I had an idea once

I had an idea once, not a bad idea so much, as it was an unrealizable idea.

I wanted to get to meet either Senator Warren, or Oprah Winfrey. I wanted one of them to call the other, and the two of them – successful women, one black and one white, to act in concert.
I wanted them to understand that fame and recognition sometimes came with serious social obligation/opportunities.

I imagined the two of them (this was far before Covid-19) going around the Nation together, and fostering gatherings of white people and black people for a shared meal, and even an intoxicant or two.

The purpose of the gathering was to share stories about life trials everyone experiences. Illness. Good and bad love stories. Issues of aging parent needs. How to deal with ungrateful children. Petty tyrants as bosses. Neighbors who just refuse to be neighborly.

Human beings have a lot in common. In America, we need a few leaders to encourage our meeting people of difference, and to learn to set aside assumptions so as to experience similarities.

We need leading by example, not words.

Enough of that, and we become stronger than the fascists who work for and wish we were at our throats.

They are the enemy, not each other.

It is a choice to think the issues of racism can be addressed by protests, and encouraging each other to feel that emotional expression works, when what is needed is emotional bonding over the fact that all of us (black, white, red, yellow, queer, poor, out of work, hungry for love etc.) are getting collectively screwed, and we can only fix that through a common front.

When I first heard about white-privilege I was incensed. Then I realized it was partially true, so I took away the sting by owning it, and still being more than just an old white guy.

My blog describes me this way: “white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.”

All of us have dimensions never touched by noticing the color of our skin. Black rioters, or white ones, or skin heads, or people just trying to gather together to express shared outrage … when the fires are out, and the windows are boarded up, we still have a shared enemy, who will do anything to remain dominant and safe from the streets, away in the high rise mansions, or personal islands in the Caribbean.

There is no pandemic. Government always lies, and the more important the situation, the more wealth-values dominate decision making. Its a con job rooted in elaborate fictions – a major one being that this contagion tall tale is good science. It isn’t.

Meanwhile, there is an endless application of corporate owned media, with one agenda: feed us a false narrative on the way to protecting themselves from the dangers we would be, if we set aside petty differences, and saw each other as human beings being once more being collectively screwed by bankers and the titans of industry.

Sure, … slavery was horrible. Wage slavery still exists, ask anyone, white or black, who works at Amazon, or in high rise cubical, or packing chicken for Tyson.

We have a lot in common. On that shared horse, we can dethrone the soulless corporation, and set right the Republic.

Assuming we’d like some order, protecting the self interest of the newly generated army of the unemployed.


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