Herding Cats

Understanding our time, from a spiritual/anthroposophical point of view, does not require a quote from Steiner. It does require clear thinking about the actual phenomena – keeping in mind that just like there can be a readable Book of Nature, so can there be a readable Book of the Social/Political World.

Some phenomena:

Much hysteria is manifesting in Media these days, regarding America having reached 600,000 deaths due to Covid. This comes with the assertions that the only way to save us from worse consequences is to vaccinate everyone.

The current population of the US of A is 333 million. 2.8 million generally die annually in America, at its present population level. 600,000 represents .01% of the 333 million. In the 1918 “flu epidemic”, (figures vary) any where from .48 to .81 percent of Americans died. That’s at least a rate fifty times greater then our present.

It is lie to not put the figure 600,000 deaths in its actual context. It is an egregious lie not to admit this, while demanding more vaccinations is the key to saving people from an oversold from the beginning “Event”.

Like good detective stories, finding the Why means following the Money. Is there a Con-Job here? Big Pharma, our own government, and the Major Media are all practiced liars.

I believe a lot of people know this instinctively – that we are being lied to by all the players with some wealth and/or power to gain. This suggests it is not about herd immunity, but about herd con-ability. When your fear has driven you into a “group”, the social pressure to “believe” is high, just like any “cult”.

Plus, the want to avoid admitting we were fools enough, to once more be sold a worthless story. The herd saves face, by never facing the truth that is out there.

Yes, people are dying. More than usual?

Yes, hospitals and care-givers are at their limits. Just keep in mind that a hospital is a business … its core mission is to make a profit. Cutting costs is a major way businesses profit, which suggest that the failure is not due to our health system being overwhelmed, as much as it is due to multinational corporations not giving us the right capacity level in the first place, because the cost-benefit ratios on the bottom line remain favorable.

Death just being another cost.

Its like the corporation that saves money by buying an older oil tanker, thinking the risks can be easily absorbed.

Medicine is also joined at the hip to the insurance business. Need we think more?

In my view, what we need to work on now is how to transition from the Age of the Big Lie, and an Age where the Truth Matters. Such an “Event”, as this dying and becoming of “Western” civilization, is likely to have an interesting “Aftermath”.

Want to be in a herd, or think for yourself?


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