Happy Covid Thanksgiving

Happy Covid Thanksgiving

My Lady’s two daughters – one a school teacher in NYC, the other a curator at the Davis Museum, in Wellesley College, near Boston – are coming for thanksgiving. Their significant others are flying to see their parents, in places like Texas.

Getting together with family is important, perhaps even more important now. Still, the question came up for us as regards the wearing of masks, especially when we play our favorite card game (and grandma’s as well – although she died four or five years ago on Christmas Day). So we play “May I” in remembrance, and for the fun, and jokes and laughing.

These are not vain rituals (yes, for some dinner with family is a horror show). Connection is important. Support is important. Time together is important. I am 79, ripe with heart disease issues, and my lady is 67, with her own health issues.

According to the main narrative of worry, anyone, or all of us, could be dead in a year.

I asked my Lady if we were going to wear masks. She knew my views, and asked me to wear one, at least for the card game. Everyone would feel better, and their feelings are important, she suggested.

I declined.

For me the question was less about their feelings (mostly worry that they could be carriers and give the bug to us).

My home is my last realm of resistance, to a terrible crime in progress. If I wear a mask, I consent; and, if I don’t walk the walk, I have no basis for talking the talk.

I do go out to see doctors, if video is not an option. These are annual and semi-annual checkups, for my health is quite stable. I wear a mask then, as I would otherwise be refused care.

My view of the covid-mess is complex. I am, by avocation, a philosopher. Not an academic philosopher, but someone who works out the fundamental questions for themselves. I write books, such as: “Sacramental Thinking” (which is about the method of cognition), and “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything” (which is a product of that method).

I wrote this to sum up my views on our present historical confusion. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/09/27/earth-motherholy-mother-and-the-mystery-rite-of-the-plandemic-pandemonium-reboot/

People tend to think that the spiritual nature of reality is only grasped as a set of beliefs. I do science. Details are above.

If we cast our minds back a decade or so, we have the aftermath of a financial crisis that nearly brought the world to its knees. There are bad actors in the world, who do not care who or what they harm, as long as they can satisfy their own appetites. To the soul-less multinational corporation, human beings are just workers and consumers, as well as cannon fodder for their many wars.

The consequences to the life sphere of the planet, from out of our industrial civilization, are terrifying, and there seems to be no political will to heal the environment. For many of us, life is a grind, of crappy jobs, failed relationships, and broken dreams. The Hopi have a name for this stage of civilization: Life out of balance.

Too much change, too fast. Alarm goes of, we caffeinate and sugar, ride the crowed subway to work, in a cubical matrix full of human drones. We serve the “owners”, but are not served ourselves.

The highways are crowded. The air is polluted, as is the water and our foods and medicines (side-effects anyone?)

I’ve lived through civil rights, sex, drugs and rock’n roll, the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, and John Lennon. Women’s rights. Gay rights. Nixon. Reagan. Bush one and two. The Clintons. Obama, and now Trump.

That song never changes. “Vote for me, the other guy is the cause of all our troubles, and only I know how to fix everything.” Meanwhile, please donot notice how much we lie.

Trump was unexpected. Even he did not expect to win. If you look at the details, he had a lot of luck and good fortune. Washington spoke of Divine Providence as real. Modern materialistic science (all is matter, there is no spirit) sez we are a product of random events.

The effect of Trump was to disable government, just at the moment we most needed sanity, given that the whole world was being told by “experts” that the dreaded boogeyman – “a pandemic” – was upon us full force.

As someone who is a careful and methodical student of “media”, the pandemic narrative came too fast. I am familiar with “marketing” strategies, and this whole “idea of the pandemic” was being driven with obviously well organized and financed “public relations” at work.

For example: A 20 minute video showed up called “the Plandemic”. What was truly curious was how quickly the woman doctor who made it was vilified on social media. Of course, major media was already captured by the juggernaut of the narrative, so that social media was a place less totalitarian.

It was actually the total mass of the attacks on her that drew my attention. Hundreds … to her one. I wanted to know what she said that caused such a response. It took some research and questions, but while Facebook no longer had the video available, other places did.

She gave us the smoking gun, by identifying the patent wars that go on behind the scenes in Big Pharma. The wealth which is at stake is almost beyond measure. She wrote a book: Plague of Corruption, about the upper levels on WHO, the CDC, and the FDA. Those organizations are not to be trusted, anymore than we should trust the governments that fund them, or the corporations that need to control them in order to generate profits.

That is one layer of a seven layer bean dip of social actions and reactions, and science or not.

I see the activity of the Mystery in such events. Even though a lot of bad actors are doing the usual, the fact is that She took the pandemic, and added even more chaos, which I have been naming: Pandemonium. The Earth Mother ~!~!~!~ Holy Mother is what was once called: Divine Providence, there being no random events at all. What She did was take this moment, and use it to stop in its tracks the rush of modern civilization. We fear the loss of the prior order, but our days are now spent on survival skills, and making the best of a bad situation. We have been gifted with time to think, reflect, and reconsider the course of the future. Our environment is cleaner. We discover a need to occupy ourselves beyond the rush of jobs and duties and sterile distractions.

People are helping each other. Both the helped and the helpers gaining spiritual strength.

Meanwhile, major media having become mere infotainment, we get buried under numbers, which any real scientist sees as unjustified (not any real research), and which worry worry worry narrative is actually making folks’ health worse, stress being a major component of why the immune systems of so many are so compromised.

These are at best hints, given the volume of my writings on the covid-confusion. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2020/10/22/covid-confusion/

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