what is military?

An eight letter word, whose meaning – like many words – varies with context. I was in the military (USAFA). Eisenhower’s military industrial complex is now best labeled, the military industrial intelligence complex. “Full military” is a name used in the American Air Force to denote greatly increasing the jet engines power by adding fuel directly to the hot compressed gases that controlled-fuel created.

This part of the engine is called the “after-burner”. A plane, like an F-105 – an air combat fighter, can go almost straight up on after-burner. Of course this huge use of fuel has consequences, … fuel tanks gets empty faster. The range on regular speeds is considerably shortened.

When I was in the USAFA, I got to fly a F-102, delta-winged air defense jet, “full military”. It was called a popup maneuver, which enabled the fighter to attack incoming Russian bombers.

There were two engines, side by side. Inside two seats, a trainer, with me in the front seat, but “he” takes me through rolls, and turns, just to get a feel, and the “he” sez: go full military, and my right hand grab’s the throttles and carefully increases thrust, through the sound barrier, going up at a sixty degree angel, and if “armed”, open a closed bay in the streamlined bottom of the fighter, inside of which were rocket, meant to blow the crap out of something or/and someone.

We needed to go from 60’000 feet to 100,000 feet in seconds, in order to fire a shot further up at a moving target that we hope the self-guided bomb would hit.

In ordinary usage, say in the time of so many feudal estates having their own “military”, it can be a synonym for “armies”.

To me, having been in the “military” at the USAFA, I was a volunteer in the United States Air Force (used to be called: the “army air corp” – the movies make heroes of “military” personal), … this biographical event took place from 1959 to 1965, although only the first half was “active duty”, the rest in “the reserve”. Karmically (marriage and kids player a role), I was able to avoid my “number coming up” in that racist draft, where ego’s – as big and proud as Texas – sent “their” armies into senseless bloody combat, which if we buy Steiner’s “theories”, all those folks volunteer for that life they lived, leaving some to wonder about God’s Insanity.

“Speeding through the universe … thinking is the only way to travel” Moody Blues …

The implication is that this hell on earth is intended somehow, but that thought is based upon a flawed argument as to the nature of spiritual causality.

This errant view comes from the mind’s (intellect’s) bias toward linear time. What we experience as rate of change over time, in the sense of the our biological lives, is obliterated every night, or moment of “sleep”.
The fact of our losing consciousness is telling. Those who find ways to “astral travel” -(speeding through the universe), … are partially awake, but bring with them this need for internal linear time, in which to take stock.
For the “spirit”, in the sense of the conscious i(eye), pure simultaneity (NOW) is timeless and spaceless. Been there, very wonderful – poet self calls this “being in the all surround everywhere-when.”

Very intense “moments” can be had. Went there one moment, when I saw/knew that Steiner’s end of century re-incarnation had been my friend, Harvey Bornfield, ordinary dude, had kith and kin, we sat together looking at the natural Sphinx in Prescott Arizona, chatting. We had met on the Ark, where the actual Culmination happened/began/was experienced.

The American Ruins, of the crashing of the Ark discussion group, lives on in lives still with us. For example, my current book-becoming is in the form of a diary. I am a writer. I must write, or I cannot breathe, so much noise tho’, in the places where words congregate, need for speed causing a pile-up on the one-ten in LaLa land.

The ‘diary’ is mostly intoxicated ramblings from an 80 year old white-privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic.

The “subject” of the diary is the second coming of Christ. Six “volunteers” had/have some interesting bits of letters on a page, fairy dust for the imagination i.e. writers. R. Steiner, V. Tomberg, F. Bardon (all near in the realm of the dead, should we understand how to follow, and perhaps pester such ancient ones. They wrote to be read.

Three living, Americans, keepers of the Ark-Ruins – the blessing of adding pagan to the idea of anthroposophy – writers who have some tales to tell about this “second coming”.

MYSELF, of course. Does God have armies? Do the armies have magicians and mystics in service. Sorat, an all seeing eye, a power behind a ring, yet – in the eyes of some – lacking approval.

If, in your self understanding, you take on the shield and sword of Michael, and do battle with the armies of demons, and their share of the dead, down-to-earth … in some kind of war Heaven couldn’t (or wouldn’t) resolve, their ca ca rains on the just and the unjust.

In the chaos of the timeless and spaceless, even the god’s have no clue about what’s next. What would it mean to go full military in a Michaelic Way? My experience is that if we eat the words of our favorite writers in a careless Way, then there are consequences personal.

Emerson, a bridge between the aged mind of central Europe, and the child in America, urged that we do not put our own spirit in orbit around another mind. Read books for inspiration, and trust yourself more, …


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