Liviu Plesoianu wrote a book: “The Real Great Reset”.

Liviu Plesoianu wrote a book: “The Real Great Reset”. “The lighter the human, the heavier the System. The less conscious the humans are, the more tyrannical the System will become.”

He advertised it on the Anthroposophy Facebook page, and alleged a deep understanding of Anthroposophy. I noted his age – 43 or so, and remarked that I had been an anthroposophist” from before he was born. He replied: we are all anthroposophists before we are born.

I immediately bought his book, and loaded it into my Kindle. I am having a difficult time reading it. I went to the end of the book (a virtue of Kindle) and found no bibliography, or index. There is also no contents page.

The text consists of 500 sections of his analysis of what is wrong with the world, and how to fix it. It is very repetitive. Many of the ideas for solutions are quite idealistic, and seem to come down to awakening human beings to their own true nature as human brings. This awakening would require the kind of knowledge of how it is that the “the System” rules us, and that it – the System – is designed to react to keep us in its thrall. We see the System, and that seeing will lead to changes in the System as we awaken.

There are three levels of human beings involved. There is us, and above us the folk we identify as the masters, their being publicly known. The true Masters of the masters are “invisible”, unknown. He does seem to reference – vaguely in what I actually read – the existence of occult spiritual brotherhoods.

If certain assumptions are true, it is a remarkable book, although as a writer I felt it lacked a much needed aesthetic. I saw no evidence he knew much about the anthroposophy I know. The anthroposophy of the threefold social order, of Goethean science, of Waldorf, of Steiner’s science of knowing.

Many of us eventually find out how much our biases and assumptions generate misperceptions and misconceptions. The world of experience is a mirror of what lives inside us. The author sees a System designed to keep us prisoners, and lost to the truth of ourselves. As an idealist, there is a best or better human nature, which does not exist now, and he knows what it is.

In my experience of the science of knowing, this is a type of thinking I call “comparative”, or “discriminatory”: for example, “this is better than that”. This type of thinking tends to follow the arising of antipathetic feelings. Sympathy engenders “associative” thinking. “This is like that.”

The transmission of Anthroposophy, in most circles of Steiner-said fans, is laced with references to “evil”. Seeing evil in the “other” is a failure to practice “judge not”. A common failure. Yet, everyone “sees” Lucifer, Ahriman, Sorath, Azuras, and their human foils, and that they are behind every act witch/which the seer sees as evil.

These are features of reality, waiting for us to learn to love, and redeem the “other” in our own thought, … only then will we will to see.

Whatever aspect of evil – we see in the world – is at the same time: “She has the whole world in His Hands”. In Shaman School (1) the big lesson is to realize that if something “is”, it has been approved by the Mystery. The quality, then to manifest, is to learn to see/read the Signs on the Wall. We are surrounded with teachers, and trials, and lessons and portents.

Everyone is the right person, in the right place, at the right time. For our politician, playing in that cauldron of artifice, I suggest he read a lot of Owen Barfield – and friends (2), and then get back to us.

World events are secondary effects of the need of billions of human beings (and a few truly strange “others”) to have in their individual biography an opportunity to come to the experience of what Steiner called “the consciousness soul” defined in Theosophy this way: By causing the self-existent true and good to come to life in his inner being, the human being raises himself above the mere sentient-soul.

A light is kindled in her, which is imperishable. In so far as the soul lives in this light, she is a participant in the eternal. With the eternal she unites her own existence. What the soul carries within herself of the true and the good is immortal in her. Let us call that which shines forth in the soul as eternal, the consciousness soul.

Keep in mind that during the Age of the Sentient Soul, no one needed to know this “name” in order to experience in their biography the relevant trials and lessons.

The best evidence is found in the Arts, film, tv, rock, reggae, hip hop and the like. In the Arts we find the human heart unbound. Try “One Step Into the Night”. (3)

A little from the Gospels can help as well. “I come not to bring peace but a sword. I am to set son against father … master against slave, etc etc.” John the Baptist said, … the One coming after me … He will Baptize us all in Fire and Holy Breath.

I was taught, in the Dreaming, that the individual human being’s sense of truth, forged in the trials of life, is that sword. Where we are, They are.

Try to hold your breath. You can’t do it. That is Him, the vital power of life, as in “In It (the Word) was the Life and the Life is the Light of the World”

Try to lay down without falling over. That’s Her, … gravity. In my youth I climbed a cottonwood tree, about 25 feet up, egged on by my friends. A limb broke, I fell. On the way down I hit a lower limb of odd design, short thick branch, becoming dozens of individual tiny branches. It broke my fall. I did not have a scratch.

All the ancient Earth Religions see in the Tree the teaching of the Many, the Mother. Some in the light, and some in the dark. As below, so above etc.

I hope, mostly, that the author reads this and understands an elder speaks here. Make what use of these words you can. You don’t know everything, not by a long shot. You want to lead, start by learning something new everyday.

I also urge the author to make here no argument. You are certainly able to do video, should you wish. Back and forth here if you need to defend, just don’t expect me to play in that version of the Internet Sandbox.

Here’s the logic riddle of knowledge, … four questions: Do you know everything? Which as greater, what you know or what you do not know? Is it possible to take from the realm of what you don’t know, and add it to what you do know, improving what you already thought? And, last but essential: Are you willing to learn? (4)

(1) “Familiar Spirits, and the Education of a Shaman”




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