the word/work of Dr. Tom Cowan

Regarding the long story, that showed up on the Anthroposophy face book page, attacking the word/work of Dr. Tom Cowan … this story is not trustworthy, for reasons I’ll try to keep simple and much shorter than what was sent.

For starters, it is a major logical/empirical error, not made better by constant repetition, to lean on the word of a RS, who never edited his lectures, all of which were transcribed. This approach is very “religious” in nature for who can argue with the thoughts of a dead man known as the “great initiate”, and his far too many true believers, pretending to be scholars of his work. Preaching to the already convinced is not science.

The writer of this screed seems to not know Dr. Cowan’s works, but only the video, which then is dissected as if Dr. Cowan’s life’s work – to bring about major advancements in the science of medicine – as inspired by Steiner, doesn’t exist. For example, while Steiner pointed out that heart is not pump, Dr. Cowan – in his book “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart” – shows how modern understanding, of the fluid dynamic movements of liquids in tubes, proves Steiner’s indication.

This first link is to a collection of articles I’ve written on the “Covid” riddle, at the end of which are listed six books that must be read, and understood, if one wants to argue with Dr. Cowan’s scientific studies.

As to the Medical Section, … they have clearly been ducking the fundamental issue, which is the logical problems with the Idea of a “germ” causing disease. Swept up in the hysteria, even the anthroposophical doctors have not presented a unified point of view. Dornach caved during WWII, as did the Roman Church. Social pressure will find human weakness, and make a fear driven tale into the truth, even if it is not.

For RS, trying to illuminate the spiritual nature of tiny biological entities, and the alleged atoms and molecules that made them up, required of him many circumlocutions, such as saying from one point of view, that the atom/electron – flowing electricity – is evil. Then elsewhere, it is good

In Spiritual Science and Medicine, RS points out that the proliferation of micro-organisms is just another symptom of the illness/imbalance. If the “context” – the whole human organism – is disharmonious, small organisms will thrive in suitable regions of the biological environment. The erroneous thinking is that if we observe a field full of happy cows, this means that they are the cause of the ripe environment, when we obviously realize that cannot be the case.

As to 5G … Read the first 70 pages of The Invisible Rainbow, and deal with that evidence, rather than take potshots from the sidelines, with no skin in the game. Without going into details of my spiritual research, one aspect of the presence of this phenomena is that the electrical condition of space itself is order producing. Electricity holds stuff together.

When we free this quality from where it otherwise resides, we increase the level of order-principle present, and this field-density increase is, for the biological, anti-organic, or as RS puts its: Modern science only knows death forces.

In The Invisible Rainbow it is described that early in the fascination with electricity, gatherings were held in order to join in a circle and let this “whatever” flow through all. This curiosity to know
“current” directly, passed, once sensitive folk started bleeding from the nose, and/or fainting.

This list is not the right venue for this discussion. Someone needs to have the sense to video the “experts” showing their wares. A single good question is worth a thousand of those pictures, which themselves tower over a thousand words.

I’m available. Want to talk face to face?

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