Practical Pagan and Zen Anthroposophy

Practical Pagan and Zen Anthroposophy

In the American Soul a kind of spiritual battle took place, over recent centuries. The native aboriginal folk had cycles of wisdom and confusion. Sometimes one set of spiritual conceptions warred with “others”. The Hopi Prophecy is woven into an oral history that remembers Atlantis. It was a memory&wisdom, which can be read about here: “From the Beginning of Life to the Day of Purification.”

It predicts the arrival of a white race that would claim the land as their own. Today many races, religions, philosophies, sciences, and political theories – feed on and feed in, to the total mix of American Culture.

At the same time the Spirit of the Land repelled other elemental beings. from different regions of the earth, that tried to follow immigrating peoples. Steiner’s idea was that America was a place that races and civilizations go to die. Out of many, one. He didn’t see the people here that belonged to, and where the stewards of the Land.

The Land said No to that which knew it/him/her not. Meanwhile the cries for justice for native peoples, tribes, and nations, grow stronger. The blood of the past haunts America. Metals and minerals cover the Land, but in truth only a small part.

The mosaic of modern American Culture has been fertilized with Materialistic Science from central Europe, and from the East a garden of Ways, ancient works, living teachers, modest intentions. See for example: “Zen Anthroposophy”

On the Land then, a carnival of needs&deeds. Covid-Chaos. Fleeing women and children. Public life at sea. Evidence of the Day of Purification, evoking a plague, an economic collapse, scarcity, and poverty. Outside – in the physical world.

In the soul-world, another war, for dominance of what it all means. Yet, deeper inside, in the spirit-world, individuals burn with an on-fire want for individual freedom.

The phenomena we call: “climate change”, which is abstract numbers, suggests we look to the rogue weather. Most any sane person sees this as increasing. Having lost the ideas of gods&goddesses, we don’t ensoul the natural world, and this mistake then blinds us to the handwriting on the wall.

Change your Ways, human beings, or destruction will follow.

Cities are becoming more and more unlivable. Our agricultural regions produce foods without much life in them. The wild lands are war zones, where common sense is undercut by corporate greed and folly.

America needs its own migration, from the cities, to the farms, and then to the wilds. The Land hungers for our stewardship, and if we do not attend to today’s wise needs, rogue weather will seem like a butterfly kiss as to what comes next.

I created two Facebook forums, which I will admin. “The Ark II: pagan and zen anthroposophy”

I want this to be a forum where people, who mix and match their spiritual striving, yet know something of Steiner, can share stories from their lives, as the Day of Purification continues.

I also created this: “the traveler ethos”

where folk on the move can share their stories of falling out of the middle class, into more dire circumstances. Staying where we were, not an option.

You’re welcome.

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