The Mystery of the “Covid Plague” in the Light of the Primal Paradox

The Mystery of the “Covid Plague” in the Light of the Primal Paradox

Almost a decade ago, when I was finishing up my book: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything”, whose subtitle was: “A challenge to the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang, by offering A Theory of God and its details as a fully accurate and realistic Theory of Everything” [1] … I wrote a second book to deal with the broader – and more intimate aspects – of the nature of evil: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount” [2].

There I laid out the primal paradox this way: “ … a central aspect of the mystery of evil is the primal paradox … from the point of view of the “others”, now is already perfection, and the only ones learning on the job are those beings we call: human, whose nature it is to be displeased, with the whole gift of life, existence, feeling, thinking, dreaming,”

By “others” I meant to refer to the Divine Mystery. Where we see evil, They see Mystery-immature (us), churning through the trials of self-development over many lifetimes.

In our incompleteness we are dissatisfied. We need/want change. As an aspect of that orientation we Judge, instead of Judge Not.

A bit of history for context …

Millennia ago the world was filled with polytheistic religions. Those views were born in a long ago when before, where we human folk lived among what are now “invisibles”, such as gods and goddesses on a macro scale, and on a micro scale: the little people – such as gnomes and other elemental beings. From these experiences came all the Great Myths of humanity.

Polytheism gave way to three major paternalistic monotheisms, which we know today as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (not three religions, one) [3]. A male God only, and he-they-it could only be known via the relevant priesthood. On a certain level this was about social power.

During the rise of these three “religions”, “Western” Civilization was born.

The “purpose” of this civilization was to serve as a developmental “field” for the growth into maturity of “individuals”. As described in the Art of God, this was all directed to create biographical situations for each incarnating spirit to forge its own path and individual karma.

We were not divine, but fallen, said the priests.

As this spiritual knowledge of reality passed into the mists of time, there arose another religion: scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit – we are animals, born into a world that does not care about us, and destined to live only one life … a purposeful and necessary illusion.

In the Art of God I explained how, as regards the geological record, if viewed as a whole, it could be seen as a long sequence of metamorphosis on a planetary scale. One “field” of life, dying into another, just as a caterpillar becomes butterfly, except that the so-called material planet is actually a Cosmic Being, known and remembered in aboriginal Ways as the Mother.

Direct knowledge of the Divine (gnosis) was supplanted by faith. [4].

Not entirely forgotten, however. In such Ways, as Quabbalah, Sufism, and Alchemy, direct knowing was preserved.

Scientific materialism was necessary, because the female hearts-mind would recoil from what we have ended up doing to Nature and ourselves. The idea that behind the sense world was active self-aware sentient consciousness had to fade away. The more ancient connection – communion-with – gave way to dominion-over.

With the Covid plague, the material way of seeing reached the end of its utility. Materialism lacks wisdom. A civilization without wisdom dies.

That is where we are today – dying into a new becoming. The primal paradox remains. If science included spirit, there would be no contagion, no “bug”/thing of matter causing illness. The point of illness and death is seen in an entirely different way if spirit is included.

At the same time, the reason for all this chaos is for the opportunities it offers to individual biographies to face trials (mostly moral in nature) of self-development. The outer “social” world falls into chaos, with the gift that each is on their own, although there are general features to the trials. Such as: Mask, or no mask. Vaccine or no vaccine.

In Her role as Divine Providence, the Holy Mother – Earth Mother [5] blesses the divine in the human being with opportunity for spiritual growth and self understanding. John the Baptist said this: the One coming after me, I am not even capable of carrying His Sandals. Where I baptize you in the waters of redemption, His coming will baptist us all in Fire and Holy Breath.

This is an outer fire of life troubles, woven into an inner potential to create, out of ourselves, a wiser spiritual-self. Inwardly we can choose, and in the choosing what is meaning and what is moral out of our own being, we meet Him, as friend and helper. We are not alone.

We are both One and Many. Divine and Individual.






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