Madness, and the Metamorphose of a Civilization

Madness, and the Metamorphose of a Civilization

Most of the institutions – of present societies all over the world – are in failure mode. What is happening is not understood, so various leaders will make mistakes trying to deal with the accumulating chaos. Those who are kings, presidents, popes, dictators, etc., will increase their efforts at control, lacking the education and wisdom to appreciate that what is happening cannot be controlled.

Some, who view history in a certain light, have blamed “religion” for much that was terrible in the past. This is not entirely unreasonable, from a certain point of view, yet remains a weak analysis and reflection on the course of history over the millennia. Partly this point of view of religious social causality arises, because with the coming of the “scientific age”, the idea was promoted that science would avoid the errors of religion.

The mistake, among scientists in particular, was to fail to notice that scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) is itself “religious”. It is belief system, and hides its “beliefs” in the idea of “theories”. A theory is just another “story”, just as all religions are filled with “stories”. I am not suggesting that the age of science is “wrong”. For the evolution of human consciousness it is an essential stage of development. We are where we are supposed to be. All of us, in fact.

At the same time, scientific materialism fails to know the whole truth, such that many of its theories regarding illness, whether social or individual, lack a key element. Let me give some concrete examples of the nature of the personal and social madness with which we now flirt.

One of the major social institutions, which I have studied for years, is “Media”. In some of my works on a science of the social, I have written that Media is the heart of the heart of the social organism. It connects. It defines. It reveals, and it hides. It is living, given that all the major components are human beings.

It is also deeply corrupted by money and power – in the present. In America’s founding, freedom of speech and of the press was seen as a crucial necessity. When the technology of television arose, everything changed.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, a story about a war in India might take weeks to become a tale in an American newspaper. Last night I saw a story about rain and mud floods in California, immediately the day of the event. Some further historical background may be helpful for what it teaches.

When television grew into its powers in the l950’s, it was understood that the “airwaves” were the property of the people. Their use by corporations, already known for their hungers and excesses, required they be “licensed”. Restraints were put in place over how many stations could be owned by any single company, as at that time we were familiar with the tendency of wealth to try to “monopolize” their ownership of all that they could lay their hands on. As well, our “government” insisted that each station, radio or television, had to have at least an hour a day that was uninfluenced by commercial interests, and be completely devoted to serving the public good.

Viewing habits came into existence, such that national TV networks devoted a half hour to News every evening, and left another half hour open to use by local television News. We became familiar with the newsreaders, and had our favorites. The News profession held itself to certain standards of truth and service. We trusted them to tell us the matters that were real. Investigative reporters were well paid, and found much that was hidden and needed to be exposed.

Luminaries, such as Walter Cronkite, and Edward R. Morrow, defied the efforts of government to assert its agendas via the News. Morrow challenged McCarthy, and Cronkite laid waste to the insanities of the Vietnam War.

Television also changed the nature of politics itself. With the Kennedy-Nixon debates, it became clear that elections would now become very different. Wealth became even more crucial, if one was seeking office, because while the Media might cover such a debate for free, the Networks also sell commercial time to the office seekers, and their political party bosses.

Today millions of dollars are required to run for office, nationally, state-wise, and even local in some instances. A modern congressman, who is elected to a two year term, spends half his/her time chasing money for their next election cycle. In fact, this pursuit begins the day after election, when years before electioneering waited a while to trap us into its vortex of confusing ideas about what was going on, and what could be done about it.

Both the political class, and the wealthy class, saw advantage in ruling the Media narrative. Where once news was about information, it changed to become infotainment. The news hour of national and local information became a source of prime access to an audience, and the commercials sold during that hour commanded high prices. Truth in advertising defaulted to “public relations”, which makes an art of lying.

Keep in mind that America is a relatively “free” society. Where in the world there were more controlling and authoritative governments, Media was more and more simply a place where the powerful only let their story be available. In America, this too became the case, when Karl Rove took all social riddles before government and made them political. Hard to imagine the oxycodone crisis actually being faced, when the whole interlocking system put the “politics” of the issue/question front and center.

Media was co-opted to serve wealth and power, and not the ordinary citizen, as the founders had envisioned with hope. Into this trend came the Internet. There was no center anymore, for knowledge the public needed. No place for social truth.

Major Media was competitive. Today’s national news reader makes several million dollars a year. Each network sought to capture as much of the audience as it could, for the commercial wealth possible. “Breaking News” was a common banner for each show, and the tendency to hype a situation, in order to capture the audience, predominated. The truth about our lives became irrelevant.

People noticed this. From the early years, our artists reminded us that the TV was becoming a vast wasteland of cultural pretense. For many, however, this evening of entertainment, with its comedies, continuing dramas, and variety hours, actually served a role that most critics didn’t see.

Here we get to a core observation.

The human being has limited physical and mental resources. Most people’s work life is tiring, even exhausting. For many, such as office workers, the mind was required to serve the corporations need. At the end of a long day folk needed to shut down. TV entertainments gave pleasure without demanding more of one’s forces of soul and spirit. Coming home, opening a beer, kicking back in a comfortable chair, relaxes body and mind.

Among all these efforts at control, by the wealthy and powerful, there was another more rebellious spirit: Artists. Rock ‘n Roll, jazz, hip hop, … long list of individuals saying truth to each other, at whatever the cost.

As advertising based television was overtaken by subscription programming sources, such as HBO and its brothers and sisters, the arts found a freedom denied where advertising commerce had once reigned. Boundaries regular TV could not cross, regarding sex, violence, and anti-government sentiments, disappeared, while the streaming Media gave us what we needed. Reality via art.

Oddly, and understandably, as these sources proliferated, each person became able to define their own informational and emotional “input”. We were free to see the world the way we wanted to see it, and find in TV sources – and internet – support for those views.

What appeared to be true broke into a million shards of complex mirrors.

With the pandemic, Media became hysterical, in its drive for viewers. Politicians went insane trying to control the narrative for their particular benefit, while not really knowing anything other than what the News did, … which was that experts, trained in scientific materialism, were saying over and over again: be afraid, be really afraid.

We should not hope at all, at least as regards the “plague”, that the public is being given any reliable information. To someone with any true scientific sense, the numbers of cases and deaths are all wrong.

Cases are based upon the use of a device to detect tiny parts of virus, which is only a relative of the current fantasy monster. Where the truth circles, mostly out of sight, these instruments give about 90% false positives. Almost all deaths in hospitals are assigned to the Covid-bug, even though no autopsies are being performed.

The factors related to stress, sensitivity (such as gluten allergies), and will to live, are ignored, … given materialistic medicines’ need to ignore spirit and soul aspects in favor of entirely assumed purely matter based causes.

From “science” to Media to politicians … a plague of madness and ignorance reigns. How can the public not go mad as well.

In the realm of Spirit and Soul: aka Faerie, among the Fae the devolution of civilization into a world-wide madhouse has meaning. This confusion has purpose, especially when we move our focus from the general social realities, to the individual’s own biography.

Faerie has four gates: Life and Death; Waking and Sleeping; Sanity and Madness; and Remembering and Forgetting. These experiences for each of us are a “threshold” experience, a sensing of the boundary between spirit and matter. That boundary is normal, although in the present situation more to the fore-front of our experience. Attend to your dreams. Wisdom is being offered there.

The future is being born from the bottom up, instead of the top down. Trust yourself. “find the path to the future, through the gateways of the past”

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