Admiral Yamamoto’s warning to his staff, after the Japanese success in Pearl Harbor applies: “I’m afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant.”

As the future unfolds, we will do best to declare victory over the addicted to wealth and power ( the Gates-types), and their minions (Fauci and friends).

The victory – for us – is that what used to remain unseen – the hydra of corporate malfeasance – is now visible. Their corruption of government is now visible.

America finding its true spirit is a Mystery Rite. First a revolutionary war. Then, a civil war. Now , the Grandmother War.

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