Anthroposophical Wanderings

Anthroposophical Wanderings

I’ve been watching a TV show called: “Clarice’, whose main character is the female FBI agent in: “The Silence of the Lambs”. It has been out a while and I assumed watching it would involve “serial killer” of the week stories.

I was wrong. It is a meditation on the powers of large industries (Big Pharma in this case} to bury their errors behind a wall of lawyers, and their ability to compromise officers in the FBI, as well as other government institutions.

I recommend it, unless you are squeamish. The stories are complex, as are the characters.

As I watched I wondered how the various characters could be so callous, even depraved in some cases. It then occurred to me to remember that since about the late 19th Century, the dominant religion (unnatural science) kicked god out of the equations of life.

When you raise whole populations to believe there is only one life, and that’s your chance to enjoy what there is of it, in a culture in which “religion” is pretty much one of the causes of a lot of the awful, … that freedom from social restraint makes room for a lot of wealth and power to accumulate around the baser appetites of our nature. Jeffry Epstein and friends are a case in point.

It is possible today to be sad, and/or angry, by what a lot of governments and corporations do, or do not do. In fact, it is often very hard not to feel such.

For example, I can’t watch the evening News, or read the level of uninformed conviction about the Covid madness, and not scream, just to keep my head from exploding (metaphorically).

I also feel powerless. I feel sympathy with all the suffering (what Steiner referred to when he said that one aspect of the Fifth Epoch, was preparing for the Sixth, where we will be unable to not* feel this empathetic connection), … yet can barely handle what is on my plate. *[ … even for the demented and terrible?]

On occasion, I’ve thought that Steiner must have experienced all manner of explode your head and heart feelings, just when having to face what was in the media of his time that was so filled with lies and hate.

My Lady asks me sometimes why I yell at the News, … I’ve had various answers, but the best is that in living in the world of pure ideas, untruth is experienced like fingernails on the blackboard. Pain, disharmony, overpowering, …. you can’t not hear it.

I suspect we all feel that in our individual ways, for reasons that are personal, and private. No need to justify them.

Then I remember the simple way Alcoholics Anonymous deals with this: “Let go, let God.”

Still, …. yes, I can let God, but that doesn’t mean to not feel. Feeling is important. Feeling is a kind of spiritual perception. Feeling is participation. However … how far … can I love and understand Trump and Putin and Epstein …

My experience is not about actually succeeding at that level of love, but rather that the effort to feel the inside – of the life path – of folks I don’t yet understand, is well worth the trouble.

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