The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

There are many people, even scientists, that believe there is more to life than the ideas of big bang cosmology and Darwinian evolution would suggest. They have faith that existence is something more wonderful.

The idea of God, in some form, is common. This God is beneficent, perhaps all knowing and all powerful. If folk are involved in “religion”, there is then a kind of dogma of what is this “God’s” relationship to life.

The God of the Old Testament, in some instances, was not always beneficent. The ancient Greeks saw the Gods and Goddesses as something like a powerful dysfunctional family, arguing, killing, and spreading the god-seed among the mortals. All the same, these Greek tales tended to have a lesson attached.

Part of the riddle of the “Gods” has to do with why do humans suffer, and die. Would not a beneficent God take better care of us?

It appears that, in spite of modern materialistic science, and the various religions with their ideas of sin and hell, the human being might be immortal. Karma and reincarnation might be real. In which case, the world is something quite other than how we tend to see “It”.

In fact, “It” – the world – must itself be an immortal being. How could we be immortal, and not be living of and within an “environment” which is “Itself” immortal?

For me, the implications for how to “interpret” the Covid Mystery then alter/altar significantly. Eventually the only logical social-aspect I could see – if we are actually already immortal – is that: everybody is the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Yet, there is so much I don’t like. People whose nose I would love to break. Newsreaders, on major media, using sentences that barely are logical, or informative, while at the same time being extraordinary inflammatory. Politicians telling tall tales, while all the “business” of government is carried on in smoke filled rooms, out of sight, and in secret.

Then there are the spiritual teachers, like Rudolf Steiner, who suggest we should somehow wrestle antipathy, and sympathy as well, out of the picture – something that makes me wonder what the Gods were up to in the first place, giving us such emotional “potential”, hidden in our likes and dislikes.

There is also a crazy Christian ideal from childhood that I am supposed to love my “enemy” as myself. That sort of works, unless you start to face just how I go about loving myself. “Enemy” is a word that can confuse. What if I have an enemy, who is out to murder me and my family?

The above turns out to be prelude to the question of how far can I, or should I, go as regards the ongoing Crimes Against Humanity. Violent revolution?

Of course, different people will have different ideas about who is the criminal. If you are an anti-vaccer, and a conspiracy theorist, or someone who wants the government to force people to get vaccinated, … whatever “side”, someone else is the criminal, and you are good and just.

If this is God’s Plan it seems to me to be to be kind of mean.

If I work it out another way, such that … in the legendary midnight hour, when we choose to incarnate, the rumor is that we choose to live the anticipated suffering, believing that this is going to be Justice (in part) for our past transgressions.

When I get into that Idea, I am convinced we are all mad – what sane person would voluntarily decide to live today?

This has led me to the curious question: Are the Gods Insane? In fact, if we are
Their children, They must the Source good and evil, and insanity. Why would a God make something imperfect and flawed? What purpose is served?

In most religions, this riddle is meet with a bunch of tales, whose weird logic is to blame the child for the God’s failures. What good maker, creates something intentionally defective? Not just defective, but we seem meant to feel/know such pain and terror, that many of the normal-minded folk prefer addiction and insanity to our “usual” existence.

I am beginning to suspect that the needed revolution must see God as the enemy, … dangerously fickle, weak, careless, … OMG, human!?!?!

We are the tail the snake eats, and the snake that eats the tail. Kind of ugly that metaphor, yet seemingly true to observation. We are the ice cream that gets eaten by the cow … here a little silly can help.

Yet, there is this odd “potential”, which leaves us free to decide what It All Means. Or not. Good drugs, nice music, someone to hold in the dark of the night. I think Gods love life, yet can’t seem to stop messing around with the details. That job They leave to us, and there are actually no rules at all … sort of, Gravity, stuck with that. Stupid, in good supply. Fun and dancing, can’t ever have enough of that.

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