bio-terrorism vs human cultural growth

The Grandmother War

bio-terrorism vs human cultural growth

We are all Brothers and Sisters, on Trial by Fate,

yet Each and All Bearing the same Wounds

From the heart’s mind of someone refusing to be vaccinated, a riddle: What would Rudolf Steiner do? Take a jab or two or three, … or not?

If I were to try to gather the spiritual treads of the ongoing world wide “Covid-19 Event”, the idea of a Shared Rite for all of humanity is central. In a certain sense, this Rite is meant to offer to all human beings, an opportunity to commune-with our own dark.

This cannot happen without the world being a place of strife and conflict. The Rite is individualized, and is a core aspect of each personal biography. The tendency to Judge others will produce social friction. He, of She has the whole world in His Hands, is baptizing all in Fire and Holy Breath.

There is a religious war, but not in the way we usually think. The religion at war with humanity is scientific materialism. We also worry about “technology” running away with our future, in some fashion or another.

Hard to admit, yet essential to confess: We are all being traumatized. From a certain point of view, we are all being Crowned with Thorns, for what is attacked is our gift-potential of self-determining what is true.

The curious bit is that each individual is to have the right to form their own point of view. We, as individuals, have to make – via our own heart’s mind – a thought confrontation in the seas of the Official Narrative. Is it true? If it isn’t, what is happening? The hard part has to do with our choices of actions in the shared social life.

As is usual, the endlessly hungry rich and powerful want us fighting each other, while not realizing just who is truly terrorizing who. The “owners” need us to believe their neighbor is more of a life-threat that all the poisons in our water, air, soil, food, medicines, and the socially dangerous inhuman forms of “schooling”.

We are fast raising children who will lose a healthy-hopeful appreciation of the future. The Official Narrative darkens their dreams, a trauma inexcusable for societies that believe they are “civilized”.

Below is some personal wrestling with … what to do when you know the Official Narrative is mostly an intentional lie?

My Lady, who for a long time didn’t want to listen to my “conspiracy” theories, started to wake up, and the theory she found most disturbing is that Fort Dix, an American bio-weapon development facility, created a special animal-based micro-organism, which was then shipped to a laboratory in Wuhan China … from where it either escaped, or was let lose.

She also currently suspects that the reason the vaccines came out so fast, was that primary research on their nature had been done already. The world’s craziest people, wearing white coats and getting paid to develop bio-weapons, … i.e. Mad Scientists, made the disease, and the “cure” at the same time.

From my side of things, it is the Ideas in the Narrative, that are the most dangerous aspects of the weapon. Ideas about Health and Illness and Death. I also know that this whole terrible individual-trials scenario was/is being sculpted by “She who has the whole world in His Hands”.

The human material-biological nature/future is being attacked. As are our ideas of who and what we are. Are we just some kind of tenuous accidental organism, incapable of dealing with the chemical-biological aspects of life, such that a mere “bug/germ/virus” can get loose, endangering us all?

Meanwhile, Mother Nature Herself is far wiser and more powerful. Her counter – at the level of the microscopic – is magic mushrooms and weed. Plant substances that grow nearly anywhere, and have multiple uses. Her Medicine for our psycho-spiritual traumatic passage in this Age.

Some people see this next as a joke: to require of all our leaders a timeless rite of drug intoxicated passage through their own psyche, before they can even run for office. Keep in mind that the deepest Earth Religions have already beneficially explored the territory.

My view is that the bio-terrorism – psychological level – of the Covid-19 attack, can be not just stopped, but also reverse-engineered at a social level. The bad guys overplayed their hand, which for them is a chain which binds them to us, instead of them binding us to them.

Consider this conspiracy idea: the new vaccines have trace mineral elements that will react to electric and magnetic fields. The human body is being intentionally dishonored, rather then adored for the miracle which it clearly is to any sane person.

What follows is details, which I hope will be of service ….

It is easy to argue that we – the unvaccinated – should do what is asked. A prime conception, sold to all those who trust “authorities”, is the need for “herd immunity”. Yet, if you just Google those words, you get this on the first page:

In most cases, herd immunity is not achieved without an effective vaccine. For COVID-19, the percentage of the population that needs to be infected to achieve herd immunity is estimated to be between 70% and 90%, and this is assuming lasting immunity is possible.” “Needs to be infected”????

Herd immunity (also called herd effect, community immunity, population immunity, or mass immunity) is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that can occur with some diseases when a sufficient percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, whether through vaccination or previous infections,[1] thereby reducing the likelihood of infection for individuals who lack immunity.[2][3][4] Immune individuals are unlikely to contribute to disease transmission, disrupting chains of infection, which stops or slows the spread of disease” Wikipedia

If you are, as am I, a reader of scientific literature, you have become aware of what I call “wiggle room”, in the way “facts” are presented and organized: “between 70% and 90%”, is a lot of wiggle room. Then there is the first phrase: “In most cases, herd immunity is not achieved without an effective vaccine.”; “indirect protection”; and, “Immune individuals are unlikely”.

More wiggle room … and especially important given that we are now being told vaccinated people can still be infectious. If we are kind, among those who understand philosophy of science necessities there is clearly a lot of speculation going on. If we are less kind, we get into stuff RS said about “The Karma of Untruthfulness”.

The Official Narrative seems more of a theory of what might be true, rather than what is actually happening, or going to happen. Conspiracy theory fans, aka: people who don’t trust government, corporations, or major news media, … such fans used the word Hoax, from the beginning.

Let’s consider such an idea in a non-judgmental fashion …

Hoax implies a conscious intention to deceive, usually for the purpose of gaining wealth and power … Bernie Madoff comes to mind. A recent event, 9/11, was seen by many to be something done by insiders in the world of governments, and business. Counter arguments have been made over the idea that if this attack on America was stage-managed, far too many people had to be involved; and, how does that large a group keep such a big secret?

Well, … they didn’t keep it secret, they just controlled enough of the media to keep knowledgeable doctors and scientists from presenting their alternative findings to the public.

If we are familiar with the movie: “The Sting”, we become aware of the arts involved in such kinds of deception. It is a “confidence” game, in which it is not just us having confidence in them, so much as their having/giving confidence to/in us. The more “confident” we feel, the easier the web of deceit is woven.

Then there is what is called the “Long Con”, where decades are spent turning us into our own worst enemy.

Except, of course, that most people believe the Official Narrative, implicitly surrendering autonomous freedom to fear and authority, of which the most dangerous is the authority of social pressure. Many people truly believe the lies that money is able to spread, everywhere … which talk includes the danger of a super-spreader – person or event, the idea itself a dark dark work of psychological terror.

My next favorite epidemiological euphemism, after herd immunity, is: “super-spreader”.

*[a “euphemism” is a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.] Other faux conceptions are: “side-effects”, for the fact that the medicine might kill or permanently effect you; “gluten allergy” for the fact that wheat is poisoned by Roundup plant and weed killer on the way to being harvested; “pollution”, for all the industrial waste clogging our streams, rivers, and other water ways; “acid rain” for the effects of air pollution from all those industrial smoke stacks.

A superspreading event is an event in which an infectious disease is spread much more than usual, while an unusually contagious organism infected with a disease is know as a superspreader” Wikipedia.

Consider the subtle terminology: “spread much more than usual”.

We assume that such language means, in the sense of Covid-19, that the facts on the ground actually justify the conclusion. How do we know our current situation is more than usual? By what measure does the Official Narrative arrive at this conclusion, which itself is a super-spreading concept?

A brief Google excursion into the question of how does our rate of infection compare to the era of the “Spanish Flu”, produced the following:

Any mortality comparisons between these two pandemics in the United States, 2020 and 1918, must differentiate between totals and rates. The current US population, a little more than 330 million, is more than three times larger than the population in 1918, estimated at 105 million. The 675,000 deaths attributed to the influenza epidemic made up 0.64 percent of the total population, a little more than six in every thousand people. By contrast, the more than 500,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19 make up about 0.15 percent of the total population, or between one and two in every thousand people. If COVID-19 caused deaths at the same rate as the 1918 epidemic, the total would approach two million. Even the disturbing projections of more than to 600,000 deaths by July 1, 2021, would still remain below the rates recorded in the earlier epidemic.”

If COVID-19 caused deaths at the same rate as the 1918 epidemic, the total would approach two million.”

Right now we can find “numbers” everywhere. The digital NY Times has them on the front page, daily. News readers, on national TV, generally have an image at hand, of the up and down numbers of cases, and numbers of deaths; and, as (for that moment) they measure those rates against Covid-19’s prior behavior, we are being told the whole situation is worsening.

Herd Immunity must be reached, we are advised. Super spreading events are to be avoided, yet somehow a lot of folks are not so easily responsive to suggestions to to follow any longer the direction of fear and paranoia. Half a million outlaw souls (bikers) still celebrated their annual gathering at Sturgis, South Dakota.

I have noticed a number of similar psychological waves ripple through America’s culture and people. For example, the young still celebrated Spring Break, while being publicly thought of as making It (the plague) worse for all of us.

The Greeks knew a thing or two about the relationship between their arts, and the public temper. Drama&Comedy are meant to help the audience feel their own emotions in a Way that produces a kind of catharsis – a moment of psychological energy release and healing.

Modern cultures have many such rites, most of which revolve around sports events, or music concerts. Jumping and Yelling and Dancing is good for human beings.

The psychological terrorism increased when the lock downs were initiated.

Cut off from the usual venues where release was realized, She (Divine Providence) engineered – allowed with sorrow – another death by police of a black man … She knowing we needed release. People took to the streets.

We all have a “Mother” nature. We know when we need to nurture our inner child, which often hungers for ways to get wild. Our Father-nature generates the Ideas, through which we might seek release. Our Child-nature = our true spark

= goes for it, and convention is abandoned.

On a macro-social level, many of us – at the same time – can evoke our personal grandmother-nature. She likes to throw parties, that help people become at ease, and get to know each other. If we ask our own grandmother-nature: which is better in a given moment, protest or party, she would usually go for party, but if the community is in enough danger, time to choose the war chiefs.

In a war of bio-terrorism and weapons, the Holy Mother – Earth Mother gave us magic mushrooms and weed. Psychological support for the human soul and spirit in a time of madness.

Modern science is as much religion as it is science, for each action rooted in a belief/theory is a religious act. This is not a flaw, so much as a valid aspect of the Scientific Way of Knowledge.

Is the Official Narrative actually rooted in science? The next links should shock you. They are to the same video, which has attracted a lot of interest such that my first link (now deleted), disappeared, … so I am providing three different locations to find it.

The first link is to a local news station, and right away we see that the Official Narrative (ON) remains believed, and experts were quoted. The point to note is that none of these quoted experts argued against the “science” he presented, they just took the side that something must be wrong with the speaker.

The second link is to a live capture of the whole talk, from a computer screen.

The third link is the unedited whole of his talk, which went viral immediately. A viral truth video about the scientific errors in the ON, concerning a “virus”. The irony is amazing.

the following table is quite interesting, in the light of the above video especially

viral pathogen / virus discovery / vaccine for human use / years to vaccine

yellow fever / 1900 / 1935 / 35

polio / 1909 / 1954 / 45

measles / 1911 / 1957 / 46

HSV / 1919 / n-a / >102

Influenza / 1933 / 1945 / 12

RSV / 1956 / n-a / >65

Dengue Virus /1960 / 2019 / 59

Hepatitis B / 1967 / 1984 / 17

Rotavirus / 1973 / 1998 / 25

Hepatitis A / 1973 / 1995 / 22

HPV / 1974 / 2007 / 33

HIV / 1983 / n-a / 38

HCV /1989 / n-a / 31

Covid-19 / 2019 / 2020 / 6 months

What is not there is more important than what is there. Years ago I wrote a book: “The Way of the Fool”, which had as its sixth stanza this:

sixth stanza: in the Absence of the Good* – in the Age of Freedom, and in the confusion of the weaknesses of traditional moral authority, what happens when Moral Grace is not present – the Pharmaceutical Industry as an Example”

*[“evil is the Absence of the Good“, St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1272)]

The level of strange is growing. UFOs are finding their way out of the closet of disbelief. In the life of corporations, having a conscience is often a barrier to promotion.

Fools to the right of me … fools to the left … dancing faster and faster, running away, hoping toward, ruined by greed, bloody on a field of lies, in a war between giants, dictators, drug lords, multinational egregorial corporations, religious fanatics, and lying politicians …

We are all circus clowns with painted faces … trying to survive the madness.

What the news shows share as their version of world reality can no longer be taken seriously. I used to yell at the news, … these days I sometimes break out in great laughter at the folly everywhere depicted as officials scramble from day to day to keep up with the relentless changes of mind at the CDC and their friends.

At the time of this blog post, the psychological terror increases. More lock-downs are urged. More masks demanded at work, school, and to travel. Papers required now, showing one is vaccinated, or at least not a “case”, i.e. have had a negative PCR test in the last couple of days.

Whether you are a believer or not, in the Official Narrative, we all need to chill out and stop accusing the “other” of being the cause of our woes. In the terms of millennia, we are partaking in the Rite of the Dying and Becoming of “Western” Civilization.

We are all so human and funny and gloriously impossible to live with … yet in our “relationships”, live emotional negotiations that would make any professional diplomat cry. In some places in the world, political leaders are using the “Covid” scare to imprison enemies.

For a lot of us, if it wasn’t for rock ‘n roll, the NFL, bikers in Sturges, and the fall from grace of rascals as governors, we would live in a constant state of fear. We need relief from the drama, and thanks for the Olympics, and the beginning of a new season of “FootBall!!”. Sports venues are filling up, as are nightclubs. Going out to the movies now possible.

My personal wicked pleasure is watching the CDC change its mind, sending waves through seas of politics, and given their worries about their jobs, it is amazing that politicians show up to work these days … – pretending to know what to do.

Whatever our personal relationship is to the Official Narrative, the insistence of either “side” to perfect knowledge of the “science” is/ought to be a battlefield. Just one point of view, the ON, is not science … its is a belief system.

Although, sad really, the masked and unmasked and vaccinated and unvaccinated … a world set socially aflame … there are some explanatory prophecies: Hopi: Day of Purification. Christian: He will baptized us in Fire and Holy Breath.

Each individual swims in a sea of stark choices. That we all share. We also share a core strength, the heart’s mind, which is capable of seeing past differences, and wonders at the whole. The Official Narrative nowhere compares to what the Mystery is doing, through us, and to us.

Best medicine in the chaos dance? Imagine everyone naked. Including yourself. Are we gloriously not just Drama, but Comedy as well. The whole world takes itself too seriously.

We need to be having fun, dancing together, sharing the burden.

We also share that most of us are faced with the fact that the rich are different, … some to the point of being Jeffry Epstein creepy. They make war on us, … the few dominating the many.

One of their tools is the Official Narrative itself, a truly dangerous creature, far worse than the virus. The virus will burn out, although the seekers after wealth and power will remain interested in using fear to keep us lost and obedient, just workers and consumers and cannon fodder for their wars. Very much a time for: “Economic and Social Rebellion in an age of social political chaos”

Make no mistake whatsoever. The rich use the poor.

What might happen if we – the poor, the servants, secretly “infected” those who act as if they are our owners, with our own bio-weapons: magic mushrooms, and the ubiquitous weed? Tit for tat, and well justified at that.

For sure, if we stop fighting each other, and – as Grandmother sez – throw parties instead of protests, with the aim of getting on better with each other. It takes only one person to issue some invitations, and in the social event that follows, healing from the ongoing trauma continues.

Social healing power radiates from us one at a time. Become a super-spreader of peace and good cheer. We are only a herd, if we let ourselves be herded.

Latest best writing by another: On why I am not getting vaccinated:

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