Tragedy in Anthroposophia Land

Tragedy in Anthroposophia Land

I just finished reading the whole of the latest “Anthoposophy Worldwide – what is happening in the Anthroposophical Society” {AW}. Mostly it reminded me of the kind of conceptual dance typical of politicians, when they want to speak – past something demanding the attention of all spiritually minded folk on the Planet – without actually saying anything concrete.The closest these writers came, to the plandemic-Pandemonium, was this recognition that a new paradigm is needed … something … was …. needed, but few new ideas were being discussed in AW.

Meanwhile the Elephant was in the room, over in a corner, learning to knit.

The A. Society had its own fears, once again fighting to save themselves from what Steiner said about race, as the black&white issues in America exploded world wide. In the Great Game of Life, the Mother and the Son, allowed a single man to die from police excesses. Millions of otherwise confined people then took to the streets, …. do anthroposophists know how to “think” such an event? Factually they don’t. Mostly this is because they haven’t heard the Platonists’ messages about the Role of the Mother. The Goddess Religions are back, and as a pagan anthroposophist She has been very helpful. Her “fingerprints” are all over this Event.

As we all know, the world was increasingly on fire everywhere. Not just rogue weather, and floods and fires, …the real fires were social. People were fleeing their homes to get their children away from dictators and drug kingpins.

There is some truth to the idea of a Hoax – in the presentation of a regular flu season – being sold worldwide as a pandemic. That situation began, and has remained, full of logical flaws in the main narrative.The Holy Mother – Her physical avatar body being our Planet – and Her Son, the spirit of Life on this Planet, teach this lesson in shaman school (initiates in the Americas are shamans, which does not mean they are uninitiated): If some kind of event happens, this has been approved by the Divine Mystery from the heights to the deeps.No point to complaining. Study the Event, and let it teach. Then act.

Western Civilization is dying into a new becoming. In Its Last Days, we were running too fast and too carelessly into the future. Having approved of the Hoax (everyone gets just enough rope by which to hang themselves), They put the brakes on this rush. Slowed everything down to a crawl, making it possible for a lot of folks to reconsider their lives, a matter much needed.

The first phase of the “lock-down” ran afoul of something overlooked. While on lock-down, the usual ways that people had to release normal pent up emotional energies (bars, rock concerts, soccer games etc.) were not available. Thus the chess move, of a simple and outrageous police murder of another minority, and there then was the release – millions all over the world took to the streets.

He is the Artist of Karma, and She is Divine Providence.

As many of the politicians continued to over react, and the control over the narrative by Big Pharma remained, mostly via social momentum, while over in social media (instead of the vain talking heads in main stream media), the Hoax was dissected.

People told truth to power, and many in the medical profession are being vilified through a fear driven political correctness. As has been said over the years by the X-Files: The truth is out there.

Fights and violence over wearing masks, whose uselessness is explained in social media. The conspiracy theorists have a field day. I was reminded of the fact that everything allegedly paranoid that we thought about the government and the military-industrial-intelligence complex during the Vietnam War, turned out to be true.

From a spiritual science point of view, the crucial matter is the evolution of consciousness. Billions of folks, who voluntarily incarnated, experience intense trials in their personal biographies. Given that the consciousness soul needs moral dilemmas to face, in order to develop, small wonder that the whole world burns.

He said: I come not to bring peace, but a sword. John the Baptist said of Him, that He will baptize us in Fire and Holy Breath. The centre cannot hold, wrote Yeats. The Hopi, who remember Atlantis, call our time: The Day of Purification.

My view is that the Anthroposophical Society lives or dies via how it approaches this phase of the dying and becoming of Western Civilization. As an observer, or a participant. Right now we/they just watch, yet knowing perhaps that Michaelic Courage means more that conferences and biodynamic farms.

What is next offered does not require any official move by the self-appointed leadership. Individuals can act.One bit of hard work, is for the King’s Stream to wash the feet of the Shepherd’s Stream. As Tomberg once pointed out, the Catholic Religion is capable of surviving the coming chaos. Again, this is not done via official bureaucrats, but on a personal level.

There are some tools – for this task – already in existence. I have written of twelve books, which I describe as Gospels of the Second Coming. That article is here:

Their main import is that they speak directly to the question of the continued viability of scientific materialism.

The second potential is – oddly enough – in the Rights Sphere. Suits need to be filed, by the environmental movement, in courts of law, arguing that if a corporation can be a person before the law, then certainly a Planet can be a person before the law.

We take the viability of scientific materialism, and challenge it via the logical rigor of the courts. We do not do this to win. If enough folks start to file such suits, these then become “publicity” and the question of the continued viability of scientific materialism begins to stand before the courts of public opinion. The same books listed above are our “evidence”.

In a time, when folk are pretty much unhappy with the health and other institutional failures they are having to endure, a healthy study of the flaws of scientific materialism – the court of public opinion – makes possible all kinds of choices.

The transformation, from scientific materialism to a spiritualized science, must leave each individual free to choose.

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