Social Forms are Alive, yet Dying and Becoming at this Threshold Moment

Social Forms are Alive, yet Dying and Becoming at this Threshold Moment

The turmoil everywhere in the world is orderly, in the sense that the living is orderly. It is also wild and free, in that the living is also wild and free. The future hasn’t happened yet, and while transformative involutions are observable, at their leading edge – where humans make choices – we enter the yet to be known.

An involution is a kind of turning inside out. If these process were only physical/material, the inside becoming the outside might well look disgusting, dysfunctional, and ugly. Given that the physical/material has a spiritual and soul-lawful inside, truth, beauty, and goodness can still play their role.

What is newly born, may look odd like a newborn baby, yet over time it grows into a fully capable human being. The “stuff” of social forms is a collective of human beings, and while we observe the degeneration of our present day social organizations, new life-giving spirit-forces are being awoken.

An over-ripe example is the social form we in America call: the two-party system.

For some time now, our public life has been degenerating. We observe this in the gridlock in the Legislative Branch. Nothing that needs desperately to get done, gets done. As a result the People do not get what they need, while the egregorial multinational corporations win all the prizes, such as seen in the vast money in the government’s budget given to the military-industrial-intelligence complex.

The Legislative Branch has become a market place. A bill that starts out with a righteous purpose, soon become encrusted with the barnacles of special interests, each sucking on the life of the Ship of State. The need for free health care – which most modern nations enjoy – never comes, for its heart always dies in committee.

It is a worthy poetic expression to see what is happening in the Republican Party – once something old and venerated – being feasted upon by maggots, laid by the flies that always gather around the dying. A living process of a sort, for the bits that are left, can be turned into something far different than the once was.

Karl Rove created an intellectual – without heart – system of political power. Via his association with the fundamentalist and evangelical churches (forms also in decay), he formed a religious power base that elected Bush II to the Presidency twice (with a little help from a corrupted by politics Supreme Court).

To that he added the dread “talking points” – the same lies distributed daily to Fox Noise, and the professional sycophants in talk radio.

Meanwhile, the Republicans moved to the edges of the far right, with the election of congressman and senators, whose only apparent virtue was their rabid emotional appeal to our worst impulses. The Democrats were no better, when Bill Clinton was successful in moving them just to the right of center, stealing issues usually common to Republicans.

Both Parties have aging establishments – folk elected over and over again. Biden is one of these creatures. These Parties also engage in fake presidential primary struggles, which mostly weed out any sensible person who wants to run for office.

The Press joins in the cacophony of stupid, by focusing on minor character flaws, over sound policy discussions. Media loves a wicked story, over any discussion of the real needs of the People.

The growing cancer metastasizes, and the out of control pus-like environment spawns the seeds of Trumpism. Be selfish. Ignore the social contract. At all costs, do not be a healthy part of the whole of the social body.

Pay no attention to the first words of the Constitution: “We the People …”.

It seems terrible, yet, something more powerful is at work. The Spirit is with us, even tho’ we no longer believe. The Holy Mother – Earth Mother, aka: Divine Providence lays a plague upon the whole world, stopping our lemming-like rush over the cliffs of ignorant arrogance – and civilization, as it was, grinds to a halt.

Life becomes primal. Food and water and shelter slip away. The worst of industrial medicine makes us more ill, while trying to make us well. A materialistic medicine (all is matter, there is no spirit) goes into failure mode, as do most other major institutions, such as Media, Churches, and Governments.

We are dying from a fantasy of spiritless medicine, when what we really need to notice is that our air, our water, our food, our soil, our medicines, and our systems of banking and education are toxic to human life.

When we want to think about the living, Nature is our best teacher. When Her forests need new growth, She burns them to ash, and the ash fertilizes the soil. When our plains and river courses need nutrients – which they don’t get because we have tried to tame our rivers – She raises the waters into flood.

When we play with dangerous substances, She shows how fragile their temples are, and wrecks them with earthquake and tsunami.

We might well ask, why? We suffer and die from Her actions, do we not? Ah, She sings, you have forgotten you are immortal spirits … that karma and reincarnation are real. When you die, I catch you, and hold you dear until the next time you willing seek the school of hard knocks and shared pain, that are the hallmarks of earth-existence.

Isolated now, masked and social distancing, we receive the gift of a time of reflection. All over the world, egregious governments now face the fact that their people no longer are passive, and everywhere rising up in revolt.

The News-Media continue not to notice the living flow of events, focusing on the most immediate and extreme details. Sure, Trump is out of office, and the Republicans end up – as they should – at war with each other. Each office seeking egotist trying to carve out media territory for themselves, via the red-meat speeches of more and more extremism.

The Democrats are in office. All the same, burdened with their own history/habits of compromise and lack of courage under fire. Fine speeches do not put food on the table, or provide jobs and housing at a living wage.

Both Parties still suck at the teat of money, never pausing to question whether or not free market capitalism is the ponzi scheme of ponzi schemes. The large churches demand the right to tell everyone else to follow their moral code, or face jail.

Yet …. yes, yes, yet …. in the places of one to one contacts, people are slipping the chains of manufactured divisions, and finding that everyone, of whatever religious or political persuasion is suffering.

The singers know we need to be together. The wise know it is time to stop having protests, and throw a party instead. Break bread with each other They sing. Notice what you share, not your differences. All face illnesses, loss of jobs, divorces, ungrateful children, parents in need of care, bosses who are petty tyrants, and too many taxes, with far too few real benefits.

Out of many, one … or so it is written on our coin. All the great ills, from racism on, are not to be solved by laws, except … the laws we create out of our own heart’s mind. – One to one.

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