Hocus Pocus

As the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot continues, the main question I have for folk lost in the Great Hoax is: Why do you believe governments, and their corporate owners? Fool me once, that’s on you. Fool me twice, that’s on me. Lot of fools about and around. All of them imagining six impossible things before breakfast.

The History of America, as with most of the world, is full of ambition, and lying, and corruption, and injustice, floating on a sea of cultivated ignorance. In a certain sense it is “class warfare”.

Some years ago I ran across a remarkable insight in a book by William Gibson.

In the not to distant future a more experienced older man is commiserating with a young female friend, and explains to her that there’s the rich, and the poor. More of us, than of them. At the boundary between us there’s crime. Rich, Crime, Poor. Never going to change. Even Jesus sez so.

People have appetites, some of which are depraved and demented. If this sort of folk have money and power, they get satisfactions they would lose if they did not maintain their dominance, by any means necessary. This was true even before the idea of survival of the fittest came around to give “scientific” justification to wantonness and greed. Old story. SSDD.

One fun aspect of this whole Rite of Passage is that everyone is the right person, in the right place, at the right time. And, irony is the dress code for the day.

My view of the future is that the war the rich make upon the poor will get worse. Or not. A lot depends upon our sense of humor, and the appreciation of certain kinds of psychological slight of mind. Not hand, mind.

Who is in prison, the guard or the prisoner? Who is richer, the wealthy, or those who live without wealth anyway?

Here’s my view about dealing with SSDD: Don’t protest, have a party. Sure the world is shit, unshit it with a party. Be happy anyway. Oh, and when you realize what a fool you’ve been, believing your government and their owners, welcome to the party of fools. You are in good company.

Plus, there are many many many many many many many more of us, than of them.


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