Surviving the Great Plague – with the Kindness of Strangers

Surviving the Great Plague

– with the Kindness of Strangers –

Is it a crime against humanity to intentionally create a false fear of death, through mere physical or air-born contact with another person, in order to gain wealth and power? Is it a crime against one’s own personal sanity to trust governments, major media, and large corporations, who have done nothing but lie for generations?

Is it crime against logic to believe the media, which prefers the hysterical to the truth? Is it a crime against art to believe the Mystery is so perverse as to kill and endanger billions of Their own children? Is it crime against morality to insist that the “not-vaccinated” must be turned into something, or someone, unclean?

Fear makes people stupid. Irrational fear makes people crazy. Whatever is going on, if we can’t walk the path of this Trial together, we don’t deserve to survive it.

Trust yourself, and each other. In a time of such Trials as this, we are all in need of the kindness of strangers. Sometime we will be helpers, sometime we need help. This will oscillate, … the kind of rough justice we can expect that comes with a crisis of “Biblical” proportions.

Institutions lacking flexibility will break. The Aftermath to the Covid-23x Event is where the most crucial acts take place. How do we treat each other? Do we carry a deadly disease, or are we just one more victim of the greed and appetites of the wealthy and powerful?

WWI, the great Depression, WWII, the Vietnam War, the endless wars in the middle-East, … these were not brought to us by folk who cared for others. They are not acts of kindness.

Is it an act of kindness to forgive these crimes anyway? Is it an act of kindness if it is easy, rather than difficult – to so forgive?

Will humanity be closer four or five years from now? Or, will our wills to be set aside, in favor of more madness than the Earth-Mother ~!~ Holy Mother is willing to tolerate? Will “Western” civilization, and scientific materialism, bring the Legends that buried Atlantis beneath the waves into Play, so as to sweep the sandbox clean of the unkind and the kind alike?

Does not the Life Sphere of the Planet need a rest from our abuse? Does not the living Planet need “kindness” as well?

In the time of the Kindness of Strangers, what powers of soul will flourish?

We only have today, … in fact … only the Now, in which to choose the kindness of forgiveness.

Will the vaccinated forgive the not-vaccinated? Will the not-vaccinated forgive the vaccinated? Will both forgive the greedy and powerful?

I do not believe there are any “right” answers to such questions. That we each need to choose who we will be, that is the existential trial of our Age.

I shot a flower into the air, it swam with a poem, I know not where.
A birth was seeded, in the world of thought, doing battle against a torture of “knots”. A joke emerged, and all the gods laughed, as we fell into Faerie, the software of stars. We blunder in shadow to grasp the Plague’s lesson, spirits wounded by the eternal dark-liar. Words escape, seeking a page to fly-bye, and the full moon of May sings delight in my sigh.

Beware the Id of Anthroposophy. Shadows dream-walk as many minds bow before the altar of Steiner-said. Other’s bow before the fake magnificence of unnatural science, being so worried by fear of death … as to abandon faith in life.

The war for truth – the life-forged light of each individual’s heart’s mind, ,,, no peace, He said … just that sword. There is a Create&Nurture-Impulse. Everyone is a hero – a survivor, a shaman and a poet. WE Are Groot. ***

***this bit o’ cosmic whimsy, is brought to you by the law of iwegodlovechaos

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