The “Real” Long Con

The “Real” Long Con

Many people, certain of their trust in governments and corporations, attack folk who justifiably do not share that conviction. Among those, who have an attitude of disbelief, are people associated with the social-political class of Americans many miss-name by labeling them: the Trump Voter.

Trump resisted the Covid-23*** Narrative, more by habit than serious thought. He likes to have his own Narrative, and modeled “behaviors-rebellious” for folk who distrust “liberals”, and “intellectuals”.

Odd isn’t it though, that liberals see Trump as a con man, and pay no attention to what might be good instincts on his part. Did a con-man intuitively see a con in action?

Religious-Right leaders want to violate the distancing and mask rules. Preachers are also similar to con-men, and they too would instinctively recognized they were right to resist the Narrative, even though they could not deal with the insistence of superior knowing, claimed by the priests of science … another group filled with con-men (cold-fusion; god particles; quantum mechanics).

Then there are the self-con-jobs we do to our own lives.

There are professions that take advantage of our human weaknesses in order to provide profit for their employers. Even “liberals” have wanted schools to teach young people how to see through the lies and bullshit called “advertising”, “commercials”, and “public relations”.

There are biological processes which can teach us a lot. One of which is the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly. The former creates the chrysalis, inside of which the pevious “form” disappears, and all the cells become exactly alike. Only after this chaos is created, does the new form appear. We call this metamorphosis.

The caterpillar dies, but the life element continues … as potential.

Now, radically change the scale … seven billion caterpillars, needing to be free of the former order, in order to become … to go on the next step of their journey.

The level of chaos has to reach the fundamental realm where we – as individuals – “understand/know” the world of existence. Our attachment to the what-is-past thought, whether from culture/language/religion/”science” etc., has to be let go, so that we as individuals can consciously form our own world view.

This effort grows something in each individual, that cannot grow without the needed personal effort to distinguish truth from falsity, and good from evil.

Scientific materialism – all is matter, there is no spirit – is the Long Con of the Holy Mother [1]. She freed us from direct knowing of the spirit, enclosed us inside our own being, and generated a social work of art no human has ever conceived possible.

***Covid-23 is my name for the Narrative, which I want to distinguish from the actual “thing”. This Narrative was/is all over the place, as can be clear to anyone paying attention to details. “Experts” did not agree as to what was going on, and how best to react to the danger the Narrative insisted was coming at us head on. Politicians trusting “experts” went fifty different ways all over the world. Some appear to have worked better than others. Meanwhile the Media anointed certain “experts” as better than other “experts”. Any “expert” seriously questioning the Narrative was soon buried under an avalanche of op-ed articles in major news papers. Meanwhile, over in social media, the attacks on the “heretics” were vicious and false and made so much noise it was hard to find a tread of truth upon which to rely.

Fear was a fire, that became a problem all on its own … even though in American culture we have Roosevelt’s “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”. If one did not conform to the “rules”, they were considered sources of dangerous and deadly contagion.

The Narrative spoke of super-spreaders, and other explanations for dense concentrations of the “outbreak”. The Narrative ignored the fact that most of the symptomatic, and ultimately hospitalized, were elderly folk living in nursing homes. The Narrative only allowed for made up facts, which served keeping the fear level high, and justified its own existence. The contrary views never reach major Media.

In a very real sense, it makes no difference what the underlying science will actually prove, for the point on the pandemic is to bring each individual biography into the stage where it receives Christ’s Fire and Holy Breath.

The Fire is the crisis in each individual biography, and the Holy Breath is the aid we are given when we, ourselves, generate self-made moral responses. When we “choose”, our will is aided by the Mystery, in as fashion so quiet we hardly notice that assistance. Details are in my book “the Way of the Fool” [2]


[2] “The Way of the Fool”

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