Post-Plague Distress Syndrome

Post-Plague Distress Syndrome

From the point of view of Franz Bardon’s Hermetic Science, aka: magic, what happens next – in civilization – can be aided by understanding the secrets of the four elements.

Near the beginning of the Covid-Confusion, I wrote this about the flu, and how to take care of this toxin-cleansing trial.

Vaccinations do not cure the flu. We will continue to have this massive world-wide toxic-cleansing for some time. Vaccines seek to kill a tiny tiny organism, whose appearance is just another symptom of the need for detoxification from the poisons (pollution) in our soil, our air, our water, our food, and our medicines (side-effects).

In addition, at the social level, our systems of banking and education are also toxic. For the first, we are producers, consumers, and cannon fodder for the many endless wars, the war industries need. For the second, we are taught in school the religion of scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit).

While we wait, in lock-downs and isolation, we have gained some time, away from the rush to work, to buy, and to pay taxes. For students of Rudolf Steiner, some of this time is spent in meditation.

Some of that meditation-time can include exercises based on the nature of the four elements. Listed they are: akasha or causal sphere, fire or sphere of the will, air or sphere of the intellect, water, or the sphere of feeling, and earth or the sphere of consciousness.

This field of consciousness actually circles around to join with the akasha, thus the ancient representation of the dragon eating its own tail. It is also a unity – nowhere separate.

When sitting still we can focus our attention on the skin felt aspect of consciousness. In the article above, preparing the body for learning “pore-breathing” of the “light”, is described.

We use the imagination (the light we generate) to picture the universal light streaming in and out of the body through the pores. We will soon notice that our attention wanders. A noise, an itch, a twinge of pain, the feeling of weight, colors, smells and so forth.

Practicing the pore-breathing of the light (in it was life and the life was the light of the world) can be aided by working with this total field of consciousness, by moving the attention into particular zones of the whole field.

The symbol for fire / will is an equilateral triangle pointing upward. If we shift our attention to the head and senses region of the field of consciousness, we can also feel this fire nature, as warmth. This quality, and the ones immediately below, can also be aided by the imaginative faculty.

The symbol for air / intellect is a fire triangle with a horizontal line, and in our field of consciousness the zone is the chest, the lungs and heart, up to the neck, while the feeling is one of lightness.

The symbol for water / feeling is a triangle pointed downward. The organs are the bowels, milt, gall, liver and stomach to midriff, while the feeling is coolness.

The symbol for consciousness is a downward triangle with a horizontal line through its middle. The organs are feet to thighs, rump-bone, and genitals, while the feeling is one of gravity.

The primary polarity is warmth and coolness, while lightness and gravity – or weight, are a secondary polarity.

In a like fashion, it is possible to experience from within the field of the own consciousness, the seven chakras: the regions or zones of consciousness that we can notice with our mobile imaginative attention are: 1 genitals, 2 bowels, 3 stomach, 4 liver, 5 lungs, 6 heart, 7 larynx, and 8 head.

Consider these eight zones as notes, and the traditional chakras as the interval in between each note, of which there are seven.

The above is offered to the meditating scholar as a means to begin to appreciate that knowledge of the elements, within and without, can be very useful.

The first book is “Initiation Into Hermetics”, and consists of detailed instructions for acquiring, maintaining, and improving, these qualities of self observation. It is possible to download a pdf form, and thus have no need for the actually book, unless you like books to hold in your hands. A pdf opened in a browser is searchable, so owning both book and pdf file has several virtues.

Some will wonder about “magical powers” given the legends. A lot of what we already do is in play, as it were. We do stuff, for which we don’t know the more ancient names.

When breathing in the light, we are working with the vital or life forces direction. When moving on from that, the work allows learning of the accumulation, and exhaling of, the elements, which creates a kind of power reserve in the blood and the seed.

Given that everything existing has the akasha and/or consciousness aspects, the quality of the vital or life forces, and the quality of the accumulation of the elements, can take on thoughts, which thoughts then direct the movement of the electro-magnetic (fire-water polarity) fluids toward our goals.

This is already happening, we just yet remain asleep as to the dynamics from the point of view of magic, or Hermetic Science.

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