Lies, Damn Lies, & Statistics: aka: Western Civilization and Its Discontents

Lies, Damn Lies, & Statistics: aka: Western Civilization and Its Discontents

Right now the biggest problem we all face is how does an individual find the truth in seas so treacherous. We tend to think in terms of this place or that place, this kind of people or that kind of people, and, this kind of government or that kind of government.

Yet, a core aspect of the pandemic-Pandemonium is that it does not obey geological boundaries, racial differences, and, which group believes it rules those that are below.

No one escapes the Return of the Son, and the Remembering of the Mother – events which are happening whether we believe Them or not. The Dawn of the Third Millennium is also the enactment of a Spiritual Rite never before seen in history remembered, although the legend of Atlantis, when the seas fell out of the sky*, should serve as a warning. The Divine Mystery can wipe the board clean anytime They wish.

The whole of humanity is ruled by a false religion, aka: scientific materialism = all is matter, there is no spirit. This arrogant ignorance, rooted in an intellect that has no heart, was a necessary blindness. The Mystery Itself wishes us to choose whether or not we relate to Them in the future. The current state of world civilization is a consequence of human freedom, even among so-called believers.

For each religion there are “issues”. Some are common/universal. For example, a book is seen as more filled with knowledge of the spirit, than the created-world itself. The writings of men, claiming divine inspiration, tell stories in conflict with the what-is that, their belief system asserts that their God created.

Scientific materialism no longer sees the ancient spirits, such as the Titans, at work in our rogue weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, pandemics – the Four Horseman in all Their righteous glory. Materialism has emptied our minds and hearts of what many of those hearts and minds know to be true. The world is filled with Divine Consciousness, and They are looking over our existence with more sympathy than scientific materialism views the theoretical “matter only” physical world.

Right now humanity is faced with needing understanding of the real nature of the dis-ease processes, while materialistic-industrial medicine is lost, even though its best minds are trying very hard to help all of us.

The germ theory of dis-ease, and the ideas of contagious infections that rides in on those illusions, are not true. They are believed by the materialistic medical establishment, as well as government and business leaders. This is a kind of religious effect of scientific materialism … its claim of authority as to the truth, in a situation where the whole course of the pandemic-Pandemonium reveals ignorance, not knowledge.

We forget sometimes that a theory is a guess, and the history of medicine (and other kinds of allegedly scientific knowledge) is that the models/paradigms/tales change over time. We learn. We make mistakes, fall down. and go boom. What is being taught to us now? As we – as individuals – struggle to survive the Dying and Becoming of Western Civilization, we are right to focus on our personal circumstance. Make your life work, and leave to the Mystery the higher forms of Justice.

Let us consider, as an example, what I have named: the “Bill Gates syndrome”, a kind of mental (social-spiritual) dis-ease.

Scientific materialism, having gotten rid of any spirit at work in our world, has decreed a kind of supremacy to the ideas of chance, and random “accidents”. What the ancient Egyptian priests saw as Fate and Fortune in their Hermetic Science, many no longer believe, although some of that same many may find themselves using “what goes around comes around”, and “when the universe closes one door, it opens another.”

The “Bill Gates Syndrome” lets folk believe that the massive amounts of wealth&power they now hold, has not been bestowed by Fate and Fortune – it has been earned through their own genius. A self made man is the cliché.

The ego of such people then believes it can understand&know just how and why the world should develop according to their imaginary genius. George Soros writes treatises on developing democracy, while Bill Gates believes he knows the right way to help the world become more healthy. The creators of Google and Facebook and Amazon imagine there are no limits to their genius.

A well known – to the ancients – perception … is that Fate and Fortune are fickle masters. Once the scale – of what is believed to be under the control of those with the syndrome – reaches a certain level of complexity, chaos is present. “And this too shall pass” is the rule.

Ordinary people, given this situation of madness among the rich&powerful, will find that what they most need, in order to navigate the flowering of these seeds of destruction, is good company. Think globally, act locally, has never been a more needed wisdom than right now.

One of the more curious delusions is held by many ordinary people. In spite of massive historical evidence to the contrary, such folk believe corporations, and the governments they own, have in mind the best interests of their workers, consumers, and cannon fodder.

Oddly enough, the war is not so much about wealth&power, but about knowledge of what our existence actually means.

Scientific materialism sees a material/physical body, that can be infected by a tiny tiny tiny organism, to the point of grave illness and possible death. If the truth of the spirit is put back into our understanding, all of materialistic medicine falls apart.

There exists what needs to be called: the Narrative. Why folk trust this Narrative, given that it is sourced in people who lie for a living, is hard to fathom. Some of us are right to see that pandemic-Pandemonium as having aspects which threaten our freedoms, in a way they have not been assaulted since the madness in Europe that led to the Holocaust.

The masked and the unmasked. The right of the State to order folk to follow the advice of materialistic and industrial medicine to tell us what to do, because otherwise our failure will make others sick and die.

The industries founded on scientific materialism have poisoned humanity. There are poisons in our water and air, named by the misdirecting euphemism: pollution. There are poisons on our food, and the more sensitive folk end up “gluten intolerant” (another misdirecting euphemism). Then there are the poisons in our medicines, so gracelessly called: “side-effects”.

If you are getting your understanding of the pandemic-Pandemonium, from the evening news on television, you are getting a Narrative intentionally designed to keep us asleep, in large part by beginning to feed us the idea that our neighbor is the danger, and not the conscienceless multi-national corporation.

A crucial factoid to keep in mind: 90% of those with a confirmed presence of the bug in their bio-home, survive the illness, many never even getting symptomatic. Not one of them needed to be vaccinated with more poisons.

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