Reversing the Direction of Evolution

Reversing the Direction of “Evolution”

Modern materialist science (all is matter, there is no spirit) posits that we once were ape-like creatures, living in vast African savannas. There are variations in the details imagined* to be involved, but for our purposes here, we only want to note the most “general idea” – the ancestors of human beings are animals.

*[It is important to keep in mind that the idea “evolution” is a garden of guesses. If our standard was that we be empirical, … that means we need to see directly these changes and developments. Yet, we don’t. We see bones. Not conscious experience, … we don’t know what the inner nature of our ancestors actually was. The rest we make up, and that with a particular bias – no spirit anywhere. My “The Father at Rest” deals with that – understandably – flawed thinking.]

If we use cultural memory – rather than allegedly scientific guesswork – such as the tales most aboriginal cultures have not forgotten – we have a much more living picture. First hand. Of course, those mysteries are denied reality by modern science, that asserts ancient man made up fables for matters we brilliant moderns have proved need only material causes.

Again, no scientist was there to observe, and denying reality to these “tales” is mostly motivated by the materialistic resistance to any ideas of spirit, or gods and goddesses.

Let us stop resisting, and start believing. Goddess Natura is still there, … Nature has an inner self-aware sentient consciousness, just like we do.

Archaeologists, tend to assume the evolutionists are right, but still the interpretation of the languages – adorning megalithic structures everywhere – speaks of gods and such. The anthropologist, Margret Mead, holds that the first sign of civilization is found in bones that clearly were broken, and then set right. Do “animals” do that?

Yet, it is only in stories that we remember what kind of societies the ancients created, and these stories share a great deal.

For example, according to aboriginal lore in the Americas, early man lived at one with the natural world. Yet, not up in trees, … instead among Them. The Plains Indians called the human being the dominant determiner. We could ravage, or take care of Her, the living environment which also cared for us. At this stage, the human did not “work”, but participated as a needed part.

There are certainly folk who would like the Earth to return to its original garden-state. After the “garden” then was a passage from the wild lands, to cultivated lands, to cities and trade and crowding and work. Is this passage available to be reversed?

To go from cities, back through farms, and then back to the wild?

Right now modern Earth civilization is a place where the life-element is dying. Our institutions are failing, and fragile. The C*o*v*i*d Mystery is exposing the dark underbelly of the world of profit margins. Actions taken for the purpose of obtaining wealth and power. Actions not serving others. Actions using others.

“Life out of balance” say the Hopi.

As my few readers may be aware, I have taken to using various aesthetic aspects of modern films – the link above discusses the Godzilla franchise, as a kind of vehicle for the Muses to teach us – I’ve been calling this handwriting on the wall of modern culture: “the collective imagination”.

The latest Godzilla film was Godzilla vs. King Kong. The following should not actually “spoil” the watching of this film, yet one or two details below reveal something worth noting. We are here seeing an aesthetic dimension that comes from the “accidental, yet Muse-inspired synthetic unity”, of the work of a wide range of artists: actors, writers, directors, costume designers, CGI creators, and – of course – the participatory imagination of the “customer”.

Godzilla is a creature of the Sea. King Kong a creature of the Jungle. What starts out as a kind of war between the two, becomes a co-working against a common enemy – human cupidity, and a giant mechanical creature – symbolizing technology versus the natural organic.

The writers had some fun with the strange idea of there being an inner earth. This inside the planet world, in which gravity reverses as we enter its realm, is depicted as a world of nature primeval. A hint of Faerie and the Fae?

We already know (in the Godzilla mythos) that beneath the surface of the land, and the waters, are vast watery tunnels connecting one place to another. He zips around the oceans, using these unknown short cuts. This enables him to appear as if out of nowhere, and as is usual he begins this most recent emergence from hiding by attacking the institutional and scientific centers, devoted to creating the giant technology needed for a few to rule, and the rest to slave.

This has always been Godzilla’s role. To defeat the monsters generated by human excess, whether biological or technological.

Beneath the oceans and the pathways by which Godzilla travels is a forgotten virgin world of rocks and plants and waters and critters, undamaged by unbalanced human occupation and claims of “ownership” = the flaw of dominion-over, as against communion-with the “natural” world.

There seems to be some “truth” to the idea in human biology, that distinguishes a reptilian brain and a monkey brain, both lurking in the hind-brain physiology of our nervous system. At present, these “brains” serve the unconscious, while the fore-brain allows for conscious thought.

Is it possible that our collective Muses unconscious symbolism – of reptile and ape – refers to this aspect of our nature?

Our seas appear to be rising, rapidly. Many large cities are on the coastlines. Short term profit driven motives generate most government/business choices. Not among those plans is the quite predictable What’s Next? While we turn the life sphere of the Planet into a garbage heap, the rich seek mine now, regardless of the consequences.

People will move or die. Some people will die while moving. Why is one of our main ideas to flee the coastlines?

Why not go the other direction, and toward the Mysterious nature of the ocean wilds? Is there a latent intelligence, in the reptilian brain, that can be brought to the surface, in order to generate a civilization in the oceans?

Or, in the wilds of real nature, where the ape instincts might be valuable, … again if raised into full consciousness.

The Mystery is unmaking the no longer viable present. What we can do is the making of something new and never before, from seeds to be found in the long ago memories of Atlantis.

When Atlantis fell, there were migrations, as well as chaos and death. As I write this, a new hurricane bears down on the shores of Louisiana – on a twenty year anniversary of Katrina. Why are people still living on those coasts?

One reason, less conscious but all the more crucial for that feature … human beings believe they can rule nature, while forgetting that their “nature” too needs to be “ruled”, or even more terrible events await on the horizon, post C*o*v*i*d.

Truly mad scientists, working for earthly powers, alter the world at the level of genes, and have no clue the whole is as important as the parts. Materialistic science sees “global warming”, and knows we are powerless to “fix” it, the crucial tipping points now past. An inconvenient truth for the rich and powerful. A warning sign for the sane.

We need to have a conversation with Her. We need for institutional science, and business, and politics to be humble. I know, fat chance that. All the same, it doesn’t mean individuals can’t find a Way, through the own heart’s mind.

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