Business Proposal

Business Proposal

[seeking “partners” – of various ordinations – in my law firm: ]

When a civilization undergoes metamorphosis, there are certain underlying features, worthy of noting each time such events reveal themselves. For most folk this is lived one day, … nay … one moment, at a “time”.

The lame common adjective in news media these day, describing some event as historical, does not do justice to our Age, which the future will describe as mythical, … a time of mysteries, of wars in heaven, and the fall of angels.

If we narrow and focus our view, we might find ourselves caught up in the Mystery Rite of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot. If we notice our newest associates, we might find something more personal. Not just a hunger to know the truth, but to use the Law, at its best, to lay waste to egregorial corporate cultures.

Let us not forget the Forgotten Founders, the aboriginal peoples of the Americas, … especially their honest gratitude to the Spirit in Nature, which had them seeing their role as stewards and caretakers of the Life Bounty of the Mother.

With “Western” civilization dying into a new becoming, the necessary intermediate state of social chaos – an aspect of a living social organism whose scale is planet-wide – makes possible fundamental re-examinations of the Idea of Law.

I wrote very early on, as Covid-23x madness erupted into the “social”, that the lawyers were going to have a lot of fun, all these “experts” having tell their tall tales in a court of law, sworn to tell the truth, and subject to cross examination and impeachment.

Americans are litigious. There exist armies of lawyers salivating to engender class action law suits.

These armies will need expert services of an unusual kind. The path-breaker has earned wisdom, and pausing a while, helping the construction of the counter-Narrative becomes a needed art.

We face a huge publicity machine. Ruled by Titans of Industry. Was there a “plot”? Well, yes and no, and the real conspirators have mythic names, Mother and Son, She who has the Whole World in His Hands.

Modern medicine is flawed. It is more religion than it is science. There is only “matter” in that Myth, … no “spirit” at all.

Industrial civilization taints everything with a savage unrepentant rust. It knows more about death than it does about life. Citified people die in the wilderness … away from conveniences.

A lever to move a world …

file law suits on behalf of the Planet, as a living being as worthy of person-hood before the law as is a corporation.

The science to prove that Nature has a self-aware sentient conscious exists. A properly done vor dire of any materialistic expert exposes a heartless center. Just ask them to explain the differences between science (reason/truth), art (imagination/beauty), and religion (devotion/goodness).

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