She Has the Whole World in His Hands

She Has the Whole World in His Hands

To the women of the Catholic Church, both laity and religious: A strange tale, from a visitor to aethereal vistas long forgotten … attend here to the fact that New Revelation has been given to humanity, through the works of Rudolf Steiner & Friends. The “Church” knows of these gifts, and has ignored them, with good reason.

These gifts needed time to prove themselves to the world, before the Religion would be able to recognize them. The “Church”, as shepherd, tries to maintain harmony, and were it to take into the Religion the discoveries flowing from this New Revelation – too quickly – this causes imbalances. In part, New Revelation will, by its very nature, conflict with traditional doctrines.

Given that the male hierarchy of the Church has a vested interest in continuing its own authority, it will be up to the laity and the religious, particularly the women, to examine this New Revelation, and take what seems desirable, and discard the rest. This is all the more important because of the Age of Chaos we now enter.

Below, in the article: “An open letter to Greta Thunberg” are ten new gospels. Gospels of physics, organic chemistry, the green world, of medicine, and much else, are present for the personal examination of their nature – by individuals, not institutions. These gifts concern the already existing Second Coming, the return to Her proper place of the Holy Mother, and, what is now possible for the prodigal children.

The female laity and religious have much to gain from renewing humanity’s relationship with the Living Being of the Earth.

Hymns to the Holy Mother

– a shaman’s journey –

written by joel a. wendt, a white privileged, Christian, son of Montana, American citizen, shaman, and professional heretic

What follows is some useful spiritual intelligence, from the magical and mystical side of the situation …which concerns the religious/scientific/&Artistic truth that the Holy Mother is also the Earth Being … our individual biographies being woven together through the arts of Divine Mystery in Their Role as Providence, there being no accidents or random events.

Right now a main institution that the world needs is the Catholic Religion. Not so much the Roman Church, but the Religion, for which the Church has been an inadequate Steward. See: “Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion from the failing institutional Roman Church – through deepening our understanding of the Third Fatima Prophecy”


As the whole Earth undergoes the dying and becoming of Western Civilization, religion becomes even more important. Governments and multinational corporations have not managed the economic situation’s effect on all human beings on the Planet, and reduced modern life to chaos. The scarcity now arising needs moral guidance if the world is not to dissolve into anarchy.

Not obedience, but guidance … by example.

Moreover, the world needs even more for the three primary patriarchal monotheisms to find ways to work together. In fact, if we really understand what happened at the founding of Western Civilization, there was a threefold presence of religious revelation. The Christian Way (Love) is in between the Hebraic Way (Law), and the Islamic Way (Surrender), yet in the world of pure spirit, from the standpoint of the Divine Mystery, these three are One Teaching.

As is true for most major religions, these three have “black sheep cousins”, who pursue direct personal revelation, over religious faith and belief. Kabbalah for the Hebrews. An updated version of Alchemy for the Christians. And, for the Muslims, Sufism.

With the arrival – over five hundred years ago – of natural philosophy, which as modern scientific materialism became itself a kind of religion (Scientism), humanity more and more fell into what the Letters of John describe as the anti-Christ spirit – the denial of the Father and the Son.

While the Copernican Revolution led to this dead end, there was along side that a kind of counter-Copernican Revolution, manifesting in Europe as Romanticism, and in America as Transcendentalism. The culmination of this resistance to scientific materialism was introduced via the Anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner, although the Anthroposophical Society has lost its way, creating its own double/shadow: Steinerism.

The ways of direct spiritual knowing, inspired by Steiner, led to Goethean Science, whose works presently establish the needed scientific basis for concluding that the Planet on which we travel the Void is a Living Being, aka: the Holy Mother Herself.

Steiner, by the way, will be known to history as the John the Baptist figure of the Second Coming of Christ in the Ethereal – the world of living thought. Steiner = the voice crying in the wilderness of scientific materialism.

Science=Reason=Truth, born of thinking, is the principle of Air, or elemental intellect

Art=Imagination=Beauty, born of feeling, is the principle of Water, or elemental feeling

Religion=Devotion=Goodness, born of willing, is the principle of Fire, or elemental will

The Human Being’s consciousness, or elemental Earth, is the union of all of the above.

Rudolf Steiner, among others, is aware that science and religion are not actually opposed. He urges, in fact, that a true Science is religious, and a true Religion is scientific. The spiritual mediator between these “two” edges of knowledge, is Art.

We will take a look at their modern Mystery, in the order as noted just above.

Science: Pagan Anthroposophy

Properly understood, the Anthroposophy – as thought into being by Rudolf Steiner – is not a doctrine, or a What. Anthroposophia is a latent feature of the human soul&spirit, best described as a How, or method – a science of knowing. Steiner practiced introspection (soul observation) following the methods of natural science. I replicated that adventure, with an American spin, which can be found in my collection of essays on “method”: “Sacramental Thinking”. The Pagan element comes from those of us who are as equally devoted to the Mother, as they are to the Son.

In the way back long ago when before, Earth Religions – mostly polytheistic – appeared all over the world. The Goddess was as real to their direct experience as The God. The most common name, in any language, is the Mother.

As humanity descended deeper and deeper into matter, there was a kind of Fall, from the original connection to Mother Nature, revealed in the legend of the Garden. The male nature, longing more for dominance and order, became intolerant of the female nature, which is more daring and wild (hard to tame). In the formation of the Hebraic Religion we find then the biased tale beginning with women as derivative of man (Adam’s rib), and as tempters in the loss of the Garden. Imagine the opposite …. Adam from his lady’s rib, and it was He that first drank of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Egypt was polytheistic, and the Hebrew tribes left that behind – as best they could. God was to be male. The Goddess forgotten. Women’s natural communion-with talents, as regards the invisible conscious beings of the world – the green world, the water folk and the stones, the winged and four-legged, the wind and the stars: i.e. All Our Relations, as Native Americans phrase it – were replaced with the male ideal of “dominion over”.

In point of fact this was necessary, given that the trials of the descent into matter required a capability to set aside empathy. To not be “in communion-with” non-human – yet conscious – invisible to the senses – living immortal beings.

As a consequence, when the Son came Western Civilization was in the processes of patriarchal monotheist ruler-ship, three seeming incompatible religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These are not separate acts, from the point of view of the Divine Mystery. They are a single revelatory unity, possessed of remarkable inter-relationships. Not three religions, but One.

For purposes of dominance, the male holders of religious power then took hold of the arts of interpretation of sacred texts. In the course of which, whatever remained of the old goddess polytheistic – so called pagan religions – was obliterated. The Mother surrendered to this necessity, and helped it unfold, as would any wise Mother, who leaves the children room to grow, make mistakes, and learn.

As time passed, even the Father and the Son were being forgotten, via the anti-Christ spirit (intellect disconnected from the heart) that arose in the religion of Scientism, with its materialistic confusion = all is matter, there is no spirit.

Neither the Father, the Son, or the Mother are in anyway disconnected from the modern historical crisis – the “pandemic”, which was due as much to ignorance and moral cupidity, as was a tiny organism.

Today we live in the Age of the Dying and Becoming of Western Civilization. The Hopi Prophecy calls this; the Day of Purification. John the Baptist, said of He who does not bring peace, but a sword, that He will baptize us in fire (the conflagration that accompanies the dying and becoming of Civilization), and holy breath (new universal means for each individual to become their own lawgiver).

Chaos is to reign for a time. That gift comes from Her. She slams on the brakes of our headlong rush to disaster, while simultaneously creating a space for folks to have to slow down, and reflect on the deeper aspects of their existence.

Mom is giving the whole of the human world a time-out. What will we do with it remains to be seen.

Art: the Rising of the Sun in the Mind

As the readers are entitled to some of my story, in order to make valid judgments, that follows:

My biography is wrapped up in divine whimsy. The I that now writes this was not born in the ethereal, astral, or physical bodies I now inhabit. Another was. Apparently we both consented before birth to this arrangement, where in his 31st year he walks out, and I walk in. In his youth, my body-brother was called “Joey”, while his name was actually Joel. Nothing new there, and Joey’s tale is here:

The Old Testament Book of Joel apparently is the shortest book therein, and very much a commentary on future events. “Joel’s statement that “I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions” was applied by St Peter in his sermon at Pentecost to the events of that day.”according to Google

At the time of the change, which I mostly did not notice – the transition of one spirit to another needing to be seamless – Except, … for a curious feeling inside, as if the matrix of concepts in which lived my/our self-view, began to dissolve. Three years into the “change”, my then twice divorced wife remarked: You know, you have completely changed. You don’t stand the same, walk the same, sit the same, or speak the same.

Among other curious phenomena, I started to have “spiritual experiences” of various kinds. This happened while I was living in the San Francisco / Marin Country / Berkeley area of California, which I turned into a kind of magical school. It was in the late ‘60’s and all through the ‘70’s, and the local culture was filled with the presence of masters, gurus, shamans, priests, magicians, alchemists, Moonies, yogis, and other assorted spiritually oriented psychobabble.

I also did “drugs”: weed/pot/dope/marijuana, LSD, mushrooms, cocaine (once), peyote (once) and so forth. For example, one day after I finished my workday as a grill cook, and mop master (washed the floors and the grill at the end of each ten hour shift), I smoked a bit of weed, and thus nicely toasted began to walk to the bus stop to take me home. As I rounded a corner (I was walking in downtown Oakland) my view of the sky opened up (shorter buildings), and there was an image dominating the sky.

On the right it looked like the Father God in the Sistine chapel … a great mass from the waist up, emerging from a cloudy base, and pointing a finger to my left with Its right hand. Also out of this imagined cloud mass – a bit lower and horizontal – was a large hexagonal rod, that ended in a star, also pointing to the left. To the left there were two words: “Matthew” as well as “Washington”.

I blinked a couple of times, and looked again. Just clouds. Although, knowledge of magic reveals that the chaos and lack of form of cloud masses enables other entities to form images therein, and thus made perceivable to the human I-eye, for a moment [see “Memories in the Dreaming” below, for details].

As many are learning today, we are all receiving “sendings” from the Mother’s oversight of our individual biographies. Porous mind some call it. Steiner said the whole of humanity was crossing the threshold into the spirit at this time.

Prior incarnations I presumed, which to believe was, at the same time, goofy, irritating, and not much use except to make me wonder about my own spiritual sanity. Later biographical events suggested these were probably true. For example, almost 20 years later I spent a year and a half as a live-in care-giver, to a post-polio fifty something professor of Colonial American History – Paul Longmore. His main book, “The Invention of George Washington”, showed how, as GW’s 20’s ran into&through his 30’s, a guiding principle of GW’s conscious life became to model – as best as possible – what was right, including duty. Didn’t hurt either, that GW was a Mason as well.

It was while I was with Paul, that one evening, during an all night session of no-sleep waking/thinking contemplation, the divine offered the idea that I had been Clara Barton, after my George Washington incarnation. Again, whimsy plays the flute of my soul.

I also wrote my own favorite poem, while there. “the Gift of the Word”. It was Epiphany, in the evening, and the poem was just there to be thought – took not even an hour.

These interventions into my soul life were troubling and dangerous. I didn’t ask for them. There is a lot of baggage in such self-oriented concepts. Of course, it is only in recent years that intimate friends were told of my strange experiences, the above story of god in the sky – being one of the earliest “strong” sendings, as it were.

At the time of the change my bodies were 31, and they are presently in their 80th year. The point to note is that the prior spirit had been an innocent, and a natural empath. He suffered in his life three mysteries, which he left in our astral body for me to resolve: What is evil? Why is America lost? And, WTF happened to Christianity? As to the first question, I was later to write “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount”. For the second, many essays and books, culminating in: “Social and Economic Rebellion – in an age of increasing social-political chaos”. For the third … well that is a bit of a longer story …

At age 46 – of the three bodies – I had been in for 15 years, and from reading Rudolf Steiner had become acclimated to the idea of being a “walk-in”. I was living at the foot of Mt. Shasta, in Northern California, and reading for the first time the book: “Meditations on the Tarot: a journey into Christian Hermeticism”.

One morning, in the dream-time between sleeping and waking up, my soul was played like a flute, which Presence offered a dream of the future, and a vision of the present. In the dream I was walking in a garden, on the one side of which was the home in which I was living, and on the other side a “church”. Beside me walked a priest, and I was explaining to him why I was joining the Catholic Church, telling him of the vision I was simultaneously having. In that vision, which enveloped my whole consciousness, Christ took me as Him into the Mass, and showed me that during the Mass, He connected the heavenly perfect Church to the fallen earthly Church, an event that happens in spite of the spiritual condition of the celebrating priest. This was about us, as individuals, and He was/is with us, always.

After the end of that being played like a flute (a short melody for sure), I lay in bed without thought, for about a half an hour. Without thought, and in perfect peace.

The year was 1986, and in the year 1989 I joined the Church via the Rite of Catholic Initiation of Adults, during which process I shared with the teaching-priest (in private) the dream and the vision. During these studies, when I was in prayer before Mass began, I was touched by Love, for a moment (longer would have disabled me), as a kind of proof to go with the vision. He was there and said hello.

Keep in mind that for me this was a linear in time set of events, and later studies have shown me that both the Son and the Mother act out of Eternity, where it is always Now.

During the ‘90’s I was working as a mental health worker (used to be called “the guys in white coats”) in a for-profit psychiatric facility, on the graveyard shift. I had a second wife and the last two of my five children. In my spiritual life I was teaching myself to “read the book of the Social” in the same fashion as did Goethe “read the book of Nature”. My first early “paper” on this effort was called: “Listening to the World Song” (1983).

I carried with me always several note cards, and some pens, for as I thought about these questions, I would often feel the presence of another spirit, a kind of elevation of my own soul’s thinking, lifted by the Wind in the Soul. When having that feeling I might even stop driving my car, pull over to the side of the road, and take notes of the thoughts.

What I wrote was my own, yet my thinking-perceptions were aided. At one point I called this: the presence of Fullness, and the fullness of Presence. It was a regular and private event.

This work – reading the Book of the Social, aka: Listening to the World Song – took over three decades before I wrote this book: “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”. A kind of spiritual social science, where I took the religious question, re-framed it as a “theory”, for the purpose of setting that riddle in the stream of natural science, rather than in opposition to it. I was 70. and it was shortly after my initiations into the Mysteries of the Mother, and the Mysteries of the Son that I even thought to write such a book;

Basically, I dismantle modern materialistic scientific theories, for detailed reasons, and offered the Idea of God as something more successful at explaining modern reality, as well as our most intimate lives. We are not just matter.

In 2003, at age 63, I retired on a small social security pension – most of my family duties over. During my years on the graveyard shift, I had gained a hundred pounds, drinking nightly a two liter bottle of coke, for the sugar and the caffeine. I was now – not working for the man – living in a small one room place in Prescott Arizona, that had a view of the local natural sphinx. The white invaders had called it Thumb Butte, and the tribal people there called it: “lion, lying down”. (see picture)

To loose weight I decided to fast. That fast ended up lasting 45 days, and about two weeks into it, I unexpectedly began to have visions in the moments between sleeping and waking, concerning which I kept notes. Later I was to take a year, and make a book of those notes, that came to be called: “the Way of the Fool: – the conscious development of our human character, and the future* of Christianity – both to be born out of the natural union of Faith and Gnosis”.

I wrote there of the evolution of consciousness, the difference between the Kings stream and the Shepherds stream in Christianity, and how to observe in one’s own soul, the Second Coming of Christ in the Ethereal, as predicted by Rudolf Steiner to begin around 1933.

Here, for example, is the title to the 5th Stanza of 12: Three New Ways – being an examination of the profound and surprising interrelationship between the What Would Jesus Do Movement; the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous; and, Rudolf Steiner’s book: The Philosophy of Freedom (also known as, The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity,) [which stanza also contains, the Shepherd’s Tale, the King’s Tale and the Healers’ Tale].

It was during this time in Prescott, that I had my first waking direct experience of the Holy Mother.

One early morning I began to reflect upon my flaws, errors, bad habits and other failures. I – instinctively … that is I didn’t think or plan – let my consciousness go there, into the personal dark we only ourselves know. During this feeling/contemplation I realized that not only must the Son and the Holy Mother know intimately the hurt others feel from our personal dark, but our related agonies/pleasures as well. I came to sense the immensity of the pain They had to endure, to be with both, the perpetrator and the victim.

Some part of my soul, in anguish, called out: How do You do it? What do You do with all our horrible deeds?

Then, She was there. Luminous Darkness a friend of mine was later to call this. She spoke: “We turn it into love.”

Let me next relate the tale of the Burning Bush. This happened around 1978. I had been studying the three works of Franz Bardon, on the ancient Egyptian Hermetic Science mysteries (aka: magic). I was seven years into the change, still unaware of the why I changed so much in those years, and was working in a movie theater as a manager.

I constantly prowled book stores, and at that time felt that I needed to learn more about plants, as an aspect of my studies of magic. I was in Shamballah books on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, and “chanced” upon a Steiner book called Agriculture. Up to that point in time, I had paid little attention to his works, yet glanced at it, bought it, and walked across the street to the Mediterranean Cafe. I read a chapter, and went back and bought two more Steiner books: one on the Gospel of John, and the other on the Gospel of Luke.

Three weeks later, I was in the lobby of the theater, standing at the cashier’s station, counting money and candy bars, and ticket sales – writing on a form required to be done hourly. An older man walked in, and stood in front of me. He wore tan workman’s clothes (shirt and pants) and a blue windbreaker, it was after all summer in San Francisco. His hair was white.

I initiated some chatting, since I was in the way of him purchasing a ticket. He spoke back, and His voice felt as if it came from His whole being, which was of the nature of a kind of sound one might hear in a cathedral. His gaze had been down, and as I looked up from my note-taking to His face, I felt naked to my deeps, and looked upon eyes that had no whites, but rather pure crystalline orbs in the center of which were intense blue irises.

He said to me: “Don’t you want to do something about that?”. I – nearly speechless – made a noise and He repeated Himself, a bit louder: “Don’t you want to do something about that?”. Stupefied, I grunted again, and He said – this time throwing out His left arm and pointing out the lobby windows to the street: “Don’t you want to do something about that!”

It was 1977, or so. The Vietnam crazy had depressed a lot of us. I had no faith in the future of America at all. Part of my “spark” had gone to sleep, and He came and healed it awake.

In 1978, the Moody Blues album: One Step into the Light was released, with this curious set of lines in the first song: “I took a ride in a limousine … I took a road I’d never been … I met a stranger by the way … His coat was torn but his eyes were clear”. The title song is about the return of the ancient ways “all the old things are returning”. “The river of living breath is flowing through the Sun”. “He was there before time began”. “Life is our savior” Moody Blues, hymns to the consciousness soul, lifting us higher in the face of rapid and rabid social transformation.

Rock ‘n Roll, Hip Hop, New Orleans Jazz at Carnival time, music and dancing, what is more pagan than that.

“Lord of the Dance”

Without a doubt, we need to be celebrating. Climate Change. Rogue Weather. The Four Horseman. That’s Mom, with Her Broom out, tidying up after the mess the kids have made. Atlantis anyone?

Then there was, for me, Epiphany 2008, following a year of things falling apart, and another loss of hope and direction. Still, a will to jump off of a cliff, and while falling from California to New England, driving in the winter with car troubles and lighting storms …

I gave up, I had no more spark at all, and I laid down on my back in a motel room, spent. It was the Holy Nights, and I had been faithful in my practice at that time, so I began the Lord’s Prayer, which is followed by a self-created pray of gratitude, and then a remembering/speaking of the first 14 verses of the John Gospel.

At the moment of my speaking aloud “Our”, the Luminous Darkness was there, holding me among the very spirit-being-ideas of each word, phrase and sentence. I learned much, beginning with the knowing that “Our Father” is prayed by all consciousness everywhere. All existing beings recognizing that they had not created themselves.

This initiation seemed to last – to that bit of subjectivity that notices the passage of change (aka: time) – about three hours. I had fallen to the deeps and found there the stars.

Next, on a winter through spring retreat in New Hampshire, while engaged in fencing with a shamaness bred of Mohawk and Scottish highlander blood, I finished my book: “American Anthroposophy”.

The following Autumn, in New England no less, I met my Lady of over nearly 12 years now. While we were courting, I had the initiation via the lesser and Greater guardians, as tradition has it. The former is horrible – a mirror of all one’s flaws, stark, certain, a profound loathing of self. Worn out after hours of despair&dismay, I finally reached out for prayer, and the spectre left.

The lesson as the next days unfolded? Learn to forgive yourself, which makes forgiving others easy in comparison.

The latter Guardian came As an on and off mild “fever” for three days, which left behind a “sun burn” from my upper neck and over my face and head. It was winter, and I was seldom outside at all.

The ER doctor had no clue. There were no other symptoms other than the tightness of the skin and its sensitivity to touch. As I write this, it reminds me of the images in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, of burned faces that got caught in the light of singing beings. Within a week the skin had peeled off. Back to normal, as it were.

Inside, I knew what had happened, and wondered “where next?”.

With the support of my Lady – she has more wealth than I – I have been able to write, think, read, make videos, all seeking something illusive, which yet first appears as a riddle or a question. Just one more story of what I wrote in this pleasant womb for aging mystics, to add to The Art of God, and The Mystery of Evil, this previously mentioned:

When I was done writing “Saving the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion, from the failing institutional Roman Church – through deepening our understanding of the Third Fatima Prophecy”, I uploaded this work to my then web-presence. An hour or so later, I was walking down the driveway of my Lady’s home, to put a Netflix dvd in the mail box, when a river of squirrels ran back and forth in front of me, jumping and … chattering, must have been about sixty or so, the dancing celebration going on for about two minutes, with me stopped in my tracks.

Mom is kind to all of us in unusual ways. Don’t we all hunger yet to return as prodigal children to the Lost yet find-able Garden? For me, in my white-privileged circumstances, the journey from Listening to the World Song, through the experience of the presence of Fullness, and the fullness of Presence, to the Rising of the Sun in the Mind – has left a WTF am I supposed to do with this life, … but share it.

My life has been built out of books, and relatives, and weird events – of which I am seldom the author. Sure I react, and even plan. I like to write, and since I learned so much from the reading of others’ books, … well here we(i) are … not dead yet …. and, paying it forward.

Religion: Surfing the Tsunami of Future History – in the arms of the Holy Mother

After my cessation of drug usages, in 1987, I was – as they say – clean and sober for thirty years. Without that sobriety I could not have laid the artistic/logos base that fuels/supports my writings. Yet, bodies age, and while this I is about 47 or so years incarnate, in the present I am blessed with severe chronic knee pain that is helped – psycho-spiritually – by the Ganja Goddess. It took some time (and adventures involving hospitalizations) to learn limits. I now take five mg. doses of sativa edible, three times a day

Joey is still around, watching and wondering. It was he who took acid in 1967, just before graduating from law school. Day dreaming was his most peaceful place of soul&mind.

Being who he was, he thought that the hallucinations would involve much that was entirely involuntary, when in point of fact he saw how to play with them – to touch them with his own will, yet both working together.

For me, the drug experience had a problem, which was a lack of certainty about the meaning of the other-worldly experiences I was having. So I stopped in 1987, then had to – in 2017 – get help and had to start up ganja-dancing once more, and wondered what would be the cost to my inner states of my embracing potential addiction.

Would I remain connected to the Source?

It turns out that intoxication is a well understood spiritual practice, known to the ancient religions, and still primary among aboriginal peoples. I started to have “dreams” that were more inventive and free, yet still touched by other-presence. Steiner called this: It thinks in me”.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and the German romantic poet Novalis, were intimate friends with the syrup of the poppy.

So, over the course of a life, the World Sang its Song, and lately I have been being/learning in communion-with trees and gnomes, including visits to the past, where I was shown the basic understanding of reality that was common to all. The story the World tells everyday, even now. Even to an old man dreaming dreams …

In the most subtle Ways, Mom wants me to share all the secrets, water&food for our spirits in times of Rogue Weather, the Four Horseman, and the consequential collective follies of our untamed appetites – human freedom being the dreaded Beast from the Abyss.
All of us are the right person, in the right place, at the right time. From the Mother’s point of view, we are all shamans-in-training, for in that we survive, there needs no more proof of elemental fire/will/spark than that.

Today we look for passage through an odd world, that daily seems to get stranger and stranger. Things are falling apart. The Center is not holding on, and some degree of anarchy approaches at a rush.

Our individual biography is the Locus/Focus of Love. Love cares little for ideas, politics, even art. Love cares for deeds. Adores deeds in point of fact. What He and She see in this time is wonder, for everywhere is the ever present force of human choice. Life is like a perpetual surprise, daring us to check out and go to sleep, or step off of a cliff. Even death is okay too, as we see these days with how many people have ridden the COVID-19 bus to heaven.

To repeat a necessary refrain … They see us as wonder, having set us free to self-determine, for They also knew that our sparks are dragons immortal, dreaming the time of being human, on the way to the gates of magic and mystery once more … to the Tree of Life … in the Center of the Garden that is Earth Existence.

I’ve been communing-with a Mayan scribe. He talks about the Day. The Day is the center. We cannot escape it. We cannot even escape the Now. He counts days, for days are the ever present wonder.

As well, an ancient Egyptian priest …

During the day we are engaged with sounds, feelings, troubles, and hopes:

perhaps seeking teaching, and not noticing how much is right in front of us already

The Labyrinth of the Day, and the Maze of the Spirit

Not just who are we, but what are we?

… nothing less than children of the gods&goddesses, burning in a social alchemical crucible of our own making … trust your spark … be surprising, and enjoy all opportunities to play and dance together …

As a reader of the signs of the time, let me finish this song with gratitude for whomever has dared thus far.

As the rate of change in the time-out wanes – on occasion … there will flourish opportunity:

For Americans then, this task: “Social and Economic Rebellion – in an age of social political chaos” Purchase book there: Read for free here:

For visitors to Washington D.C., a Rite for Remembering the Ancestors:

For all of us: Save the Planet … an Earth Day Rite

And, last but not least, the creation of a “library” of all the wisdom yet learned, so that knowing does not disappear in the wider social chaos pending.

let me draw this tale to a close, with some additional whimsical attributes to the situation …

Sometimes I imagine speaking to a few officials of the Roman Church, and I ask them about “obedience”. Apparently the Pope is above them in “authority”, and he is seen as a representative of Christ on this Earth. They work for the Pope, and the Pope works for God.

Where does this effort I am urging fit within that formal traditional structure? Shyly I reply … yes you work for the Son, but I work for His Mom. Without Her love there is no gravity.

Nothing happens in the Cosmos that is not rooted in the creative acts of the Divine Mystery. There are no abstract “forces”. Every aspect of the creation is united via consciousness.

The winds and the stars are alive, watching. The next phase of humanity’s future rests on whether or not we recognize/remember the Mother. She abides in everything. The female laity and religious of the Catholic (universal&Christian) Religion carry unusual gifts of communion-with.

Imagine replacing agonizing Christ on the Cross, as the center of the Mass, and instead Christ at Rest, being reborn in the Arms of the Mother, as in the Pieta. Imagine the Religion not requiring the costly to build and maintain massive Cathedrals, and Sistine Chapels, … only needing – as in China – a living room, friends, and new gospels, because this is the Time of the Second Coming, a time of new revelation, and the renewal of science, art, and, religion.

The wonder of seeing Her as the Agent of the putting the brakes on Western Civilization, automatically challenges religious traditions. Dangerous knowledge in a Way. Yet, that is just one more song, among many, as humanity faces its freedom as the Beast from the Abyss.

Change takes place one day at a time. We are always in the Now, which is where we need to act – out of our personal conscience if socially possible.

Take care of what is within the reach of your own heart’s mind; and, have faith – leave the big picture to the Big Picture Folk.

Addendum: There may be people who read this and then believe this entitles them to personal conversation, or other kinds of one on one communication. What you need is above. I’m retired, and do not want to be bothered by folk who can’t do the “work”. Buy and read the books in the Open Letter to Greta T. Read them in groups. Think for yourself …


written in the first weeks of the “pandemic”, by yours truly, while waiting to encounter the germ, a real danger if the stories are to be believed, me being 79, with other serious elderly disharmonies in my entomology. What life forces I have left, belong to me and mine, visible and invisible … still, one last word on “magic”:


in gratitude to the guides, guardians, silly companions, and other rude influences, besides the Mother and the Son:

Joel A. Wendt (white-privileged), Christian (Joey), son of Montana (Clara Barton), American citizen (George Washington), shaman (Matthew), and, professional heretic (Socrates)

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