Logical Problems with the present Narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic-Pandemonium.

From the heart’s mind of Joel A. Wendt: a white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic:

Logical Problems with the present Narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic-Pandemonium.

First: the Source: American citizens have little reason to trust the CDC, WHO, the American government, and multi-national corporations. Watch the movie on AIDS, “and the band played on”. Include, for our government, the recent movie “The Report” (How the CIA etc. hid from FBI oversight, the torture of so-called terrorists). Watch the movie, “The Post”, about the Pentagon Papers. Recall the story of the lies fabricated after 9/11, which led us into two wars, one of which is still ongoing.

Remember the image of Big Tobacco testifying before Congress and swearing under oath that they did not know nicotine was addictive. A lie – see the movie “The Insider”. Then, in the ‘90’s Big Pharma got Congress to pass a law making them immune to any suits based on the idea of vaccines causing illnesses and death. In my corner of reality, we call that covering your behind.

Second: Science: Anyone seriously aware of the state of natural science knows of the degeneration in that discipline due to the influence of money – big corporations do not just support pure science. They often reward papers inclined to be in favor of that corporation’s products. Eisenhower warned of this in the same speech where he told us to watch out for the “military industrial” complex.

In addition, science changes its mind, as needed. In medicine, that situation is stranger when we realize how the “practice” of industrial medicine mostly creates profit for large corporations. It can be argued cogently that doctors often miss-diagnose, prescribe the wrong medicine, and rightly get sued all the time. They are sometimes notoriously over-confident, which actually makes their assumptions even more dangerous.

The issue is that we have a lot more to learn about illness and dis-ease. To assume we have, from science, a viable and correct Narrative, is to assume perfection. Doctors are people, and people error.

The current Narrative is: Germs cause dis-ease. Germs can be passed from one person to another, and they will then get from that the dis-ease. Some illnesses are seen as highly contagiousness. Others not so much. Why?

The Media are useless: When you take a complicated problem and reduce it to its most hysterical presentation, that just makes everything seem worse than it actually is.

Some factoids, hidden among the thousands of numbers offered in major media, and social media.
The current numbers (when you cut through the jungle of assertion) reveal that a) everyone is exposed, or will be exposed. b) not everyone exposed will get caught by the tests to have what the test is looking for, which is the presence of an antibody.* c) not everyone who tests positive, will ever show symptoms. d) only a few of those with symptoms will need hospitalization, and not all of those who are hospitalized will die.

*[if you have had a flu vaccine in the last ten years, you will already have been “inoculated” with live COVID-strain bugs. Flu shots only help about 40% of the time, given the natural evolution of these kinds of organisms. This means that 60% get the flu anyway, in spite of having been “vaccinated”. Not a good track record, as we say.]

A rough estimate suggests that 90% of us fall into categories a), b), and, c). One crucial conclusion to draw from this is that this 90% is just fine in the absence of any vaccine. Only Big Pharma, and self-serving politicians, gain from scaring us all to the point of the law possibly being used to force us all to be vaccinated, without reason.

Why are people sick and dying, if the Narrative is wrong?

Flu-like illnesses are processes by which the organism eliminates toxins. We barf, we poop, we sweat, we cough. Still, what needs healing, especially when we have what the Narrative alleges in a pandemic?

Our normal bio-home contains trillions of tiny tiny tiny living organisms (bugs/germs/viruses etc). Because of the poisons (see next paragraph) regularly (flu is seasonal, remember) present, the chemistry of the bio-home changes, and becomes out of harmony with its preferred way of being. This is kind of like the pooled water in the far corner of the farm, where pond scum grows. These bugs grow in us because our normal systems have become abnormal, and as a consequence become a suitable growth medium for the germ. The proliferating germ is not the cause, but just another symptom.

The Cause: Corporations, with the cooperation of the relevant government agencies, have for a long time been free to release poisons into our water, our air, our food, and our medicines. The so-called anti-vax movement is dangerously close to making its case, as well, given that if you just look at the chemistry – forgetting it is a famous vaccine, these injections routinely include substances otherwise banned by the FDA.

The industries founded on scientific materialism have poisoned humanity. There are poisons in our water and air, named by the misdirecting euphemism: pollution. There are poisons on our food, and the more sensitive folk end up “gluten intolerant” (another misdirecting euphemism). Then there are the poisons in our medicines, so gracelessly called: “side-effects”.

There is a war going on over the future health of humanity, and the conscienceless multinational corporations and their bought and paid for politicians, don’t care – as long as massive profits from patents and so forth remain theirs with which to reward themselves, and their shareholders.

History tells stories, some of them horrible. History can also be adjusted if those who would gain from the lies have billions to spend on “public relations.”. What was said about the 1918 non-contagious Spanish-flu, in the immediate aftermath, has been “overwritten”

Get and read these three books: “the Invisible Rainbow”; “Plague of Corruption”; and, “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses”

Why these books? Because of how hard Big Pharma’s public relations juggernaut is trying to suppress them. Our ostensible leaders during this crisis have too much arrogant ignorance. The stronger they assert they know what is right, that’s how much they actually worry they don’t really know. The numbers experts (epidemiologists) just guess, and pretend to a certainty in a field where certainty is the last thing to find. As one doctor once told me (while ignored me telling him my symptoms came from a severe gluten attach): “association does not prove causality”.

The whole field of epidemiology is based on assuming that association (happening at the same time) does prove causality. Its just a guess, and an often ill-informed one at that.

Here’s the key thought/concept/idea: Our qualitative humanity is being attacked by a set of ways of thinking that treat the human being as a number. That is what the doctor does, he measures everything quantitatively. But that is not the qualitative reality of the patient. On a wider scale, the “patient” is the whole of humanity, whose collective health has been experimented upon, by an isolated aspect of the soul: abstract cause and effect thinking, whose essential methods lack life.

Modern medical science began by taking apart cadavers – a dead body. Physics thought the secrets were in whatever turned out to be the smallest part. Biology believes it knows the secrets of life, through its obsession with DNA. Kepler – an early astronomer and astrologer – warned that science was throwing out the baby with the bathwater – the ancient cultures being repositories of wisdom in all fields.

Human live on this living Planet is a school. We are close to ruining that sphere of life. Something dead, a heartless intellect, has come to rule our lives. Thought born in the heart’s mind knows that Natura is actually a real Goddess. Rogue weather is one of Her Arts and Crafts, as is the pandemic-Pandemonium.

There is a science question of some import, called: the Fermi Paradox. Namely, that the numbers of galaxies, stars, and planets suggests there has to be other intelligent life “out” there. Why haven’t they contacted us?

The better question is: How well are we listening? The baby that went out with the bathwater was the understanding that spirit was everywhere in the natural world, and that we are all intentionally created beings – nothing random about us at all. In fact, All Our Relations, the green world and the seas of stones, … their sailors, such as the four-legged and the winged above, and below the little people … elfs riding worms like in Dune, and gnomes singing poems to iron.

We worry about whether the weather is going, but don’t have the sense to try to learn how to ask those cloud-folk (see the movie Arrival) what’s going on. We treat the Creation as a thing, and ourselves as well when we only see health and illness as numbers, and flu season as something with which we cannot reason.

Read the books and learn. Ignore them and your ignorance will destroy us all. Social distancing, and wearing masks are not a factor in the reality of the normal dis-ease process involved in seasonal flu.

They are a factor, however, in the generation and cultivation of social fear. Will that fear lead to violence? Will that fear led to forced vaccinations? Will that fear to lead to the arrest, and incarceration in camps of non-conforming, and not actually contagious, fellow human beings?

Welcome to the Party, celebrating the dying and becoming of Western Civilization. HDT encouraged that we not trust “authority”, and – in fact – that we are right to disobey it.

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