Necromancy at Cern

Necromancy at Cern

Recent headline: FORBES.COM“The Big Theoretical Physics Problem At The Center Of The ‘Muon g-2’ Puzzle” From the first words of the article: “It’s a huge win for experimental physics. Time for theory to catch up.”

If we re-insoul the world of “things”, what kind of challenge can be made regarding modern experimental and theoretical physics.

Does a “muon g-2” tell a tale?

Scientific Materialism has a back-story. It not only passed the tests prior to emanation&friends, this Creature was intended to pull a veil over the hearts of human beings. Steiner calls it the Ahrimanic Deception and I like the romance in the words: the Ahrimanic Enchantment.

If you think on it, poetically, we lost our connection to Faerie and the Fae. We had to dis-en-soul the world in order to sink into its materiality, and lose for a time, the cultural memories and tales of the true long ago when before, and its Shamballahs lurking in the “future”.
Moody Blues “Forever Now”.

What does the Hermetic Science of Ancient Egypt have to share about Now? Recall RS linked the third and fifth epochs, in abstract symbols on a page and sounds in the air.

A more precise and personal tale has me first coming to Franz Bardon, then to Rudolf Steiner, and thus to Valentin Tomberg. My Bardon studies of “magic” got sidelined 1978, when I met Steiner through his books on epistemology, and his students working Goethean Science.

Egypt’s Moon Wisdom (the goddess is real) – in my soul, gets consumed by a revelation in scientific thought, inspired and modeled by a sage who wandered a place, looking into caves with his remarkable clairvoyance, before a building, a fire, a poisoning, becomes the ashes in which the Phoenix version of Anthroposophia (the imagination freeing itself from the bonds of materialism) shines with an old light and a new.

My transit, from the Elder Moon Wisdom, to the new Sun Wisdom, does not remove that Elder science from relevancy now. It is an older “truth”, a Way of seeing “magic”, and is today enabling a meeting with the world of Faerie and the Fae, on a fully scientifically path.

The Enchantment is held together by powers, mostly belief, … and nuance that thought by adding that this is a personal relationship. For this rite of re-ensoulment, you are priest and poet, lover, mage, and fool.

Materialistic Necromancy arises because science is always looking at dead “things”. Cern is a carnival-whirl – a wheel of mysterious ideas … out there at the edge of Ideas, and through the Enchantment “science” led to, and down, the Rabbit Hole.

In Hauschka’s book we meet the “idea” that the “chemistry” of taking water, and using electrical or chemical forces to break water into to pieces, … this “process” kills something, which is not a thing, … but rather “living”. Hydrogen and Oxygen are corpse material.

Following the momentum of the Enchantment, our urge to know (scientifically) uses blunt force to Nature’s domain&secrets via dominion-over, having forgotten communion-with.

Once the elements in the table of elements, with its musical structures, is torn from its unity, a lifeless thing in parts, we end up with a whole library of anti-life tools, with their own poetry. Take the word Nuclear, for example.

In school we are shown pictures and drawings, basically abstractions, and taught that the world is made of these tiny orbiting smallest bits, and if we give the scientific wizards more money, they might even create a “nuclear” (elemental force) weapon that’s use tears holes in the veil between Faerie and the Fae.

Meanwhile, They dance by moonlight in life forces budding in fields of grains

Modern Astronomy will never learn to truly see itself in human thought, until it re-ensouls the realm of its imagination.

In Cern, corpse material – beyond the imagination, is thrown around in a magic circle in which technology is worshiped. In these ideas a devil lurks, who blinds us from the actual truth.

I am 80, and have a roomful of interesting books, many read over and over. I also have some objects tending to be of the color black, and with magic buttons well understood I can travel the world and see whatever I want. Make friends in strange places.

My desk is my altar. At its center, a Dell laptop. To right and left two TV sized monitors …. magic sights and sounds … I can even talk to one, Alexa, please shuffle my banjo bebop playlist.

Further to the left a large (4’x8’) window with an intimate view of the Forest this property abuts. I call my physical body Lazy Bear. Big, fat, easiest way is the best way, and give me lots of room in which to lounge – an office chair, and a motored recliner. The recliner use to belong to my Lady’s mother, who died in it, on a Christmas, at age 96.

For Lazy Bear the easiest way to be at one with the NknOW (reason he sits still a lot, and hibernates) is to use an intoxicant. When LB is intoxicated, White Eagle opens his wings, and plays with bits of dark on empty white pages.

A paragraph of sentences. Words in sentences and paragraphs. Letters in words. Power in Ideas.

Blind power&wealth-mad folk, blunder about the life sphere, armed with anti-life.

There is a fable of someone flying too near the sun. Sorrow and loss follows. All over the world, anti-life centers poison the life sphere. Oddly, or magically, She – the Sphere, and He – the Life, have no trouble taking “Western” scientific materialism, and removing it from the Forest of His/Her-Story, dissolved in legend, with the wonderful romantic name-divine-destruction: Atlantis.

The path to the future is in the gate ways of the past – < { as above, and so below is also linear in time } < – as after, and so before

each day a rite, a sacred labyrinth, at the end of which, there waits the final maze, before surrendering to Morpheus – waking&sleeping

My eldest son called yesterday, and his stories included waking up in the middle of the night, and having a hard time going back to sleep.

I referred him to Bardon’s Step II, in Initiation into Hermetics, where he describes the art of autosuggestion. There is a kind of dialogue at that threshold between the unconsciousness, and the consciousness. The former is easily disturbing, especially when our own lazy bear wants to not be moving about. So white eagle creates a phrase, an aphorism self-designed. In the nature of a present reality, in an imperative form. True. Perhaps we feel down, troubles riding the seas of awakeness. We compose something on the order of “I am success”. Just repeat it over and over again in our inner wording. If, for example, someone is self-identified as a “survivor”, when we think our personal mantra/tantra, we might include that virtue, as well as others, already realized.

This forms a kind of shield in the mental life, keeping away from us unwanted thoughts. Repetition helps, and Bardon even suggests a physical aid, in the form of a string of beads, that our hand can use to count the times we fail, and have to pull ourselves back.

The future is what we make. Who is the true prisoner, the prisoner or the guard?

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