The Cutting Edge of Anthroposophical Research:

The Cutting Edge of Anthroposophical Research:

the Work on the Mystery of Technology

by Joel A. Wendt: white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana,

American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.

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I recently had a very wonderful experience … the Third Annual Conference of MysTech folk, which took timely place – as a magical high note – in the opening concerto of the Dying and Becoming of Western Civilization, which social-music we refer to as the plandemic-Pandemonium.

We sat in an aethereal circle, around the blue fire of the computer screen, via “remote viewing”, aka: Zoom … perhaps instinctively knowing that magical laws are at the root of all technology. Among the witch-folk this is done without a TV, and is called: Scrying

In gratitude, for the remarkable work/stories presented over four days, I wish to add an additional dimension to the evolutionary and esoteric nature/gesture of this new/old Art. As is remarked in the Terminator films, about the potential war between AI and human beings: “there is no fate, but what we make”

While some whiffs of disagreement might appear in this esssay – given differences of background, karma, etc. – my view is that we have the situation of both/and, rather than either/or.

Our efforts do not negate each other by being “different”. They are additive. Rudolf Steiner (if recollection serves), when explaining the esoteric differences between the Four Gospels, gave the metaphor of folks having a view as if on a mountain, with each standing in individualized places, resulting in the creation of unique tales to be told, concerning the “shared” experience of conscious existence.

All the presenters at the Conference had remarkable personal biographies, folk who were mostly all on the mountain of spiritual self knowledge, yet each with spiritual vistas unique. I borrow from this metaphor, to offer that I am not on the mountain, in the sunlight, but under the mountain, seeing by moonlight. Shamans have to go into the dark, the lower chakras, and places which fear can seem as evil – but when we rightly surrender, we meet the Holy Mother. Please note in this regard the Raphael “Madonna and Child” painting, the image which if rendered in words might be: She Has the Whole World in His Hands.

When conference folk referred to the meeting with the lower Guardian of the Threshold, I was possibly the only one present who has had that wonderful <sarcasm> experience. The three clairvoyants – whose presentations were on a Sunday Morning of the Conference – while they confessed to visionary clairvoyance, they did not mention the meeting with the Greater and Lessor guardians. My meeting is described here, along with remarks on the Second Pentecost in the Ethereal, to go with the Return of Christ in the Ethereal.

{[A small aside, regarding the terms ethereal vs. etheric. George Adams Kaufmann (author of The introductory book on projective geometry: “Physical and Ethereal Spaces” was of the view that the hard sound “ic”, instead of the soft sound “eal”, suggests – to the thinking – something more bound to the earth, instead of the light.]}

My biography has made me into an initiate of the ancient Egyptian Hermetic Science: aka magic. Levels of experience are valuable, such that my stage of initiation into this wisdom is: “meditating scholar”, rather than realized Sage, who has arrived at perfection. I have also been initiated in the Mysteries of the Mother (epiphany 2008) and the Son (during the season of Christmas 2009 to 2010).

I have had multiple experiences, easily the equivalent of Paul’s Road to Damascus experience. In recent years I have began to think of these “interventions” as cosmic whimsy, perhaps captured on Steiner’s Representative of Humanity, in the tiny figure of cosmic humor.

For example, I was not born in the three bodies (astral, ethereal, and material) which nonetheless I presently inhabit. The preparer-being, “joey” ( ) traded these three bodies with me, at their age of 31, in 1971. While I yet did not have the relevant anthroposophical concept, in the morning on waking after the change – and on into the next days – I noticed that part of the soul that feels “self”, as a particular “identity”, was dissolving.

By spiritual momentum and economy, I had no clue what was coming next … I believed I was him, for a long time.

After the exchange of ~!~egos~!~, I began to become a very different person … my best friend at that time (exwifex2, mother of three) told me – about three years into the “change” – that I had become a different person. She said I did not walk the same, stand the same, sit the same, and most especially speak/think the same, as the “joey” she had known and lived with for ten years.

For the own consciousness, and the surrounding family intimates, such a change needs to be as seamless as possible. On one level the changes were driven by my I’s need to rewrite the three bodies over time, so as to enable them to be a suitable vessel. In the beginning I did this instinctively.

One might be inclined to wonder how far into the physical such changes went, … for several years – beginning in the mid 70’s – I spent hours and hours creating works of art on a bead-loom.

Knowing, as friends of Rudolf Steiner do, that the nature of the relationship of hand work and various features of the convolutions of the brain, I expect there were a lot of real physical changes to this “interface” between spirit and matter.

The overall changes were so rapid that I began to believe I had become “enlightened”, giving my&joey’s luciferic, ahrimanic, and egregorial doubles free play to assist me becoming a very Big Jerk. I thought I was so “hot”, as a spiritual person, that family, friends, and acquaintances started to recoil, socially. The world-mirror taught me, the hard way, how to stop being a spiritual Jerk, such that my later experiences of cosmic whimsy did not lead to me standing on a street corner, and showing off my “talents”.

While I was relearning how to be a “normal” human being, I intentionally followed some Sufi wisdom, expressed in the tale: “the increasing of necessity”. This practice leads to finding that we do not have to sow or reap, for Divine Providence (DP) makes sure we have what we need. During this practice I read the book Findhorn, and realizing that magic had to be real, I began to set aside joey’s world-view of scientific materialism. At which point – while on a spirit-walk – She (DP) led me to my first Franz Bardon book, which was his second of three on Hermetic Science (magic), named: “The Practice of Ceremonial Evocation”, instructions about how to commune with invisible spiritual beings.

Many “magic” books will have sigils, which are written signs to which a particular being will respond. Bardon’s book has hundreds of times more names and sigils than any other book of magic. For example, you can download it in PDF form for free, and using the find function of your browser window look up the word “electricity”, and find thereby names and signs of Beings for whom “electricity” is part of Their genius. Beings of this kind serve like kings&queens over regions of the elemental kingdoms.

I soon acquired the first book – “Initiation into Hermetics”, and the third – “The True Key to the Quaballah”, each in a similar providential fashions. Following the practices advised in the first book, by 1978 I was able to breathe in and out of my astral&ethereal bodies – isolating it for study – aspects of the universal field of the fire element, fire being the Hermetic symbol for Will.

One of the presenters (I believe it was Andrew) spoke of “breathing in the light”. This is the primary Hermetic Science practice, learning to do the conscious pore breathing of the light. This “light”, like any manifested reality, can accept a thought, or intention. Are’s, Frank’s, and Stewart’s work confirms this idea of direct human influence on the kingdoms of the Elements.

Obviously, we are not likely to breath-in tech, yet maybe on a certain level we actually can. When I had my first computer – (IBM, later went with Dell), around 1995, I was aware enough of my mind and my senses to “feel” the subtle metamorphosis arising in my consciousness, as I adapted my style of thinking, or writing, to the given form of this new tool. Only later did I notice the blue light aspect, which has a hypnotic – drawing you in – feel.

From one point of view the senses can be experienced as wounds. Just recall what your eyes feel which you go from inside out into bright sunlight. In Hopi lore, there exist the Red Kachina and the Blue Katchina. For us, and the future, the escape from the Blue Kachina (Ahriman), requires the counter-pull of the Red Katchina (Lucifer). There is a prophecy I will refer to later, where this becomes important.

Back to 1978, while learning to breath in fire/will … I also had in my “intellectual/spiritual” life the appearance of this riddle – written something like this in a notebook: “If the real ground of the world is spiritual – given my direct experiences – what will this mean for our understanding of the social and political life of humanity?”

About three weeks after finding my riddle, I “chanced” upon Steiner’s works – i.e. I was ripe for this. About three weeks after becoming a reader of Steiner (the first three were the Agricultural Course, and also the lectures on the gospels of Luke and of John), the Burning Bush came by my work place, and blessed this transition from His rulership of the magic of the elemental kingdoms – a Moon Wisdom, to the New Sun Mysteries coming through Steiner.

I shortly thereafter stopped the exercises of breathing in the elements, while maintaining certain familiar daily rituals. Over the next few years, I dove into the depths of Steiner’s science of knowing, and all the Goethean Science I could find/buy – from George Adams to Owen Barfield. In the idea of phenomenology, I discovered the means to seek the answer to my riddle, through careful observations of the finer details of changes over time in social and political events. I essentially taught myself how to read the Book of the Social, in a way akin to Goethe’s reading the Book of Nature … with a lot of help from various invisibles.

This work, taking over three decades, matured/flowered after my initiations. such that I was able then to write my “masterwork” on a spiritualized social science, during the years 2010 and 20ll: “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything” I took – in there – the religious question, and reformatted it as a “theory”, to place it within the stream of natural science, as a valid modern Way of Knowledge. Religion and Science, … not in opposition, but joined together by Art.

I was 70 years old, physically.

I am now in my 80th year joey-time, and 48th year in my-time. Given my possession, and reformatting of his original bodies, part of what happened is that I possess all of joey’s memories, and more important, from his astral-body- a three-fold set of riddles (which I was eventually able to resolve):

Why does evil exist? (school yard cruelty shocked him, given his natural innocence, and powerful empathy) What happened to the true spirit of America? (he was in when Kennedy was murdered). And, why is Christianity not practiced? (he tried seminary, and the arid historical studies of the Gospels, undercut his own heart’s faith – after which he went to law school.

I will now offer thoughts about the Conference’s presentations, trying to see them as a whole, a potential unity, that comes from the effects of the spiritual community Steiner called the Anthroposophical Movement. They weave, via what appears as random chance, the arts of the different visions so as to become able to be seen as a whole.

All the same, the view from the underworld, Faerie, the lost cities – whatever earth-religion metaphor you want to use, has additional nuances to offer.

My favorite question, in the reading-preparation I did for the Conference, was “What is technology?”. I had already my own sense of that from a shamanistic frame of reference, … to me the first technology was fire. And, … the most mature technology is magic. That science was lost in the mists of time for awhile, and now has returned in Franz Bardon’s works, which follows all magical-theory with proof through practice.

One day, in a poetic mood, I described modern reality as ruled by the Gods and Goddess of the Forge, and the Spirits of Personality. Keep in mind the double use of the term forge, first as an object – a noun, and then as a description of the creative act, the verb to forge, which is what MysTech is seeking. To help forge social-technological-reality in the right way.

When I think of this “forge” bit, I am reminded of a remarkable moment of film art in Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War”. The God Thor needs a new “hammer”, and has to go to that place in this imaginative universe, where the most skills for such work lives.

When Thor, and some friends, get there, the solar system-wide Forge is quiet. There are no fires. The very enemy that Thor and friends must fight, had previously destroyed the extensive “works”. They find one entity still alive, a CGI giant, played by the dwarf actor Peter Dinklage, multi-Emmy winning star of Game of Thrones. The comedic irony for film fans, such as myself, is wonderful – a dwarf actor getting to play a giant.

To “forge” the hammer, Eitri, the master blacksmith, must use his Sun – a neutron star, to power the “devices” necessary to create this magical technology.

Wisdom comes in many forms, and artists often “see” much most of us would not notice. What will MysTech “forge” in the future, while breathing in the Light of our Sun?

When the human being transforms given Nature into something which had not previously existed – cooked food, for example … this involves “technique”; and, as an aside, recall from Steiner’s “The Philosophy of Freedom” the idea of moral technique. This third act of spirit-will was to follow after the moral imagination leading to moral intuition. Moral technique is the How of incarnating the moral intuition into its social context … a Social Art all in itself.

I need to confess certain attitudes that I brought to the Conference. Some of these were written down, in the work book I generated as preparation, as a kind of main-lesson record.

Is Steiner ever mistaken? Do you think the Holy Mother and Her Son are sitting on the sidelines of the plandemic-Pandemonium? Should anthroposophists hang out together, get intoxicated and dance, to rock ‘n roll and hip-hop? Will the MysTech Journal ever publish the kinds of give and take normal to scientific journals (arguments, for not everything said or written is true)?

For each presenter I made a page, containing their bio-material, with space to take notes.

Ed Conroy, and alien folklore: aka: the “visitor” experience.

Ed is the author of “Report on ‘Communion,’” (Morrow, 1989; Avon, 1990; published as “Informe Comunión” by Reediciones Anómalas, 2020), the result of his investigation into the life and work of Whitley Strieber, author of “Communion: A True Story” (Morrow, 1987) his account of experiences with non-human beings he called his “visitors.”  He has reported on UFO investigations and the crop circle phenomenon for “Más Allá de la Ciencia” of Barcelona, Spain.  Educated at California Institute of the Art’s School of Critical Studies, the Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México and the University of Texas at San Antonio, he was in those years a student at the San Francisco Zen Center and member of an esoteric studies community centered around The Philosopher’s Stone Bookstore, where he became familiar with the literature of anthroposophy and both classical and humanistic astrology.  He was also a student of the later Albert Riedel (Frater Albertus) at the Paracelsus College in Salt Lake City, Utah.   Ed is a former arts reporter and columnist for the San Antonio Express-News.  For the past 30 years he has been a student of the Western Hermetic Tradition in the Builders of the Adytum.  Since 1998, he has served as Director of Development for Southwest School of Art in his native San Antonio, Texas.

[Keep in mind I am not reporting what Ed said, as much as doing a jazz riff on some of the ideas … from the down in the dark point of view.]

Part of our problem is that we still overuse materialistic terminology, and then suffer from the errors of thought hidden in those Ideas. The term quantum is a good example to make the point. People use it as a metaphor of something unknown yet mysteriously powerful. To see the goofy part, just imagine trying to describe a quantum quantum. I’ll say more on this later.

As a shaman I have “thought-pictures” that fit and flit together as if to a musical score. It thinks in me, RS remarked, and Tomberg said learn to think on your knees. My book on spiritual method is called: “Sacramental Thinking”.

When human beings set off an “atomic” bomb, they tear a momentary worm-hole / anti-gravity / levity-well in the threshold between earth existence and Faerie (a renaming of Steiner’s “spiritual world”, now needing to be rescued from his having to be “scientific, and not fully allowed to unveil the artistic aspects of magic and mysticism, and their related spiritual communities ). Fae fly – are sucked though, becoming Faerie’s anti-bodies that mend these white-holes, an experience for which the only explanatory language our minds can offer is materialistic … given our daily consumption of the ahrimanic enchantment we call scientific materialism,

In addition, in order to remain on this earthly side of the threshold, They have to clothe themselves in stuff.

Their presence will alter the stuff, and those with a kinship to Raven and Coyote, will have their fun with us. They know what we are, and are in fact willing to help, but as with all the legends we have about Faerie, we should be cautious of being drawn into their playfulness, and lose sight of the earth and time.

To know more deeply, we need to practice spirit-recollection of the Mother – the Goddess Natura – who is crucial to appreciating the situation, given that in a certain sense the Fae will reflect all our weirdness right back at us. The Mirroring-Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Still, some wonderful luciferness, even with a slight ahrimanic taste, can spiritually enliven souls. Notice the effects on people of their alien/threshold experience. Everybody is on the path.

Boyd Collins – and the aberrant psychology of blue light addiction. [the descriptive bits that begin each set of comments is copied from the Conference webpage]

Boyd was a software architect and trainer for a large multi-national corporations for 22  years. In the 1980’s, he joined the Cistercian Abbey of the Genesee in New York state where he explored spiritual practices with monks in the same order as the late Thomas Merton. After returning to civilian life, he obtained a degree in Library and Information Science and began an IT career creating web sites for universities and later became a web consultant for major IT consultancies such as SAIC and Accenture. During the Iraq War, he was an active anti-war blogger whose blog, “The Nonviolent Jesus” was widely read and continues to be referenced by anti-war activists. In 2011, after the war ended, he explored spiritual approaches to peace-making and began the serious study of Rudolf Steiner’s works. While gaining a solid grounding in the basic anthroposophical works, he focused particularly on Steiner’s lectures on spiritual evolution, finding in them an unparalleled source of insight into the forces behind the social and political events of our times. He has been a member of the Anthroposophical Society for about five years. He retired to the Philippines in 2019 and has begun publishing extensively on spiritual topics, primarily in being humanNew ViewMedium and the MysTech Journal. His primary focus of study currently is on artificial intelligence, social media and the  effect of the internet on human spiritual growth.

The Blue Kachina is coolly attractive, evoking a false sense of inwardness in that field of the mind devoted to Its Altar. Most folk do not think about this, unless there is apparent pathology. Personally I prefer to leave the idea of “pathology” on the other side of the door marked: Judge Not. The person is having real to them experiences, and given that we Steiner-folk hold to reincarnation and karma, everybody here volunteered.

Where am I, when I am not in my mental body, but in the game-world? Some years ago, during preliminary studies of a social kind, I spent some time thinking about all these folk watching the great wasteland of television, in the evening, after the work day. The cultural criticism of TV was … elitist. If you work in a cubicle, pushing paper and punching keys, your mind is owned by the other. Not just in the sense of thought, but of will. Workers have their will forces eaten.

The animal body (the physical avatar – I call mine: Lazy Bear) needs rest, as does the nervous system’s forced attention to work. The imagination, via identification with the TV arts and crafts, serves the soul’s need for pause in the realm of work. Just because we don’t like something is no reason to look down on those who do. Not our business, and to social observation this rest between work and sleep is valid for both body and soul.

Who does not have their favorite comedian? You can get your dose of that daily, via the magic lantern, which is learning more and more to serve our wishes. Think about the fact that the biggest business successes on the Internet are not actually Google, Amazon, and Facebook, but the porn industry. The dark appetites are valid and necessary aspects of being human.

Following the publication of the Art of God, I wrote: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount.”

The complex details of our appetites, and other dangerous instincts, involve us in our personal inner conflict war zone. My direct studies of the personal aspects of this threefold double-complex are laid out in that book. A couple years after that, I was able to look over ten sevens of phases of life and realized that aging brings about a peaceful marriage between above and below, which led to me writing: “Dragon Riders: the human being in maturity”

Doug Smith … little things dancing, from what/where/when comes their order and music’s?

Doug has a Ph.D, and is an Independent Consultant with over 40 years of experience and 70 publications in genetics, DNA sequencing, technology development and bioinformatics.  Doug’s research experience includes numerous federally funded technology development and genome sequencing projects.  He led one of the large-scale sequencing centers that helped decode the human genome, and was involved in many other pioneering genome projects, as well as the development of commercial applications.  Doug is also keenly interested in understanding the spiritual beings and events that lie behind the phenomena of the physical world, and has been a student of Anthroposphy and Christology for nearly as long as his professional career. 

Direct and irresponsible manipulation of DNA is a spiritual crime. Knowledge is one thing, thinking we know enough to “fix” things is normal madness in the “all is matter, there is no spirit” world. How to challenge and change the fundamental narrative comes later in this essay, but while I listened, I wished some mention had been made of Steve Talbot’s studies, at the Nature Institute, trying to “read” the ongoing mysteries of cell biology.

An important modern and ancient idea is written in these studies: The Whole effects the part, as much as the part effects the Whole. DNA etc. is only a tiny fraction of the “material” inside a living human cell. What is being missed?

We can get a clue if we read Tom Cowan’s book: Cancer and the New Biology of Water. One of his observations is that a very important phenomena to read is that the sperm is tiny, and the egg is huge. Details are in that book – Wholes and parts, dancing to the new emergent alchemy. I once wrote an essay called: Social Alchemy.

For a wonderful bit of film art, instinctively about the return of Faerie, see the movie Annihilation, with its depiction of the threshold as the “shimmering”, where once inside everywhere is wild growth, and darker forces. The main character gets lost in time.

Rosemary McMullen and the Threefold Social Order.

Rosemary has a Ph.D. and is a writer and editor living in Pittsburgh, PA. She taught English literature and composition in colleges and universities, studied Anthroposophy and Biodynamics at Sunbridge College, and taught at several Waldorf Schools. She has co-hosted MysTech online study groups with Andrew Linnell, and edits the MysTech Newsletter. She created Social Sculpture USA and Time Sculpture 2011 She is a member of the Threefold Social Organism Working Group.   Contact:

I wrote another essay: “Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order”. It was favorably mentioned in Terry Boardman’s article (“The Idea of the Threefold Society at the Dawn of the Third Millennium)” in the book: “The Future is Now: Anthroposophy at the New Millennium”.

I had discovered that just as the Cultural Life threefolded into Religion, Art, and Science, and the Economic Life into Production, Distribution, and Consumption, the Rights Life had threefolded into State, Media, and People.

I should confess that I have always been an outlier, and my first offering in writing to the Steiner-culture was called “Outlaw Anthroposophy”.

As part of swimming against the stream of Steiner-sez thought, I experienced this Threefold Idea – in practice – as something being applied by thought to social life, in order to “fix” it. My question was different: What is the Social-Political Realm actually doing Itself, if we learn It does not need fixing?

A central conclusion of these phenomenal studies was that the individual biography is the locus/focus of love. The Mystery is less interested in the arriving and passing of various ideas, whether religious, artistic, or scientific, and is more attentive to what was/is needed, in the realm of the evolution of consciousness, for any particular individual. At the time of the Sentient Soul, no living person had that idea. Life, however, taught all the potential relevant lessons. Same with the present. No one needs to know the “name” consciousness soul, in order to have the experience of connecting/identifying the soul to/with the good and the true.

This moment – in the timeline of human evolution – is special in certain ways. In order for moral freedom to be won, the individual biography needs personal crises, which then requires the invention of a personal moral imagination, free of social or religious hectoring. When several billion souls incarnate together to have this spiritual adventure, that world must be filled with conflict.

It must burn, as it were (John the Baptist: the one coming after me will baptize you in Fire and Holy Breath). Institutions need to fail, in order to lessen their capacity to demand conformance. The Catholic Church, for example, is losing its moral authority, while at the same time the laity and religious still need the Mystery aspect.

Families must drift apart, such that in America nuclear families radiate individuals, who demand to be on their own. Christ said I come not to bring peace, but a sword. I will set mother against daughter etc.. Individualism requires the destruction of the family. America, by the way, is the leading edge of these changes, which are enacted in the world in individual rites of passage. Each biography needing their own cultural chains-backgrounds to weaken, enabling then the inner life to grow apart, even though necessity may require outer social world conformance. The private experience of the consciousness soul does not need to parade its will in public.

Daniel Perez and Hagel’s Redemption of Logic and the Life of Rights.

Daniel has been a technologist since he was a teenager, at the dawn of the age of the personal computer. He has been programming since he was fifteen, while a student at Green Meadow Waldorf School, and later educated as an Electrical Engineer at the University of Rochester. His own near-death-accident at sixteen, then the death of his mother and father, before his 20th birthday, changed his deep focus on technology towards a balance in life: the threshold between life and death. His adult career has placed him in all areas of technology development, from space-based laser systems to video compression used for teleconferencing. He is currently a Senior Systems Architect for an industrial computer technology company in Boston. Daniel is also a published author of several articles on philosophy and on the board of Trustees for several non-profit organizations, including the Center for Anthroposophy. He met his wife at Green Meadow Waldorf High School and has a son and daughter, both graduates of High Mowing Waldorf School.

This topic reminds me of one of my other Outlaw complaints. Most American anthroposophists do not know anything about the Spiritual America. I don’t just mean the reading of texts, especially the texts on America by Europeans. I mean understanding the unique genius of American Culture, through participation.

The social pattern, in anthroposophical circles in America, has been to orient the consciousness in the direction of the past (Steine-sez), and in deference to Steiner’s expressions regarding the importance of the European genius (Goethe, Hagel, etc.). Still, there is a reason historical convention differentiated the New World, from the Old World.

At the level of Faerie (the spiritual world), a battle took place between the spirits being dragged across the Atlantic Ocean by the invading masses, and the spirits serving the Americas. Europe lost, meanwhile the Anthroposophical Society in America blithely teaches a kind of imitation European soul life, to the whole of world Anthroposophy’s detriment.

This was so disturbing that I ended up having to write my book: “American Anthroposophy”, which was favorably reviewed in the Newsletter by William Bento, who had introduced me decades ago to the works of Willi Sucher.

I wrote that book over the years 2007 and 2008. After some preliminary observations, including an attempt to gather together everything Steiner said about America, I jumped with both feet into the issue / mystery of Ahriman, who many anthroposophists identify as a major component of Evil in the world.

I had, by that time, succeeded in basically adapting Steiner’s science of knowing, to my personal empirical studies of my own soul. I knew through experience the importance of loving the object of thought if we wish to “know” it. Keep in mind that by that time I was always having “inspiration”, which I then described as: the presence of Fullness, and the fullness of Presence.

Like most of the Steiner-said community, I expected that Ahriman would come in a couple more centuries. In the Autumn of 2007, while I as wrestling with these matters, “chance” led me to the book (mentioned above) “The Future is Now”. I found there a remarkable essay in the appendix, “When Did Rudolf Steiner Expect the Incarnation of Ahriman”, by Hans Peter von Manen.

He points to a miss-translation in the English version of Lucifer and Ahriman, where “before even a part” was translated as “before only a part”. Since an aspect of my phenomenological studies of the social-political had already been pointing – as a kind of signs of the time – to a particular individual, I now was gifted with an understanding of why what I was observing was happening before even a part of the third millennium had passed.

Ahriman incarnated on December 25, 1950, and was named: Karl Christian Rove. Some folks expected a monster, and all they got was a super-geek, whose “destiny” was to get involved in politics. Rove convinced Bush to run for Governor of Texas, where two elections were won. And then, the two terms in the White House, where as the millennium turned, 9/11 happened and the world was led to two wars: Iraq and Afghanistan.

On my blog: are two essays in the section on politrics : “Rovism” and “Overcoming Rovism”

Rove wove the dark lifeless ground of untruth in which Trump flowered. Just what&how he did that is itself a remarkable bit of social art. He saw the social political world with remarkable clarity

The Father of Lies helped us begin the Third Millennium on a very sour note indeed. For my efforts at loving this incarnation, I was rewarded – on September 19th, 2007, with two heart attacks on the same day, in the ER, resulting in two and third days unconsciousness, that noticeably changed my will.

There is a fine double-essay in Liz MacKenzie’s review of my book “the Art of God”, confirming my experience, while at the same time making precise and exact observations of this question of Ahriman in terms of the Esoteric School of Spiritual Science.

Liz was, via me, at the Culmination. For more details on the Culmination, particularly as regards living American personalities who were there, we also have this article:

Elena Freeland … geoengineering etc. and other creatures on the wild edges of existing technology.

Elana Freeland has been a student of anthroposophy since 1977. She is a writer, ghostwriter, storyteller, and teacher who researches and writes on Deep State issues like geoengineering, MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and invasive electromagnetic weapons. Her second major in college was biology, and she received honors for her master’s thesis in historiography from St. John’s College in Santa Fe. She lives in Olympia, Washington.

Weather is not a mechanical system, as conceived by scientific materialism. Rogue weather is the Mother, and attending to this can guide us to a beginning&improved understanding of the Arts and Crafts of the Holy Mother, whose avatar body is our physical planet.

As some will know, Steiner warned about problems that would arise if we did not generate the right ideas of atoms, electrons, and other such tiny bits of stuff. Years ago I wrote an article for the Journal of Borderland Sciences, which was called “There is no Free Energy”.

I basically put forward the view that any device we make, that seems to be able to deliver more energy output, than energy input (usually in the form of electrical phenomena) … that device has to take the energy from somewhere else in the Creation. We are not on the level of material creation, in which Faerie is involved. Our present forte is to generate the human cognitions, thereby completing our role as the Tenth Hierarchy: aka: that which rises out of Nature and sees what yet could not be seen.

Do we think that thunder and lightening – to themselves – are what we experience?

In the above essay I point out that we really need to think about “space” itself as having Being, whether or not that space is otherwise occupied. Among the work I referenced were three works by George Adams Kaufmann, probably the most ignored of the early Goethean scientists. In the seminal – return of Christ in the Ethereal year 1933 – he published: “Space and the Light of Creation”, which applied the new geometry: aka: Projective or Synthetic Geometry, to physics and mathematics.

The Chapter Headings are significant, in the sense of those right ideas we need to create: One: Radiation of Space; Two: the Music of Number; and, Three: Burden of Earth and Sacrifice of Warmth.

In addition, the reader might seek out his “Universal Forces in Mechanics”. He explains that when we stress matter, we cause the release of ethereal forces (aka: Elementals?), in the form of light and warmth. The same kind of event is noticed by Dr. Hauschka in “The Nature of Substance”. If we electrocute, and/or chemically attack, “water”, it gives up two gasses, and – again – light and heat.

His most startling point was to assert that the water was living, and the four “parts” was a corpse. One of the oddities, that can be perceived, is to note that Cern throws bits of “corpse” in a big circle (who knows what will happen if they try to use a vortex in the form of an Oroboros). This translation of corpse material is not much different from what a necromancer does with “bones’.

Ouroboros - Wikiwand

A couple more points:

If we create an idea, such as space-time, and that cognition is based on an error in logic, we are still stuck with it until better science is done. The modern tendency is to try to explain the quantum “spooky action at a distance”, by increasing the number of “dimensions” the “math” employs. In Steiner, we might find the suggestion go the other way – if we leave the world of 3D, in a way seeking more knowledge, our next step – the ethereal realm – is 2D. To get to the astral, we are in 1D. To get to the spiritual we go to zero-dimensions, and leave time and space behind for Eternity.

Think on it: how the point becomes a sphere and yet remains itself. Hast thou understood how the infinite sphere may be only a point, and then come again, for then the Infinite will shine forth for thee in the finite.” Rudolf Steiner.

Quoted in my essay: The Misconception of Cosmic Space As Appears In the Ideas of Modern Astronomy – and as contained in the understandably limited thinking embodied in the conceptions of the nature of parallax and redshift

In modern quantum mechanics, we find a similar “invention”, as is like our erroneous ideas of the nature of “space”. That modern “cognition” is not a simple subject, and I wrote a 12 part essay on the relationship between the four classical elements of antiquity, and the four fundamental forces/transformations of modern physics.

*[The object of knowledge is not to repeat in conceptual form something which already exists, but rather to create a completely new sphere, which when combined with the world given to our senses constitutes complete reality. Thus man’s highest activity, his spiritual creativeness, is an organic part of the universal world-process. The world-process should not be considered a complete, enclosed totality without this activity. Man is not a passive onlooker in relation to evolution, merely repeating in mental pictures cosmic events taking place without his participation; he is the active co-creator of the world-process, and cognition is the most perfect link in the organism of the universe. {Steiner’s Preface in Truth and Knowledge]

It might be useful for the reader to consider that – in the ethereal world of thought – lies and untruths also live. They exist. Weeding the thought world of such errors of thought is part of the hope for mankind. Again, we do this by doing better science.

Consider for the moment the constellations of thought provided by each presenter. Is the “anthroposophical movement” (a spiritual community) guiding us into an opportunity for scientific synthesis all the way beyond the normal edges of thought? Our differences from mainstream thought are virtues, and we should pat ourselves on the back for having muddled through life to find each other on this journey.

This is a good place to expand our investigations, of the elemental world and Faerie, into the realm where Art is generated – new cognitions in the form of stories and tales. Consider, for the moment, the movie: “Arrival”.

Arrival movie review & film summary (2016) | Roger Ebert

Twelve large objects appear in the skies, in different places all over the earth. The world reacts with fears, and the politicians turn to their military to assay the possible threat level of this presence. It is soon discovered that They have a door through which we may enter Their crafts.

In that tale, early “communication efforts” by the military fail, and they reluctantly ask for help from scholars. Two main characters appear, one a physicist and mathematician (a man), the other (a woman) is an adept at problems of the communication of real meaning across the abyss of different languages.

The man asserted that communication had to be in the language of mathematics, while the woman saw that another set of levels was involved, and had to teach both the military, and the man, about the problems of the conveyance of meaning.

When entering the ship, there is a moment of transition, which is very disorienting. The direction of gravity disappears, up and down are altered at 90 degrees, in a movement from one bit of space inside the “ships” doorway, to the core habitat space of the “aliens”.

Playing the Non-Zero Sum Game — The Politics of Arrival. | by Caroline  McEvoy | Medium

The main room is divided into two realms. One for the humans, and the other for the sky-people. These “aliens” enter the scenes out of a kind of fog, where they approach the transparent barrier in between, walking on seven limbs. The aliens are now named “heptapods”, and one of the more fun associations I came away with, the first time I watched the film, was to name it Benjamin Whorf meets H. P. Lovecraft.

Benjamin Whorf was an American linguist in the early parts of the 20th Century. His work life was involved in designing and overseeing the building of paint factories. He was so good at his job, for him to go away for three or four months to wander Central and South America studying ancient languages, was common over decades of his life. He made a number of important intuitive breakthroughs, and was even recognized for this work by Owen Barfield.

The woman was the intuitive linguist, and the heptapods looked like They stepped off the pages of one of H. P. Lovecraft’s horror novels.

Ted Chiang on Arrival, the Boredom of Moviemaking, and The Princess Bride |  Literary Hub

Via the courage and stubbornness of the woman, communication is begun, and takes the form of remarkable designs appearing on the transparent barrier, when a heptaopod places the “end” of one of those great limbs, which opened like the bottom of a star fish, and wrote with “ink” remarkable complex forms, whose geometry is one of very fractal and complex circles. The film artists found the idea for this expression of language in circles, in a Zen form of painting meditation, called “enso”.

Arrival Zen enso.

Artists, as we know from our Studies of Old World paintings, often convey remarkable spiritual truths with their “works”. I could speak for days, about America’s film and television arts and crafts – all of it inspired, as we are all inspired.

Consider the possibility, that the community of different artists that made this film was inspired by Faerie, to give us a teaching, about Clouds and how They speak even today, if we just look rightly.

The ships emerge and disappear directly out of the “atmosphere” … they don’t fly “outward” into “space” When we enter Their realm we enter the field of levity. Not only that, but my view is that They were able to inspire the writers to have the sky-people tell us this: Right now, with our signs in the sky, we can help you. Part of the reason we do this now, is because in three thousand years we will need your help.

Think about it.

Harrie Salman … “social technology”?

Harrie has a Ph.D., and has taught philosophy of culture, social philosophy and history of science at several universities in Holland and at Prague University, combining regular and anthroposophical approaches. He has given seminars in many countries of the world on the history of culture (spirituality, art and science) and on spiritual and social development. His focus is the preparation of a new spiritual culture. He has written books on these topics that have been translated into several languages. His most recent book is “The Social World as Mystery Center – The Social Vision of Anthroposophy”, published by the Center for Anthroposophical Endeavors in Seattle, in its revised second edition in 2020.

Certain conceptions bothered me. Ahriman’s dark school vs. the Michael school, for example. In my experience these tensions are very complicated, and have a yin&yang kind of relationship, such that we might imagine that inside the dark school is the light of intelligence&illumination, while inside the light school is its own excesses of rigidity and moral absolutes.

All of us have flaws, even Steiner.

Tomberg, in his Meditations on the Tarot, Arcanum Fifteen: The Devil, remarks that anthroposophists spend far too much time thinking the world in terms of its evil … seeing L and A everywhere. This obsession with evil harms the vital elan` of the human soul. He describes there the double, in some detail: the tempter, the prosecutor, and our personal carnival of egregores. Many of us even entertain the idea of social institutions having egregorial double-aspects. Does the Anthroposophical Society have such a creature in attendance?

Franz Bardon writes: there is nothing unclean in the whole of the Creation, good and evil being “human” concepts. This is not how the Mystery sees our situation … in Their terms: positive and negative, both of which are equally necessary. Sweep before your own house first, Bardon sez.

I also need to confess, that I have no confidence in the thinking of Paul Emberson. I wrote an essay (yes, another one): “A well intended* very flawed Book … From Gondhishapur to Silicon Valley – Spiritual Forces in the development of computers and the future of technology“

Not everything thought along these lines is wrong. The cognitional situation is more on the order of a garden, not well tended. Supposition, guessing, and vain belief, are no help in the search for spiritual knowledge. Using the Steiner language does not necessarily mean we’ve grasped the reality we seek to understand.

Over my years as a writer, the most important lesson was to learn how to “sacrifice” thoughts. Thought that wishes to be living, must take care to make sure there is dying as well. In the movie 2012, the student of a Tibetan lama meets him to say goodbye. His teacher is pouring them both tea, but the cup of the student is filled to overflowing, and tea is running all over the table. The student exclaims why, what etc. and the lama explains that the cup is the student’s mind, and if it is too full, there is no room for anything more.

That said, … as I work with this Conference as an Idea, it is clear to me that it might be possible to see us offering, in various versions, all twelve of the types of human and cosmic thought.

This may be a good place to introduce a discussion of Steiner’s major error of spiritual research and thought, from my sense of these matters. Recall from above: “ … I am not on the mountain, in the sunlight, but under the mountain, seeing by moonlight.”

For some readers, instead of going OMG&WTF, consider that treasures that await the honest student of such an Initiate as was Rudolf Steiner. See his human side, and even more wonders arise. Take him off that pedestal, and befriend him through the aethers. Steiner – the Myth we’ve generated – is dead, while that same spirit was at the Culmination, under the name: Harvey Bornfield. Here is the book, in which I saved a good number of his writings.

They are to be read aloud, and often with passion. Imagine, for example, the gliding word-dancers, and trained speaker/singers using these words:


(9/11/01) Autumn/Michaelmus

“For Earlyfire, mood ever upstages all memory of events. And Michaelmas then becomes a time of reflection, of consenting to let go of the spree of the summer, and the pastel float of its siren-song, and to bring her euphoria and fan of perfume, and all sweet fenceless expanse that let us reach to the meadows of every distant star at will in the long season of floorless song, and kiss and at last, to welcome it back to unwinged, places, politely handcuffed to more anchored beauty, and gone our drunkard’s major chords, lost forever in the mists of Mists of Avalon.

“Let the introspection be medicine, always restoring the quiet, and de-spicing the warm and buoyant revels, guide us one and all back south of the sky, to the Place of Kneeling. This is what the leaves announce, that by catching fire, and descending pungeant to the air’s seabottom, loud in braided harvest hues of peach and orange and cherry, sing before the Angel of Death, all this to remind us of how love comes to tell the last tale whenever the pages of magic, losing their ink,turn white as the coming snow.

“And chill is blessing, for the Day of Atonement, the Day of Hollows and plainsong is at hand, when the dragon and the flames of the dragon within is exiled to clay climates, and made flightless and sober, must drink wine of iron, reckon gravity his friend, and so anchored, made devout, holy by winter, light his own torch and learn to stand again……….

“It is the season when we learn the secret of how to respond to being orphaned, and encounter the opportunity to invite the development of the power of detachment which camphor cools the raging of wild campaigns, of all that’s fair in love and war. And thus what seems, slows, no longer glows and now descends from dreams, and what once round us wove famous parades, now de-charades, and suddenly becomes robust to our touch. And so it comes to pass we discover touch is another word for Thanks.”

Note the Date this appeared on the Ark. That’s right, 9/11/2001. Harvey had written it before knowing of those events, and his post #4, on 9/l2/2001: “Cold and Uncaring” laid waste to all pretense.

To be realistic about Steiner’s works, we need to begin with picturing his life, and the burdens he carried, trying to found a vehicle for Anthroposophia. Disbelief, derision, and an early death would come. New friends along the road. Yet, worship, and fanaticism.

He was careful not to describe the emotional pain that arises, when the Gods&Goddesses open gates through which to see. Wachsmuth’s biography reports that the morning, – after spending the day before wandering the hills and caves of of Dornach – he awoke in such as state as Marie Steiner had ever seen, before or after.

We can only guess, and are certain to never really understand until we personally walk in the fires of Mystery, if even for a moment. What would it feel like to be emotionally intimate with the cosmic memories of Holy Week?

Among Steiner’s massive array of works, are lectures collected under the title: The Mexican Mysteries. Most of us know these general notes of woe. Great pyramids used for human sacrifice. Steiner laying out his spiritual research into the Inner Earth, where wrongness and evil, to the point of black magic, was observed.


This evil inner earth then began to dominate the nightmare speculations of many anthroposophists. My friend Stephen Clarke wrote this, which is in the RS archive: “Some Notes Toward a Resolution of the Dilemma – in reference to Paul V. O’Leary’s The Inner Life of the Earth”

Stephen was concerned with whether of not that book contained truth. In spite of that offering, anthroposophists continued to preach a kind of fake cosmology as to the spiritual nature of the lands under the mountain, best seen in moonlight.

Subsequent to that work, Stephen – about a decade later – offered this: “Rudolf Steiner’s “Mexican Mysteries” Re-Imagined”

The latter investigates where Christ went on Saturday, providing spiritual research on the priests of the Mysteries at that time, who traveled and settled areas of southern Mexico, and who accompanied Christ – in the spiritual world – to the Mother, following His Death, where He received the forces of Resurrection.

This Inward Kingdom of the Divine Feminine is not evil. Yet, the future of the whole of the MysTech impulse will depend on getting to know these temples under the mountain, and filled with moonlight. Compare the modern Goetheanum to this picture of a Kiva. Light and Sky celebrated in the former, and Earth and Moon Light in the latter.

When Steiner dove his spiritual consciousness inner-earthward, as a spiritual researcher, he met in that realm trials he did not understand. This is the Realm of the Dead. You go there naked in soul and spirit. In a near ego-less act of surrender.

Steiner did not do that, and thus the mirror nature of Faerie showed him what was yet unredemed in his own soul. In the first stages of meeting the Mother, you will be taught how to see yourself – truly. Alien abductions are threshold encounters with Faerie and the Fae. Remember, Steiner sez: At this time, everyone is crossing the threshold.

As a consequence of not really gaining the lost cities of the underworld, Steiner’s ability to truly see the Feminine nature of the Moon was compromised.

The true return of the Moon is ongoing right now. Everywhere the old Earth Religions are being rediscovered (practice spirit-recollection). The New Age and Wicca is as much loved by the Mystery as anything Steiner&Friends are evoking and celebrating.

Owen Barfield, in “Speaker’s Meaning”, points out that languages in their youth are completely literal. This means, among much else obviously, that the Stories in all the Great Myths are true perceptions of real events.

So … in the Americas we are shamans, not initiates, although that does not mean un-initiated. Shamans, such as myself, are guided by Divine Providence to become servants of the true tales of “tribes” of folk, in which case my “tribes” are: white-privileged, Christians, sons and daughters of Montana, and American citizens.

In anthro-speak, I am a pagan {Platonist} anthroposophist, who is a devote of the Mother, and the Son.

Right now, all of civilization is under terrible stress. The tsunami of future history has found us broadside to the currents. That Anthroposophy has something to contribute is a given. How to do that is a whole other can of worms.

The Society is kin to an academic department at a university, that studies Steiner and his influence. Position is valued over real expertise. Cults of personality arise (Ben-Aharon, JvH, Prokofieff and company). Internal power games are played. This is not bad, or even evil. Just human ambition, a fire that has value.

The problem comes at the edges, where the gatekeepers of journals perhaps have too much power. Clearly fresh blood is called for. The Platonists are here, so sup the new wine in new skins.

There is a movie. I wrote another long essay: “Medicine Woman is Here”, about a movie “Moontrap: target Earth”

The filmmaker had a vision, clearly. He makes a movie about some archaeological finds found in the American Southwest, A specialist (another woman expert in language and meaning) interprets a pictograph on what turns out to be the exposed fin of a spaceship with which she, accompanied by a tool for money-folk and the Red Kachina, go to the Moon, enter a temple there, which … well, the link is to the trailer.

The upshot, for our purposes here, is that a symbol for the Emerald Tablet is given to the woman, by a helping spirit, which she places between the eyebrows of a reasonable symbol of Anthroposophia …

… so I bring, to the cutting edge of anthroposophical spiritual research, ancient knowledge of magic, whose main key is the elements: Fire/Will; Air/Intellect; Water/Feeling; and, Consciousness/Earth.

Broken wisdom – Hopi Stone Tablets – fall of Atlantis ~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~ Emerald Tablet marries Foundation Stone wisdom tablets renewed ~!~!~!~

Andrew Linnell and Florian Sydow – masterpieces of synthesis

Andrew is co-founder of MysTech ( and He retired from a 42-year career in the computer industry in 2013. He had been CTO of OmegaBand in Austin, TX. and also worked at EMC, Compaq, DEC, Wang Labs, and IBM. He is president of the Boston branch of the Anthroposophical Society and a member of the School for Spiritual Science. He is the father of three and the author of two children’s books plus an art history book “The Hidden Heretic of the Renaissance: Leonardo”. He leads several study groups and for MysTech he has published three study group guidebooks.

Florian is the founding member of Kahumana Farm & Community located on Oahu, Hawaii He has over 20 years of experience in the design & building of organic architecture. He is a long time student of Goethean Science & Anthroposophy with a deep connection toward the understanding of technology through spiritual science. Florian has presented workshops for the past few decades on various Spiritual Scientific Themes for the Anthroposophical Society in Hawaii on which he is the Vice Chairman. Florian is happily married to a Waldorf teacher and is a father of three Waldorf graduates.

If we tell a person Steiner wrote dozens of books, and gave over 6,000 lectures, … oh, and while we are at it, here are the basic books (opinions differ) … that person just might faint at the thought of all that reading. Not everyone, who can benefit from Anthroposophy, has to master the vast corpus of Steiner-thought.

With Florian’s two-part lectures: “The Future of Technology: an esoteric perspective”, and Andrew’s two-part lectures on “MysTech and Spiritual Science”, we get vast conceptual pictures, rooted in Steiner’s thoughts, yet personalized and spiced with individual experience.

Thank you both …

still … reading from material-written, in a visual field of play, … while we do get to watch a personality and hear their personal version, we might want for better visual gimmicks. Forty minutes watching someone reading is forty minutes watching someone reading. Not necessarily boring, but all the same …

a nice page of lists, and pictures with words helps, unless they are so complex one has to, as I did, pause the speaking, and copy the picture-list out … before continuing …

imagine a blue light campfire, around which sit various tellers of stories … its internet doorway called: the pharaoh foundation … a visitor picks and chooses from a menu, taped encounters with someone doing their “thing”, with the talking/reading incidental to what is revealed by meeting the personality in action – we hear of Anthroposophy in the visual context of watching them apply what they have been learning …

Andrew showing the viewer his garden, and talking about how Steiner and related others taught him whatever. Show and Tell. So too their library. Pick up a favorite book, and read a line or two, while relating that to life.

Ed at a conference of alien-quest folk, drawing out of them feelings with which the viewer can identify. If the interview guest wrote a book or two, show them, read something from them, and move on. Use the developing synthesis, and the related MysTech riddles.

People need to meet people living Anthroposophy, not selling it.

Steiner feared the potential Intellectualization of the Michaelic Cosmic Wisdom. In the endless Steiner-said that danger now festers. We can complain about the loss of attention span among the young, or we can find a way to reach across that abyss anyway.

Here’s a link to some visual art of my own:

For the young tech-savvy person, I created this:

Gareth Dicker: sympathetic vibrations and physical vs. etheric technology

Gareth grew up in New Jersey and moved to Montreal to study mechanical engineering at McGill University. He completed a masters degree there working on aerial mechatronics and control systems. Meanwhile, he worked as a community builder in the Yellow Door community in Montreal, serving as Vice President of the board and creating creative and meditative programming for youth in a local high school. He has been studying Anthroposophy since he was 18, and is interested in all of its fields of influence, from education to biodynamics, social organization, architecture, music and technology. Unprofessionally, he enjoys, among other things, violin improvisation, singing and songwriting, woodcarving/burning, rock climbing, improvisational dancing and acting.

Previously I mentioned George Adams’ preference for the term “ethereal”, over the term “etheric”. This is a word&meaning, where it is often impossible to be exact. For example, Steiner frequently spoke of “ethereal formative forces”, in the abstract, knowing this was also a reference to the elemental kingdoms, and the Fae who manage those arts and crafts. The are no abstract forces, just Beings, but Steiner had to often speak in circumlocutions, to avoid confusing an audience that he could bring part of the way, but not all of the way to the reality of spirit. The audience was used to such abstractions as “gravity”, or electrical and/or magnetic “forces”, so it was easy to use those kinds of terms, and not get mired in certain details.

In fact, if he had spent a lot of time on Elementals, he would have been accused by his enemies of seeing fairies, and other impossible creatures. He very much needed to avoid both mysticism and magic, in order to gain traction in introducing a “spiritual” science to folk caught up in the religion of scientific materialism: aka: the Ahrimanic Enchantment.

For us – a century later – this is not as much of a problem. Still, if we are going to use the term “technology”, we need a sound sense of what we mean by that, especially if we seek an ethereal “technology”. Natural science lives in a sea of conceptions of abstract forces, such that Owen Barfield often pointed out that many of our words have meanings that exclude spirit.

Even such common expressions like “outer space” are conceived by the modern mind as if there is a there there, all the way out among the stars, where the same laws of abstract physics applies, that are operational on the Earth. Our minds are filled with images, from Star Wars to Star Trek, of space ships flying among the galaxies.

The same unreality exists in the abstractions called electrons and god-particles. The inner pictures most have about the very far away, and large, and the very near at hand, and tiny … will turn out not to be true. This problem can emerge, even in the MysTech work. Are Thoreson, for example, reports seeing atoms, and given that they don’t actually exist, except as bits of corpse, I wonder what his clairvoyance actually sees, to which he gives that name. I am not asserting there was no experience, but there is difficulty in finding non-material conceptions to fit to the experience.

This problem of language and concept usage runs across a lot of the presentations. At issue is seeking a language, which can be shared, so that co-workers on ethereal “technology” can better work together. Franz Bardon’s books on Hermetic Science provides those conceptions.

I can do no more than hint, but that will have to do, for the present …

The key to magic is the Yod He Vau He – the name of God, also called the tetragrammaton. It was not meant to be spoken aloud, back in the day. In Bardon we find a kind of updated description, which he calls: the “four-pole magnet”. As this can be experienced, … I will try to help.

Sit in a chair, at rest. Once the attention is quiet, turn it toward all the various feelings in your body, the totality of conscious experience. First pay attention to the experience of gravity. Feel the weight, such as where the thighs press down on the chair, the feet on the floor. To the focused experience of weight, add the experience of breathing. Try to stop breathing, so as to directly experience the powers of life, that comes to us from outside, just as does the feeling of weight.

These are direct experience of the love of the Mother, and the love of the Son. She is Gravity, and He is Life. Next observe the flow of thought. Guide it or not, but at the least notice the movement.

In the midst of that movement, that which chooses to guide or not, is the same nature that attended to weight and breathing. Your self is the actor, and choice maker. That self is a piece of the Father, set free to reinvent its nature.

There is a real level where the future is unknown, precisely because the human being hasn’t yet made the necessary choices. This is one of the facts of existence known to both the priests of the ancient Egyptians, as well as the Mayan scribes. The reason the latter counted days, is because that was the primary cycle. We cannot escape the Day, anymore than we can escape the Now.

The four-pole magnet is will-fire, intellect-air, feeling-water, and, earth-consciousness. Sitting still is a good time to just experience, without an agenda. We can increase the experience by noticing how the life-force (Him) generates waves of feeling throughout the bodily consciousness, and free of weight given that the force of levity comes from life. The will is the yet to be differentiated spark of the Father. The intellect is Son as the Father of thought. The Feeling is the Mother that is everywhere, in all that is. Consciousness is their integrated meaning.

As the reader might see, these are intermingled to experience. All four are present. Through the key of the elements then, we begin to find our technology of the ethereal.

Back when the Hebrews were fleeing Egypt, to found a patriarchal monotheism, they left behind a polytheistic Mystery. Gods and Goddesses. It was a male impulse that asserted “dominion over”, which arose by trashing the former feminine impulse for “communion with”.

Moral ethereal technology needs to be rooted in returning to the time of “communion with”, without losing the truth nature of the more modern scientific method. Remember, Bardon’s books present theory, and then follow that with proof through practice.

By the way, I do not have the visionary clairvoyance. I do what Carl Stegmann called: clair-thinking. My consciousness lives in the ethereal world of thoughts and ideas, that are experienced as Beings. For example, when I had my initiation by the Mother, She helped me met the Beings behind all the words in the Lord’s Prayer, the Prologue to the Gospel of John, and a self-generated prayer of gratitude to all our relations.

With the very first word: “Our” I felt the whole cosmos being grateful to the Father for its existence.

Other presenters emphasized sympathetic vibrations, which I will attend to after a few more developed bits of commentary. Is a thought a vibration? Can a vibration of this order be attached to matter, or even aspects of soul and spirit? Clearly a feeling is vibrational. Will does. Air names. Feeling knows. Earth unites. All at the same time: the “four-pole magnet”

As to my personal relationship to the elemental kingdoms … I don’t see Them, but we have remarkable conversations, via a discipline of communion-with.

Lindsey Cole – elements of the lyre

Lindsey Cole is a User Experience (UX) Designer bringing Goethean science and Anthroposophical consideration to commercial products. Ushering in recent paradigm shifts in the Musical Instrument industry, Lindsey’s product design systems have influenced a range of creatives from emerging musicians to world-famous DJs. She has participated in MysTech since 2017 as both a member and a Study Group guide. Recently, she has begun exploring urban biodynamic gardening while living in NYC.

Our mother wanted joey to learn an instrument. First the piano, then the clarinet. He would rather day dream, or read books. I want to sing, but we should leave the idea of possible talent on the deck.

My favorite group is the Moody Blues. The first link is to their eighth album: Octave, which last song is about the Second Coming: … all the old things are returning, cosmic circles ever turning … “One Step into the Light” The album was released in 1978, the year the Burning Bush blessed my beginning to unite Hermetic Science and Anthroposophy. They too were: “Under Moonshine” .

I once called their work: Hymns to the Consciousness Soul.

My children are musically inclined, mostly. The eldest son, in his fifties, still plays in a rock ‘n role band, when not being a “coach” for folks believing they have a need for talk that does not require consenting to being labeled as having a mental illness. And, yes I wrote another long essay: “Healing the Insanity of Psychiatric Medicines and Practice”.

Eldest daughter started spontaneously creating song and verse, at age eleven, while walking the streets of Berkeley. My children have turned out to be my favorite teachers.

Ideas in that aspect of the Ethereal can be felt to sound and resound. To perception, They are as much tone as they are concept. One of my favorite novels is: “The Memory of Whiteness” a story with a sub-text on the relationship between physics and music. I note this in passing, because it was there that I first read about the ten forms of change in music: retrogradation; inversion; retrograde inversion, augmentation; dimunition, inclusion, textural; partition; interversion; and, exclusion.

There is some very interesting physics in imaginative and speculative fiction.

For example, in Ursula K. LeGuin’s novel: “The Dispossessed”, the work/art of the main character involves creating the mathematical physics which deals both with sequential time (the arrow of time) and simultaneous time (the now). This book, out of the American genius, is an imagination of what a society might look like, if its fundamental law was individual freedom, i.e. “anarchy”, such as is inferred via Steiner’s “The Philosophy of Freedom”. The latter is very abstract, while the former book is alive in the deeds of its characters.

Ten forms of change, and the marriage of the sequential and the simultaneous … wait, there is more …

In the book, The Roads of Heaven, by Mellisa Scott, travel among the stars involves the creation of “ships”, whose “keel” is forged with alchemical tinctures, such that via a harmonium, it is able to vibrate in such tones that the gravity well of a planet, or a sun, repels the ship, enabling it to travel in “empty” space.

At a certain level of song, the ship, and its passengers, are vibrating at such a “frequency” that the whole begins to leave physical space, for a non-material condition called: “four-fifths of heaven”. In this mostly dematerialized state, the ship’s navigator (a woman named Silence), using ancient texts, guides the ship along the Roads of Heaven, which in this transformed state appear as complex symbols, not unlike tarot, except the images have properties of movement.

Ten forms of change, and the marriage of the sequential and the simultaneous, and vibrating keels … sounds like worthy matters from which the moral MysTech we seek, just might evolve …

Lynn Stull – sensing cosmic vibrations through eurythmy

After a career in business Lynn Stull turned towards the arts and threshold work. In 2009 Lynn earned her eurythmy diploma from Eurythmy Spring Valley and is author of Wonders at the Veil, Creating a Living Relationship with Your Loved Ones Who Have Died.  Lynn’s interest in technology came after her civic engagement with 5G at the city and state levels.  She is a student in the Therapeutic Eurythmy Training of North America with the intention to identify how eurythmy can offer a counterbalance to technology.  To find out more about Lynn’s work:

I am in that stage of arthritis of the knees where it is bone on bone, the softer tissues eaten away. Chronic pain. Medical Ganja. Doing eurythmy … not possible. All the same, I sense comic vibrations, while sitting still, as a meditating scholar, experiencing the four-pole magnet, aka: the microcosm. As above, so below. As below, so above, for the Miracle of the One.

Hugh Lovel – applied radionics and quantum agriculture.

As one who seeks to integrate quantum physics with agricultural practices, Hugh Lovel has always sought to understand life. First he studied mathematics and biochemistry, thinking this would unlock life’s mysteries, particularly the mind/body link. But in order to study life in vivo, in situ he shifted to psychology and biofeedback, finally investigating quality in agriculture in search of its links to human consciousness, feeling and volition. A hands-on musician, lithographer, mechanic, chef, carpenter, welder, and biodynamic farmer, Hugh founded Union Agricultural Institute near Blairsville, Georgia in 1978. In the process he discovered quality could only be achieved by reducing inputs and adjusting environmental patterns of energy to support a thriving biology and fertility. Author of A Biodynamic Farm and Quantum Agriculture, Hugh writes, teaches and consults for commercial growers as his commitment to an emerging economical, ecological and nutritionally dense agriculture as the basis for change in human physiology, consciousness and society.

I just read of his illness. In the last three years I’ve been hospitalized twice for heart issues, and nearly died both times. I cannot imagine what he is enduring, in the sorry state of present day medicine. Hospitals just add more stress. I’ll take that up in more detail after noting the married doctors, who spoke Saturday Night.

I knew Hugh in the late ‘90’s, where we clashed in the aethers of biodynamic internet discussion groups. My view was that using a pendulum was sorcery, not science. His presentation at the conference defies being questioned, and I would need to read a lot about applied radionics before making any judgment. His reputation is well earned, and like most of us, materialism creeps in through the language itself.

“Quantum” Agriculture … to me a poor choice of words, but still some way of expressing that what he does should have both poetry and mystery. Hermetic Agriculture might work, if he were to consider that what he sees is real, and mysterious, and in need of a decent name, which “quantum” is not.

Since few will even try to read my “Letters on Magic”, I will attempt here to move “quantum” into the pile of bad ideas in physics.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, physics ran into a problem. When their instruments touched one of those corpse pieces, this had an effect, such that if they got position, they did not get velocity, and vice-versa. Aided by the ahrimanic nature of their own intellect, they decided that this problem represented a real aspect of the natural world, ignoring the obvious that they had run into a more personal limit.

Since they could not predict: aka: the situation was not able to be determined, that meant that the ground-nature of matter was itself indeterminate. That weak logic became enshrined in the ideas of quantum mechanics, in the conception of states of “probability”.

An elaborate fantasy, that assumes that even if we cannot see it, the world is chaos, potentially becoming order. Take the idea of coin-flips. Since we can’t predict the result, we get to say that each flip has a potential to be one or the other. This is logically false on its face. There will always be an empirical result, even if we can’t predict it because of the limitations of our methodology.

In the ethereal world of thought, untruths can and do exist, alongside truths. When folks go into the thought structures of quantum mechanics, they go to a world which is false. All the same, the scientific question remains, such that “spooky action at a distance” is a common feature of the elemental kingdom – the unity of all does not disappear when we study the parts by themselves.

Again, MysTech advances by doing better science.


As a student of magic, there are certain divisions that need to be understood, as to the continuum of these arts, for example: sorcery, personal magic, and holy magic are all possible, and practiced.

Sorcery is the use of magic principles, without seeing the underlying magical laws. A shaman may know a ceremony, which produces results, but not know which of the Fae help. At the worst end of “sorcery” there is an effect on the life forces of the practitioner, for to give us the desired effect, the Fae take the necessary forces from the sorcerer/sorceress. This is why such operations leave the shaman tired, sometimes exhausted.

In Personal Magic, the practitioner learns how to generate the forces out of himself, using the general universal fields of such forces, and guiding them to the place of operation. So, when I was breathing in the fire element, I could concentrate that – out of the universal field, and then release the force to produce the desired results. No other Being, but myself, is the actor. If I include Fae, we consciously make agreements. I know who and what and why.

In Holy Magic, we pray. The effect is produced by the Mystery Itself.

In Sorcery, the arrangement is unconscious. The Beings evoked are not known. A ceremony is done, based on a lot of ignorance as to who and why. It works, obviously. Is there a cost to the health of the practitioner? Yes.

I wrote to Hugh of these conceptions, concerned that in his use of the pendulum, the connection to the Beings producing the effect is unconscious, and Their names and signs not known.

This does not mean the effects are not real. Nor does it mean the conceptual frame is unworthy. Still, there is always more to learn.

In point of fact, I’ve always thought of bio-dynamic farmers as part alchemist, part rebel, part angel, part devil. Is there lurking in “bio-dynamics” a new temple for a reborn earth-religion?

Dale Pond – Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

Dale Pond was born on February 6, 1950 in Washington, D.C. He evidenced a natural affinity for science when he memorized the periodic table at age ten. His writings recount a lifetime of psychic events, prophetic dreams and feelings of divine protection. In 1965, Pond’s traditional schooling ended when his father brought the family to the wilds of Brazil to homestead raw land. Pond remained there, engaging in pineapple farming and canning, until 1975 when he returned to the United States. Largely self-taught, he pursued an interest in Free Energy Technology. While foraging through the Edgar Cayce Library at Virginia Beach, Pond discovered the forgotten works of the 19th century inventor John W. Keely. He resolved to reconstruct the lost technology of the visionary savant, and in 1995, Pond built the first Dynasphere the world had seen since Keely created the prototype a century earlier. The device unexpectedly showed consciousness! Pond claims this was only possible with the active participation of John Keely, Walter Russell, Rudolf Steiner and others through the channeled information provided by psychic intuitive Dawn Stranges. He is the founder of The Pond Science Institute in La Junta, Colorado, dedicated to the study and application of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. Pond has stated, “Mind Force and Love are real forces and are engineerable and applicable through technology and psychology (personal development).”

Over a year ago, I began to notice Dale’s posts to some other Facebook lists I shared. I may have friended him. Whatever the connection, posts from SVP showed up regularly on my feed. I looked, and saw lots of “diagrams”, links to the related history, pictures of Keely and Russell, and “quotes” about primal relationships, not unlike the way some write about the Emerald Tablet, using numbers for relationships.

In the background, Steiner’s “Strader Machine” lurks, as does RS’s indications about “mechanical occultism”.

As noted above, over two decades ago I had written an article, for the Journal of Borderland Sciences: “There is no Free Energy”. The problem on the SVP group, was where are the names of the Beings, given that the whole of the Creation rests on the Fae, from the Gods&Goddess, to the Elementals.

I would ask at the SVP page for commentary on the Elementals and/or the Mother. Did it three times, with no response, except a derisive comment addressed to Dale, to which he agreed.

A kind of language problem – my experiences, and the experiences of others are real. We do not however, give them the same “name”, which in the Idea-world might appear as spiral-like vortexes of complex idea connections, relatively alien to each other.

Steiner provides the appearances of a shared language, but if one observes carefully, even normal human intercourse is not that easy – just ask any couple of people who have been living together for awhile. Among specialists at the fringe edges of knowledge, you almost have to be deeply into the same conceptual matrix, before a harmony arises in communication.

The “gift of the word” is wondrously alive and dynamic:

Keep in mind that the Dynasphere is hand crafted to a large degree. The builder’s ethereal energies flow into the “tech”.

The hand is a place where strong ethereal currents flow in and out. Folk constantly do magic through their hands, whether they use that “name” or not. Handwork is often seen as “craft”, and art. If a spirit, whose last incarnation is in our linear future, something out of time can come to exist. Not evil, let us stop using that wreckage of a conception. Certainly remarkable and profound, as well as being more common than we imagine.

This Age – of the birth of the third millennium, with its unusual transformations as regards the evolution of consciousness – will attract folk who missed The Mystery of Evil, the first time they had the opportunity.

We know Lucifer, Christ, and Ahriman “ had incarnations in the flesh, the avatar body. Suppose some of the other Fae wanted to follow? Would the Mother say: “no, you can’t go play in the flesh”?

Be careful to fancy you can see others with that Sign, … we first have to practice with a mirror, carefully and thoroughly. Bardon’s Step practices also begin with the creation of a black&white mirror of our own character.

Gopi Krishna Vijaya – an update on the physics of light and dark

Originally from Bangalore, India, Gopi Krishna Vijaya completed his undergraduate physics training at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India) and his PhD in Physics (Solar Energy) from the University of Houston (USA) in 2014. He is currently engaged in the study of the Reciprocal System of Physics – a way to inculcate Goethean thought into modern physics – in Salt Lake City, USA.

Years ago, I came to see that when Christ entered the World, Magic becomes a secondary “power”, and the primary – Love touched everywhere. Magic texts spend a lot of time on color and light, but in Bardon’s books there is no mention of the “magenta”, to which GKV referred.

I understood, from reading Owen Barfield and Arthur Zajonc, that the Greeks did not see certain colors, as we do today. It is likely the ancient Egyptians saw even more differently.

There is the Light in the physical world. There is light in the imagination. “In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.” {John}

Sitting in my chair, wondering about the four-pole magnet, I feel this Life in me. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” {Luke} “Learn to trust the world behind you eyes” and “Learn to see in the dark” {Joan of Arcadia}

Goetheanism involves learning to recreate in the mind, the changes over time of the Plant. The pencil exercise involves working to remember how that object came to be. This remembering and recreation are acts evoked in the imagination. Exactness is helpful. The study of projective geometry is yoga for the imagination.

The material world is made of living stuff. The ethereal world is made of the collective imagination (look up S. T. Coleridge on the primary and secondary imagination). Catherine MacCoun, in her book: “On Becoming an Alchemist – a guide for the modern magician”, describes as one effect of achieving the “philosopher’s Stone”, is that our thinking generates thought in the ethereal world, that others may find when in need.

Human and Fae do not “think” in the same way, although communion is possible, via symbolic representations. The Emerald Tablet, and the Tarot, are well known to the Fae. This next link is to a tale that wrote me:

GKV writes articles about the four Elements. Hopefully he will find his way to Franz Bardon, and the personal four-pole magnet.

Deb Katchen on Cain and Able, the Irish Tao Cross

Family Physician and a member of PAAM for over ten years

As mentioned above, some thought forms common to Anthroposophy, don’t really translate well when the Atlantic Ocean is crossed. Are Cain and Able two different beings, or two different natures in one human being: Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde; Calvin and Hobbs; Charlie Brown and Lucy; … the Two Wolves of Native American lore …

Some years ago I was invited to join a discussion group, of Europeans and Americans, devoted to modern European deep thinkers in the seas of French Post-modernism. I was invited because in a political discussion group, organized at Stanford, I used the term “phenomenological” to refer to how to study social events.

I did not get on well, in their venue of great modern European thinkers. I’d ask them to explain a certain concept in use, and be told to read a half-dozen books. At one point, one of these “scholars” remarked that America had not produced thought at the level we were studying.

I reflected on that riddle for a time, and then replied that after World War One, its was clear social reality had gone beyond the absurd, such that the best minds in America became stand up comics and cartoonists, starting with Will Rogers.

Of late we have George Carlin, and Robin Williams. Comic books characters include Bill Griffith’s Zippy the Pinhead, with his capture of the zeitgeist: “Are we having fun yet”. This came after Mad Magazine’s, Alfred E. Newman and “What me worry?”; Bug’s Bunny’s “What’s up doc?”; and Walt Kelly’s Pogo saying: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

By far the best, was and remains: Bill Watterson’s: Calvin and Hobbs. He quit at the top of his game, and refused to license any of his images … at a loss of millions for himself.

Mark Katchen on the singularity and AI – can “consciousness be uploaded and down loaded?

Peripatetic small town neurologist with background in Aerospace Medicine, Anthroposophic Medicine, and Computer Applications

For the “believers” in AI and the “singularity”, … it can’t happen. That idea only came riding in on the horse of our using materialistic metaphors, such as hard drive and download, views that are confounded if we truly make an exact and empirical self study of our own mind. “I am not my brain – the map is not the territory”

Here is a brief precis of some of my discoveries about “thinking”, a set of qualitative acts no “computer” will ever do:

“Modes of Thought, and Moods of Feeling

“Awake thinking has a variety of modes, or ways of operation. These include, but are not limited to: organic thinking, pure thinking, reflection, theorizing, figuration, comparative thinking, associative thinking, picture thinking, imaginative thinking, concrete thinking, abstract thinking, warm thinking, cold thinking, thinking-about, thinking-with, thinking-within and thinking-as. The mind is an instrument which we can learn to play, and many acts of thinking can be accomplished as a kind of harmonic cord of more than one mode simultaneously.

“Aspects of this play of the instrument of the mind also have to take account of feelings, or moods that can go with or otherwise drive the modes of thinking. These include: sympathy, antipathy, pain, pleasure, anger, fear, love, joy, sadness etc. Moods can also be cultivated, not just reactive (spontaneous and undisciplined). Cultivated moods include such as awe and reverence. Moods and modes can be observed working in concert, sometimes like the resonant harmonies that arise in other objects, when some particular instrument produces the primary tone.“

We also need a better understanding of Electricity. “Electricity and the Spirit in Nature”, which concerns itself with learning to think in “wholes”, not parts.

As to the Being nature of Electricity:

Deb and Mark are doctors. Doctors should have challenging riddles, to balance out the trials related to practicing medicine, in the era of the Ahrimanic Enchantment, where institutional mechanistic medicine would prefer to see them in jail, for whatever “alternative medicine” they use.

Not easy being a Steiner-oriented doctor in this time of vaccinations, and the plandemic-Pandemonium.

I had imagined they would talk about that, although the conference leaders wanted us to keep any politics in the basement.

In my first years of reading Steiner, I read the 22 lectures in “Spiritual Science and Medicine” twice. Later I read Victor Bott’s “Anthroposophical Medicine”. I lived with anthroposophical Dr. Kelly Sutton for five years. The most shocking aspect – for me – of this discipline was that according to Kelly, they really did not have conferences on the double, even though Steiner’s “Geographic Medicine” said there is no understanding illness, without understanding the double.

Given that the plandemic-Pandemonium is a gift from the Mother, I should say a few words about Her.

She is Divine Providence. Her Son is the Artist of Karma. Western Civilization has passed its sell-by date. When Atlantis “fell”, it took a couple of centuries.

My first fully “Intuition”-experience of Her, I had – while in the four-pole magnet state, working on my black and white mirror – asked Her what did She and Her Son do with all the evil and awful acts of human beings, for certainly They were intimate with us, deep enough to be knowing the suffering and joy of both the victim, and the victimizer. Her reply was simple.

“We turn it into Love”.

In Her Role as Divine Providence, She is also the Rider of the Four Horsemen, and the Keeper of the Gate of Death. What we call Rogue Weather, that’s Her.

To appreciate this we have to change the scale of our view of dramatic social events, involving many many people. The flood comes, the dams and levies break, and people’s lives are uprooted. Everyone goes: OMG&WTF. That is the Event, yet what is the key is the Aftermath.

In the Aftermath helpers appear, and folk often end up in a school gym on cots, until social services, or family support helps the “victims” recover. In the gym there arises a social experience. People with dire needs meet each other, and learn quite directly just how much they need each other … helper and needy.

In the gym – side by side – will be folk of other faiths, and other political leanings. This encounter teaches that we all are the same at the level of Events and Aftermaths. The differences not so important now, when we discover we need each other.

It is possible to look at the plandemic-Pandemonium as some kind occult based control of the world by elites. To the extent that is true, Her Rule is that She gives everyone of us, just enough rope by which to hang ourselves.

All biographies have their tale. In that tale there are moments of personalized Events and Aftermaths – all the time. In general, we could say that the evil leading up to and through Events, is transformed into love in the virtues of the Aftermath.

Recall the need to add to sequential time, the nature of simultaneous time.

This love will include the staging of trials of conscience, at which we can fail. The love is in our being given an “opportunity” to act according to our own sense of right and wrong, which includes opportunities for us to forgive our-selves on occasion. Forgiving yourself is an aspect of the trial of the lower guardian – a Being which holds up to us a mirror. Forgiving yourself is the key to learning to forgive others.

Stuart Lundy: towards biodynamic machines

Stewart Lundy is a biodynamic farmer and the co-founder of Perennial Roots Farm where he has been farming with his wife Natalie since 2010. He tends a market garden and raises a variety of heritage breed animals. They are committed to regenerative practices that increase fertility each season. As of this 2020, Perennial Roots Farm is running a new community supported agriculture (CSA) subscription through which they supply more food than ever to their community. Stewart is the founding president of the Delmarva Farmers Union and the creator of the new Certified Delmarva Grown program. He is a practicing herbalist, alchemist, author, and farm consultant. Together with his wife and editor Natalie, Stewart is releasing his new translation of Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Course. They can be contacted at www.perennialroots.comor

As civilization undergoes metamorphosis, careful imaginative thinking can see “tendencies”. Steiner warned of “technology”, and sometimes he/we seem to have use this concept “mechanical occultism”, and this concept “moral technology”. The science of knowing asks: from what percepts are these concepts generated?

Names are crucial, and worthy of artistic conceptualization. What future do we see? How do we name/conceptualize that potential (quantum – as in mysterious) future?

The direction of civilization seems to be more toward disorder, than order. “Thinks fall apart.” During the disorder-phase seeds can be planted, and new ways of conceptualization can flower.

The idea of Climate Change, as a grave worry, can’t really be argued with in general, although details will be surprising. We know we are killing the life sphere of the Mother’s avatar body, in order to satisfy selfish wants and hungers.

A city is a densification/concentration of population. The plandemic-Pandemonium is leading us toward world financial collapse. Such a collapses could make cities even more unlivable. Massive power outages are likely to continue. The Mother sets the coast of California on fire.

Folk will tend to want to leave the cities, and the greatest limiting prospect is the Myth that the body of the Mother can be owned. Might will assert itself in maintenance of existing rules, while chaos makes that more difficult. Already all over the world mothers and fathers move their families away from the dangers of petty dictators, and drug cartels.

Instinctively we are remembering Faerie and the Fae. This is all over the arts, in many different ways. We wonder in the semi-conscious deeps of ourselves, whether or not we can get back to the garden. Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock”.

Let me sketch an imagination of a future, helped by a return of earth-religions.

Consider that a biodynamic farm is a spiritual-scientific temple to the Mother. Farmers tend to notice that a farm is more than material science suggests. Just the nature of the way of life opens the heart to the soil, and the plants and animals. You don’t have to be a friend of Steiner’s to love the land. In the early days of Hippie, people fled to the land. Some even stayed.

Over the next decades more will flee. In the Imagination I find potentials, to which I have given the names: Earth Ranger, and The Traveler Ethos. The Rangers are guardians, and will appear from self-organizing social processes. The Traveler’s are weavers of culture. If we understand the Mary Impulse and the Martha Impulse that will help. Martha stayed home, and preserves, while Mary ventures out and discovers.

[For more details on the Martha and Mary impulse, go to this chapter: “The Natural Transformation of the Anthroposophical Society in America”, in my book “American Anthroposophy”. ]

There are in existence today, remarkable tools for camping and living in the wild. Some folk will flee all the way from the city to the Wild, benefiting from this technological cornucopia. A way-station for others could be biodynamic farms, the farmer a teacher of future Earth Rangers. More details from another point of view:

Still, the addictions of the uses of devices and powers – like electricity and magnetism – is driven forward on certain lines. The unknown situation/question is just how Hard is the Mother going to Push Back?

On some level, politics has to be taken into account, that is, if we want to be citizens of the world.

Frank Burdich “The Effect of Technical Devices on the world of human beings; and the Effects of Humans on Technical Devices”

Frank Burdich is 53 years old and had been a science teacher in a German Waldorf school for 14 years. Frank also has the ability to perceive etheric, astral, and spiritual forces and beings using imaginative and inspirative cognition. He is now working as a spiritual researcher in a variety of contexts, including food production processes, medicinal preparation, quality testing, the supersensible constitution of the human being and his illnesses, etc. He also gives workshops and seminars for spiritual perception in a number of countries. Frank works out of an Anthroposophical approach and is also a member of the First Class of the School of Spiritual Science.

Not everyone can be “clairvoyant” in the visual sense. All over the world there are different ways of direct experience of the spiritual. Can Steiner students realize that their guru is by far not the only seer of value? It always amazes me that so many act as if the Son and the Holy Mother put all their eggs a basket labeled Rudolf Steiner. Here’s some Emerson, from his lecture at Harvard in 1837: The American Scholar:

Books are the best of things, well used; abused, among the worst. What is the right use? What is the one end which all means go to effect? They are for nothing but to inspire. I had better never see a book than to be warped by its attraction clean out of my own orbit, and made a satellite instead of a system.  The one thing in the world, of value, is the active soul. This every man is entitled to; this every man contains within him, although in almost all men obstructed and as yet unborn. The soul active sees absolute truth and utters truth, or creates. In this action it is genius; not the privilege of here and there a favorite, but the sound estate of every man. In its essence it is progressive. The book, the college, the school of art, the institution of any kind, stop with some past utterance of genius. This is good, say they – let us hold by this. They pin me down. They look backward and not forward. But genius looks forward: the eyes of man are set in his forehead, not in his hindhead: man hopes: genius creates.  Whatever talents may be, if the man create not, the pure efflux of the Deity is not his; cinders and smoke there may be, but not yet flame. There are creative manners, there are creative actions, and creative words; manners, actions, words, that is, indicative of no custom or authority, but springing spontaneous from the mind’s own sense of good and fair.]

And some Steiner:

A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception:

Man is not behaving in accordance with the purposes of the Guiding Power of the world when he investigates one or another of His commandments, but when he behaves in accordance with his own insight. For in him the Guiding Power of the world manifests Himself. He does not live as Will somewhere outside of man; He has renounced his own will in order that all might depend upon the will of man.

And, near the end of the 5th Chapter of Occult Science: an outline in the following way:

The path that leads to sense-free thinking by way of the communications of spiritual science is thoroughly reliable and sure. [Knowledge of Higher Worlds] There is however another that is even more sure, and above all more exact; at the same time, it is for many people more difficult. The path in question is set forth in my books The Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World-Conception and The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity. These books tell what man’s thinking can achieve when directed not to impressions that come from the outer world of the physical sense but solely upon itself. One who wholeheartedly pursues the train of thought indicated in these books {The Philosophy and A Theory of Knowledge} is already in the spiritual world; only it makes itself known to him as a thought-world. Whoever feels ready to enter upon this intermediate path of development will be taking a safe and sure road, and it will leave with him a feeling in regard to the higher world that will bear rich fruit in all time to come.

Stewart, Frank, and Are (next) are all – to different degrees – seeing the Elemental Kingdom. If they/we gazing at the same material objects, would they see the Fae the same? Faerie is reactive to what lives in us already.

Steiner did a work around this riddle by his science of knowing, in which the cognitive act can be disciplined. It is not what is seen, as much as what is related in words and ideas. The deep trick is to learn to see the world of the senses as the speech of the Mystery. Save the appearances suggests Owen Barfield.

Is there Social Technology? Can any work, that tries to face the Mysteries of Technology, not jump with both feet into politricks?

Are Thoresen “Spiritual Science, Demons, and Elementals”

Since 1981, Are operates a holistic private practice for horses, small animals, as well as humans in Sandefjord, Norway. Trained in the veterinary arts, Are has also trained in acupuncture, homeopathy, and anthroposophical medicine. Are has published over 25 papers and 10 books. He lectures and offers workshops. As a MysTech member, Are’s focus has been on the Hygienic Occultism.

Another “clairvoyant”. If someone can claim that, and even demonstrate aspects of those gifts, does that make them the next new priest-thing in the Anthroposophical Movement?

Are’s book, The Three Realms of the Elemental World” … has an interesting “structure”, or form. It consists of sets of threefold differentiations in the elemental kingdoms, which are themselves threefold. This pattern is repeated many times, and in the intervals between the different – yet similar – patterns, there are a lot of long quotes of Rudolf Steiner, there to suggest Steiner agrees.

Each threefoldness seems to have – at the level of elemental beings – three classes of allegedly demonic spiritual beings: luciferic, ahrimanic, and asuric. My question is whether or not this perceived structure is at all useful for the purposes of meeting the Fae.

They are not our enemy. They have far better names of their own, than being labeled with such categorical implications of evil. Earth religion folk always honored the household little people, leaving food out and such. A gnome, a sylph, an undine, or a salamander – all have virtues. To call them “demons” is a kind of cultural bigotry. Why should Faerie conform to our fears?

A major riddle for the modern spiritual scientist is: What is being born, in the various lurking advancements of a “technological” nature?

The MysTech conference seemed to have a kind of shadow. We should expect that, rather than be surprised. Some folk seek the light, in this shadow environment, through the study of Rudolf Steiner’s conceptions, warnings, and other “indications”.

From under the mountain, and in the moon light, Steiner-sez is not the Rite Ceremony for encountering Faerie and the Fae. When we frame a potential advancement in technology as dangerously evil, we have not seen. Rather, we impose assumptions on the phenomena … assumptions born in the worst habit of scientific materialism: to see parts rather than Wholes.

Frank’s idea of the interaction of tech and human, as a two way effect, is rich with potential. His story of the relationship of the elemental aspect of a bakery’s ovens, and the soul attitude of the bakers, is one of those examples worth a thousand, as Goethe would have said.

Picture the sphere of Life, held dear to Her Heart. In Her avatar body there is stuff and not-stuff. Matter, and Spirit. Actually inwardly picture this sphere, which has thickness. On the more earthly pole, we have solidity, and deeper in, primeval terrestrial fire. On the more heavenly pole, we have immateriality, and further out, transcendental fire.

The double sided spherical realm (go too deep, can’t live; got too far out, can’t live either) has a third boundary: the gates to the Invisible Inside: life and death; sleeping and waking; sanity and madness; and, forgetting and remembering.

In the post-Atlantean Epochs, the human entity has brought to bear the power of the Intellect (the Air principle, aka: Ahriman) in a one-sided manner. All is matter, there is no spirit. The Fires of the plandemic-Pandemonium are a well-deserve time out, for the untruths of scientific materialism can not but lead to disorder and destruction.

Social chaos is everywhere – all over the world. Meanwhile lots of folk are encouraged, by those who would rule and own, to fear the present and the future. A wave of dismay festers in the deeps of the soul.

The obvious future dangers, of a cold and uncaring intellect, cannot be averted, or tamed, without a spiritual world view. Those who see the need for healthier choices, will have to acquire a real understanding of what is going on. An understanding of the Wholeness Nature of the plandemic-Pandemonium is needed.

The fulcrum of change, in the sense of a social technology, is the assertion that the most crucial scientific question is whether the Planet is a living being, Faerie and the Fae are real, and to what degree can scientific materialism be challenged directly.

If we are to have a moral technology, we must first have a moral world. If we are to have a moral world, we must extend natural science toward the realization that every”thing” around us, such as stars, planets, rocks, and trees – All Our Relations, are filled with Their own interior/invisible self aware sentient consciousness, woven together by the Mother.

Politricks: Don’t play by the rules, the owners don’t. Spirit is greater than money. Use the Courts of Law, to bring alive in the Courts of public opinion, the question of whether or not a Planet can be a person before the law, just as a corporation can be a person before the law.

Most of us seem to be at the bottom of the hierarchy of wealth and power. That’s to our advantage, if we dare to cowboy up, and jump with both feet into the political fray. There are far far far far far more of Us than there are of Them, the owners.

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