Situational Anarchy

Situational Anarchy

Or … how the Mystery sees us …. Choice Makers. Our choices leave a mark on the whole situation of humanity. At the same time, the whole situation leaves its stamp upon us.

Some years ago I read (many times) the Illuminatus Trilogy, written by Shea and Wilson.!_Trilogy

I was often stoned, on purpose, when I read it. At one point reading it gave me headaches and I stopped. I believe many minds could and ought to be blown while stoned and reading these books.

I reference this work, because memory sez there was a character in the novel who taught the arts of situational anarchy. For example, he would go into a posh department store, and find a wall near the woman’s dressing rooms, and put up a small well designed bronze sign, which said in excellent calligraphy: “No spitting on the floor”.

The absurd incongruity between place and idea is thus expressed, with sublimity and flair.

The political radical, Saul Alinsky, was once asked by some students at a Christian college, how might they protest, given their general social environment. He advised them to chew a lot of gum, and leave it everywhere. A nuisance sure, yet a point made without confrontation or potential violence.

Most of us get as part of our world view, some degree of knowledge and experience of all the terrible in the world. Arguments over power and wealth. Religions at cross purposes. What to some is a hoax authored by greed.

Our situational choices are, to the Mystery, a wonder. There is no pre-knowing what any individual spark of the Mystery will choose to do. The Mystery has helped us, as individuals, find ourselves a place in life in which we too can touch and change.

So what the covid-monster is murdering millions. For each of us this situation is lived, not just one day at a time, but one “now” at a time. The Mystery Rite of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot is different for all individuals, given that the real fruit of these experience is that we have the opportunity to create within the reach of the own will.

Ideas are just as important as physical objects. We can hide a gun, and we can hide our hearts. Many of these choices are dangerous, physically and psychologically. All are trans-formative of spirit and soul. All involve the evolution of the personal i-AM to take place through our actions, which only we may judge.

The way we see the world, as ideas&concepts, is ours to generate. The heart’s mind is both private, and a personal garden. We plant the seeds, cultivate the soil, and water the plants. Some of what comes to be in that “there”, we can share.

Some we cannot, and should not. Our choice.

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