From the book: “The Contagion Myth”

From the book: “The Contagion Myth”


preface xi

introduction xv

Part 1: Exposing the Germ Theory

Chapter 1: Contagion: The ping-pong ball, and the wall; Koch’s postulates; River’s postulates; Louis Pasteur and how he cheated. p-1

Chapter 2: Electricity and Disease: Early electrical experiments; global electrification and influenza; world-wide radio and the Spanish flu; the Spanish flu was not contagious; cell phones and increased death; 5G implementation and the spread of Covid-19; symptoms of electrical sensitivity; evidence of harm from millimeter wave technology. p-9

Chapter 3: Pandemics: Comets and the Black Death; insect poisons and environmental toxins; Dr. Charles Campbell solves the riddle of smallpox; bats against mosquitoes; Robert Koch on TB and how he cheated; Dr. Weston Price’s observations on TB; polio and DDT; vaccine-induced paralysis; Native American diseases; Stefan Lanka and the measles virus. p-21

Chapter 4: From AIDS to Covid: From the War on Cancer to the war on AIDS; AZT for AIDS patients; outbreak of Covid in Wuhan; Chinese research does not find a virus. p-45

Chapter 5: Testing Scam: The Alice in Wonderland world of coronavirus testing; the story of Stephan Lanka; the failed hunt for the coronavirus; the PCR test versus the gold standard: antibody testing. p-55

Chapter 6: Exosomes: Louis Pasteur and the contagion theory; social Darwinism; microscopes and germs; exosomes are viruses; fear and stress produce exosomes; nature a cooperative venture. p-67

Chapter 7: Resonance: Virology and the fork in the road; the nature of life; the discovery of resonance; resonance and childhood diseases; resonance and evolution. p-73

Part 2: What causes disease?

Chapter 8: Water: The work of Gerald Pollack and Gilbert Ling; the four phases of water; water and electrical processes in the cell; the characteristics of life-giving water. p-81

Chapter 9: Food: Vegetable oils; animal fats and cell membrane integrity; 5G and niacin depletion; the displacing of foods of modern commerce; plant-based diets; raw milk; bone brother, fermented foods; salt; the microwave oven. p-89

Chapter 10: Toxins: Toxins in the ancient world; modern toxins; toxins in food; modern drugs; glyphosate and biofuels; aluminum age; toxins in vaccines. p-99

Chapter 11: Mind, Body, and the Role of Fear: The most widespread and pervasive toxin of the modern age; creating our world out of our consciousness; how fear and lies lead to illness. p-107

Part 3: Choices

Chapter 12: Questioning Covid: The numbers—Is Covid underestimated or overestimated?; alarming symptoms; treatment; masks; social distancing; 5G and the appearance of contagion. p-113

Chapter 13: A Vaccine for Covid-19: Jenner and the smallpox vaccine; Pasteur and the rabies vaccine; the doctrine of immunity; making modern vaccines; problems with the vaccine; a new etiquette: cleaning up electro-smog. p-125

Chapter 14: 5G and the Future of Humanity: What is man?; 5G and the future of the Earth. p-137

Epilogue p-141

Appendix A: Water p-145

Appendix B: Bio-geometry and EMF mitigation p-149

Appendix C: What to eat? p-153

Addendum p-158

Endnotes p-163

Acknowledgments p-182

Other Books by Authors p-183

Index p-184 to 194

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