Future Technology and Magic

Future Technology and Magic


The above link is to a long article I wrote after attending the 3rd Annual Mystery of Technology on-line conference, aka: MysTech. One section was titled: “Andrew Linnell and Florian Sydow – masterpieces of synthesis”. While I have some technical-epistemological issues with readers of a lot of Steiner, I found both their presentations a great service for neophyte Steiner students. The corpus of Steiner’s works is huge, and in great need of folk devoted to those ideas, who take them in, and bring together then, the widely various aspects into a more understandable whole.

If the reader of this can, it would be useful to contact MysTech folk and gain access to the video records. The fee is worth the substance and variety that lives in whole conference. My work above was not so much to review their presentations, but to let my own mind be reactive and additive. I tried to turn my “experience” of the conference into aspects of reality that is seen from the side of the rumored Platonists.

The main presentations on the last day were about clairvoyant/mystical gifts held by the three speakers, and involved folk with “the sight” as the older earth religions use to call these gifts.

The Future is a hard nut to grasp. Steiner told a lot of stories, many in the flavor of “this is unavoidable, so we need now to see our way into the spiritual reality of these coming technological riddles”.

Before I met Steiner through his books, I was as student of the ancient Egyptian Hermetic Science, aka; magic, as taught by Franz Bardon in three remarkable books. As a consequence, as I tried to understand those who were involved deeply in this realm of Steiner thought – “the mystery of technology” – my mind saw connections that otherwise might be missed. For example, I wrote a series of essays – collected in the next link as a whole – where I tried to think my way into the meaning of the four fundamental forces/transformations of modern physics, and their possible relationship with the four classical elements of antiquity: fire, air, water, and earth. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/05/20/letters-about-magic/

What I write next is in the nature of sharing, to provide for those, who might enjoy a visit to some interesting spiritual territory, which many do not even imagine might exist. First I am going to write a bit about interesting ideas in speculative fiction, from the writer Peter Hamilton. Following which I will offer reflections entitled: Red Kachina, Blue Kachina, Tech Kachina More. Whimsy has its place, all the more necessary due to this shared spiritual rite the whole world has embraced: the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/09/27/earth-motherholy-mother-and-the-mystery-rite-of-the-plandemic-pandemonium-reboot/

Peter Hamilton first came to my attention when I read his: Night’s Dawn Trilogy: The Reality Dysfunction; The Neutronium Alchemist; and The Naked God. Hamilton’s conceptions of what he calls bitek, are imaginations of a remarkable goal/idea. Designed organic forms, space stations and space ships grown biologically, and having a kind of consciousness. As well, the human being’s biology can be adjusted, to increase certain capacities, one of which is the “affinity bond”, where human consciousness can interact directly with the “personality” of the bitek.

He winds the plot up quite a bit, when he adds a scenario where some folk in the realm of the dead, can step away from their status, and come to possess a human being. The key element is that up to that time, the civilization in the novels did not know scientifically that the realm of the dead existed, and Hamilton gets to write of the social implications in a society that has many different spiritual points of view, yet events happen that cannot be ignored as certain of the dead flee their particular landscape in the afterlife.

Red Kachina, Blue Kachina, Tech Kachina More.

One day I watched a movie, on my tv, “Moontrap Target Earth”. I seriously studied this artistic masterpiece of prophecy, and ended up writing this long article: “Medicine Woman Is Here”, http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/moon~%21~earth.html

It involves the spiritual journey of a young woman, who has “gifts”, and ends up going to the Moon, to a temple there, and setting in motion a change in the nature of the Moon, such that living plants can now exist there. A beam of light rises vertically from the temple, covers the sky, and it becomes blue with clouds. The reader should read the essay, and see the movie. You choose in what order. Links are provided.

There are two creatures that are involved, who look like robots, one is red, the other blue. As the film was very Southwest America in its roots, I called the robots kachina’s, and conceived of them as spiritual beings, who help and hinder the woman on her journey which very much is about what Steiner called the return of the Moon to the Earth.

While to Steiner this was a future event, my experience is that he had issues with his relationship to the Mother, which disabled his level of vision. Steiner’s ideas of the evil inner earth are false … another story for another time. All the same, She is back already, and spreading wild psychic gifts among the people of the Earth. See again: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/09/27/earth-motherholy-mother-and-the-mystery-rite-of-the-plandemic-pandemonium-reboot/

I’ve added pictures of the Red and Blue Kachinas below, and a third picture as well. The Hopi prophecies speak of these spiritual helpers, but what I write here is my personal vision/version of their meaning.

In accord with Steiner’s world view, the Blue Kachina is the ahrimanic, which opposes the woman’s journey to the Moon. The Red Kachina is the luciferic, which protects her from the ahrimanic Blue Kachina. Keep in mind that this is oversimplification of the film’s themes.

The third picture shows the woman, with the Red Kachina at her side, and she is holding a symbol for the Emerald Tablet, which she inserts in the film, in the forehead/third eye of a statue of Anthroposophia. The joining of the moon magics to the works of anthroposophists needs to happen, if disaster is to be avoided. Emerald Tablet plus Foundation Stone, a natural unity riding in on the coat tails of the Platonists. Or not.

I’ve done my part to suggest that the first technology was fire, and the most mature technology is magic. I’ve pointed out that a study of Franz Bardon enables the student to consciously cultivate relationships with various members of Faerie, who are knowledgeable and wise about all our future riddles. Emerald Tablet and Foundation Stone.

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