With Fear Comes Hopelessness, with hopelessness comes Apathy, and following apathy … Despair of the Spirit.

With Fear Comes Hopelessness, with hopelessness comes Apathy, and following apathy … Despair of the Spirit.

The war over the Meaning of the Clovid-19 Event is the war over the future of humanity.

Recently I have had occasion to point toward the many falsehoods in the major Narrative, which has been presented to us by those who feed on our suffering.

The outrageously rich, and their legions of maniacal sidekicks the multinational corporations, aided and abetted in a heartless fashion by armies of well paid lawyers, lying public relations hacks, and dangerously experimental biologists, … these rich have raised the stakes, what with knowingly promoting false promises as regards the health of the ordinary people of the world.

The words: “Crimes Against Humanity” hardly begin to cover the suffering imposed in the name of profits, status, and wealth.

In the darkest parts of the Underworld, something waits for those who choose to be “inhumane”. The afterlife is real, and in certain circumstances exactly and scientifically as advertised. Hell, Purgatory, … eternal flames of punishment for our “sins”.

The process is simple, for Christ went there on a Saturday, to that world of the Dead. Why? Because, as captured in the Pieta, She catches us, calms our fears, yet reminds us of our life. Not in a judgmental way at all. A mirror of truth of who we were, in that latest life.

Initiation, sainthood, genius, satori, mastery, martyrdom, … as we face the mirror, we are not alone, just as we are not alone in life. Still, our choices, and we will have to judge ourselves in the End.

“There is no fate, but what we make”, sez Sarah Conner in the Terminator movies.

Among Rudolf Steiner folk, whether members or just friends of the Anthroposophical Society, is there something that could be done to serve the next phase of humanity’s development?

Seers see patterns, as much as static spiritual factoids. In my seeing, I notice a possibility, made all the more crucial because of how hard it will be. Most of us know this, either instinctively, or through experience. Doing the Good, the True, and the Beautiful is never easy. We have to step outside our own habits and patterns, and face the future on its terms, not on the basis of how we wish it would be.

This possibility I see is that there can be a reunification of exoteric and esoteric Christianity. Yet, the hard actions mean that the esoteric folk must wash the feet of the exoteric folk. Dornach is not that far from Rome, and it is all downhill.

Obviously there will those who are afraid of such work. Rome and Dornach are both locked in institutional prisons. The laity, of both kinds of spiritual practice (Faith and Gnosis) [1], can choose to meet anyway, not really needing any authority than their own conscience.

Tomberg built a bridge, with his writings that followed his joining the Catholic Church, at Rudolf Steiner’s request. I’ve been building a few others [2], since Christ asked me to join the Church, when I was living at the foot of Mt. Shasta, in 1986.

Around 2011 I wrote this: “Saving the Catholic (universal&christian) Religion from the failing institutional Roman Church – through deepening our understanding of the Third Fatima Prophecy” [3]

Through Steiner’s science of knowing (GA-2 and GA-4), was then birthed Goethean Science, which establishes scientifically the nature of the relationship between spirit and matter. These are modern gifts of the Magi, and belong to the religious all the world over.

Imagine the tools in those works, and in Waldorf, and Bio-dynamics and their kin, in the on the ground hands of “Catholics” all over the world who are trying to deal with the ongoing collapse of civilization.

Rudolf Steiner did not lead us to these gifts, for us to keep to ourselves. We are gates, each one on the threshold of the experience of the ethereal Christ, living in our own heart’s mind.

Steiner is the John the Baptist figure of the Second Coming of Christ, … the voice crying in the wilderness of scientific materialism. Who are we who would follow him?

The idea of the Second Coming is to many an expectation of a physical embodiment. Showing this is not the case is possible, but not without social resistance, requiring Michaelic courage and community building skills.

My guess is that the hardest act will be to stand with those who know the truths about the Plague, and its aftermath, which all are now experiencing. Not to say Dornach should take an “official position”, but rather that each individual is needed to carry some of the weight of helping create a human and humane spiritual vision for present day humanity.

When Christ, in the John Gospel, is quoted as saying: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”, this is a literal statement. Where there is Truth, there the Divine manifests Itself.

This is not political matter, although politicians will have their pocket-hooks all over it. Rather, it is a human matter. It is about the dreams of children, and the nature of the social world that is to be born from these days of more and more social chaos.

What say the Aboriginal Peoples of the Americas: “We must base our actions on the consequences which will come unto the seventh generation from our time.”

Trust the Mystery, as regards the Big Picture. She&He are everywhere/when. Still, they leave us free within the reach of our own will, clearly trusting us.

Yet, is this to be hard? The reality is that we are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time. We are also not alone – the Mystery is All. What is asked of us? Simple: Be yourself. Invent yourself. Be magic dancing with poetry, once again as little children.

“When the white eagle of the North is flying overhead
And the browns, reds and golds of autumn lie in the gutter dead
Remember then the summer birds with wings of fire flaming
Come to witness springs new hope, born of leaves decaying
And as new life will come from death

Love will come at leisure
Love of love, love of life and giving without measure
Gives in return a wondrous yearn for promise almost seen
Live hand in hand and together we’ll stand
On the threshold of a dream” [Moody Blues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1IkAyT_R2w&ab_channel=EssentialDegnities ]

[1] In 2004, I was 63, and started a fast to lose weight. I also started having visions about ten days in, and the fast lasted for 45 days. I took notes. Then , in the following year I wrote this: “the Way of the Fool – the conscious development of our human character, and the future* of Christianity – both to be born out of the natural union of Faith and Gnosis” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/twotf.html

[2] In 2008, Epiphany actually, I was initiated into the Mysteries of the Mother. I was 67. Over the Christmas season of 2009-10, I was visited by the Lesser and Greater Guardians. I was 69. In the next few years I wrote a great deal, one of the more important works being: “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”. In that book, which is essentially a spiritual social science text, I took the “religious” question, reformatted it as a theory, and then set it before the reader’s judgment on whether or not that theory more accurately explained real human life, than did the basic theories of scientific materialism, such as big bang cosmology, and Darwinian evolution. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/artofgod.html

[3] This work was written in the next couple of years. The day I finished it, and posted it to my website, I was walking down my driveway to mail a Netflix DVD. The driveway at that end is feasted with trees and such, and as I walked toward them, from both sides squirrels erupted, dancing and cavorting, chirping and jumping over and around each other. A river, sixty or more, stopped me in my tracks. Lasted about two minutes. I had the idea that maybe what I had written pleased Her. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/SavingCatholicReligion.html

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