Amicus Curiae

Amicus Curiae

– friend of the Court –

Your honors, and gathered guests, … my name is Joel A. Wendt. I am a: ‘white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.’

This is not a claim of authority. Rather it is a simple fact that one can prove for themselves by becoming familiar with my works. Think of this “background” of mine as the basis for a rather unusual skill set. I talk to trees, and rocks, – All My Relations – and strive carefully to listen quietly to their stories.

An earlier age, in the Judaeo-Christian sense, would call me a prophet. The ancient Persian world, a holy fool. The reality is that every modern human being on the Planet is now their own prophet, and their own holy fool, whether their god is the Mystery or Mammon. In my writings on the ideas of a modern Earth Religion, these contain the view that all of us are shamans in training. All our lives have taken many unexpected course changes, and yet we live. To survive is to shaman, in the use of that term in its most abstract, universal, and, aesthetic sense.

The question before this Court is whether or not the Law can/should declare that if a corporation can be a person before the law, then a Planet can certainly be a person before the Law. The wonderful paradox here is that the Court also has the choice to find that the idea of the corporation being a person before the law is not good law. That idea is a law which has been imposed through fraud and fear. If you are an originalist, you know in your heart that the Founders consider us fools to think that any “thing” not alive can be a living person American citizen.

That the law has done this – holding that a corporation can be a person before the laws – has to be confessed by those who assert that judges are not to create law. After the year two thousand election, judges at that time choose the President. This Court wields enormous real power – which means a grave responsibility rests in this Temple to the Law.

I recently read that the most common religious background for the members of the Court was Catholicism. As part of my presentation, I have listed fourteen books that should be studied. In my writings I call them a kind of gospel of the true second Coming. If these are studied, there is no way, within reason, to not realize that Goddess Natura is real, scientifically real.

Folk of the religion of scientific materialism – who hold that there is no spirit, only matter – their priests should not continue to be believed to have the truth of the real spiritual nature of human beings, and our relationship to the field of experience we all share. Apparently, by their lights, a micro-organism ran amok, toward which they were powerless, and easily defeated by its mysteries. Or, perhaps what truly ran amok was materialistic medical science, which is blind to all matters of the heart.

There are great huge corporate empires, who would oppose this understanding: That the Planet they rape and plunder has a self-conscious sentient internal life of the mind, as do we. At the same time, some of the religious often want to impose their peculiar version of the Mystery on the rest of us. Sure, they preach, there is a God, but my god is the real god. Science and Religion at are war, and the Temple to the Law must apply the arts of wisdom to such riddles.

I am here because I know that such wisdom lives on this Court. I have faith and trust in the Mystery, and He/She/They trust you, or the ebbs and tides of fortune and fate would not have brought you here, to this time and place.

In a certain sense, I can’t imagine that what the Court does will change these facts. The Earth Mother of the ancient pagan Ways, is also the Holy Mother of modern Christianity. We are also the right people in the right place at the right time, to render our personal verdict on these deep Mysteries.

Keep in mind, that this rediscovery of the Holy Nature of the Planet is not arrived at by the gutting of all the works of the religion of unnatural science as regards “matter”. What can happen is that we add to the science of matter, a science of spirit. I use the term “unnatural” to refer to the fact that modern science is entirely quantitative – a science of measure about “things”. Human existence, in all its greatness, is fundamentally qualitative, and can’t be measured or counted.

One of the principles, behind the idea of the Amicus Curiae brief, is that help is to be offered to the Court. We are a friend of the Court. Sometimes rude. Hopefully always honest. And, on occasion, silly.

There once was a Court in a flood, which reeked with deep power or’ blood. When a time for wisdom was woven, the hearts of the Court were those chosen, for the etching of Law with Their Love.

To the shamanistic sense of reality, a song to be felt in the hearts, and repeatedly celebrated: we are all the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

This Idea of Law has deep roots. And mysteries, – such as that pointed to by a dark skinned teacher who said: “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is Gods”. Both/and, not either/or.

The America revolution was fought over who gets to make the Law. Eight bloody years later, “We the People” did the sovereign act of making the Law, on which all other American laws rest. The agreement for all to be bound by the same laws was the heart of our form of government: a democratic constitutional republic. So obvious this fundamental – this agreement that we all subject ourselves to the same rules of law – that it never occurred to the Founders to write the idealism of the unspoken social contract on a piece of paper. Work hard. Play by the rules. Mind your own business.

This submission to the same rule of law is the bit about: render unto Caesar. We need very much to ask ourselves how human is this “rendering”, when multi-national corporations are free to own the world’s land, the world’s wealth, the world’s banks, and the world’s law-making social processes.

Those actions suggest we need to improve upon how we render unto God, for – as was pointed out to me the first day of “law” school – the law is about the least socially acceptable behavior, and has no place for the higher virtues, which belong to the life-sphere of freedom.

This apparent dysfunction is best seen in the idea of “due diligence”. The law here demands that the corporate officers pay more attention to the profits of the shareholders, than to the cost to workers, consumers, or the “environment”. Failure to maximize profits can lead to lawsuits from shareholders.

I point this out because the crucial aspect before the Court is the evolution – or devolution – of the “Law”. In times of such historical crises, such as we now must endure, a return to fundamental questions and ideas is needed. To cling to the past is to force Law into an old age, more and more confused, … and worse: useless.

Some general considerations …

Law is created. There is nothing natural about the Law, for it only governs the activities of human beings. Law cannot create a poem, although the “idea” of the Law can be expressed poetically.

People seek advantage in the Law, for their personal interests. At the same time, divine providence has made it possible for us to grasp the deeper implications, for the future.

The Law is more than the sum of court decisions, legislation, and regulation. The Law is more a process that lives in human hearts. Even if the Law only sets rules for the least acceptable behaviors, there is nothing in Reason to require that the Law must abandon the question of what is right and what is good.

Still, this term/idea “The Law” needs a better appreciation. Consider that The Law is only real when embodied. A hoped for Law is not much help. As is said these days: “It is what it is”. “What goes around comes around”. What Washington called: Divine Providence, the modern person calls “the Universe”, as active in the webs and links of Fate and Fortune.

Then there is This Court of The Law. Pause, and reflect, that “Court” has other nuances, such as the Court of Public Opinion, and the Courts of various countries that still recognize aristocracies of blood. Is there a King and a Queen in this United States Supreme Court of The Law?

How about Reason for King, and Truth for Queen? Perhaps, … with a yin/yang influence, where the core inside of reason is truth and the core inside of truth is reason.

Sometimes a duality needs more than the polar conditions. Sometimes there needs to be a bridge, as it were. I nominate the Laws of Evidence for this bridge, which also in effect unites them. For the uninitiated who might read this, the Laws of Evidence determine by what rules of logic/reason may we conclude that the evidence offered is the truth.

There is an elegance and beauty in those “rules”, much alike to the elegance and beauty of pure mathematics. There is also a very earthly aspect, given that it is human beings who give most of the evidence. Human beings may try to hide the truth, or obscure the facts. Human motives enter in, and it is the Laws of Evidence that help the Court separate the wheat from the chaff.

Where judgments of a certain kind need be made, as to the veracity of those offering testimony, the Spirit of the Law has placed a “jury of our peers”.

All modern laws have a past. Efforts to build the Temple of the Law have not always succeeded. A corporation is not a person, and this court has no business determining who is to be the president.

Still, the weavings of providence have evolved to this point in human history. The United States Supreme Court of the Law is effectually The Law itself. The Law is not abstract ideas, but the human impulses to truth, reason, fairness, and justice.

It is not so important that this Court rules one way or another, as it is that the Court Hear the Question, and consider the reason and truth that if a Corporation can be a person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a person before the Law.

There is an idea in the Laws of Evidence, that the thing speaks for itself. We need only look and see. It is what it is. No proof is necessary.

The reasons we don’t believe the Planet has Its Own sentient self-consciousness are many. Just like we are the right person etc., She is the Right Planet, in the right place at the right time.

Among Her gifts is our freedom to choose whether or not to see Her. Ask, seek, and knock, He said.

They – the Mystery – speak all the time. Rogue Weather. Climate Change. Breath. Gravity. Death. Birth. The Four Horsemen. Fate and Fortune. And the greatest miracle, our own spark of sentient self-consciousness.

Proof is unnecessary. Look around you. Wherever you look is looking back at you in adoration.

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