“Most People With Coronavirus Won’t Spread It. Why Do a Few Infect Many?”

A lead paragraph in the digital New York Times, June 30th, 2020, headlined:
“Most People With Coronavirus Won’t Spread It. Why Do a Few Infect Many?”
“Growing evidence shows most infected people aren’t spreading the virus. But whether you become a superspreader probably depends more on circumstance than biology.”
That’s not the story that required masks and social distancing. Were we not told – quite hysterically actually, that was necessary, because all of us who get it would be contagious?
So, if you are tasked with managing the Narrative in order to save the theory, which is:
“Germs cause dis-ease. Germs can be passed from one person to another, and they will then get from that the dis-ease. Some illnesses are seen as highly contagiousness.[see link below]
The implication of the NYT story is that the old “facts” don’t work because as we test more and more people, those numbers grow, being given the fun name “cases”, Yet, the rate of change of the numbers of people with symptoms, is falling radically behind the rate of change of the numbers of “cases”.
Additionally there are “hot pockets” (my term), first one person has it, and then a lot of folk close to that person get it. The folk massaging the Narrative – as it fails – have dreamed up a good one: “superspreader”.
Think about this term: “get it”. An essential element of the “germ theory of illness” is contagion. However, the “numbers” don’t add up – very few of those now being tested (whatever that means) are – or become – symptomatic.
So the Narrative needs an adjustment, and lo’ and behold, in comes the “superspreader”. That kind of works with the phenomena that was noticed after the 1918 pandemic which wasn’t (read the Invisible Rainbow), which was that the “illness” appears widely, and more or less simultaneously.
Lots of near simultaneous “hot pockets” all over the world in the Spanish Flu event. Far enough apart that the contagion idea can’t even begin to explain the observable phenomena. Yet, the Narrative is more important than the truth, there being a lot of spoils for the victors, who get to rewrite history.
No contagious illness, no vaccines to patent and to sell.
Years ago, in biology, there arose a problem as to why “evolution” had these huge leaps. The “theory” required “gradualism”, over a lot of time, yet the leaps refuted that assertion.
For a time there was the “monster” theory, a sudden change via a single organism that mutated, and then those genes spread the changes that explained the evolutionary leap.
Eventually, a few noticed that while unusual changes occured, in the animal kingdom, if two different species successfully mated (for our story “monster” and “not yet a monster”) the offspring were sterile – the monster, if it ever existed (this is “theory” remember) would be a dead end.
The irony here is that this kind of thinking still dominates science, which is that if the facts don’t support a theory, invent an explanation, which lets you keep your story anyway, even though you don’t have real factual evidence – testable evidence. The story dominates how the phenomena are perceived, until the obvious anomalies burn the story to the ground.
Since the facts don’t support the idea of everyone is basically capable of infecting everyone else, then let us make up another “monster”: aka: the “superspreader”.
All the same, there does exist a “monster” in our social life, a superspreader meme if you will. Fear each other, because anyone can give us a potentially fatal contagious dis-ease, and please oh please, oh gods of commerce, invent me another toxic medicine that requires a needle.
they reply:
No problem. since we already knew you can’t get it through contact … we thought ahead, advertised the heck out of the Narrative that we want, so please let us break your skin and inject you with something never tested, that will look and act like the illness you otherwise are unlikely to get.
In the insanity of our greed, just what we need is another genetic weapon by which Owners can control the future evolution of humanity.
Time to stop being just another nicely trained animal, folks. Time to make packs, and such, new tribes if you would. The wage slaves, of whatever color of skin, living paycheck to paycheck, … an army of the unemployed, self-organizing, through the Mother’s version of “dating” events, the protest march.
The folk wisdom is that if a door closes, a window opens. Now imagine millions doing that together, in spite of the Owners efforts at social control.

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