“Nobody is Perfect”

“Nobody is Perfect”

Said to me, by S. O. Prokofieff, at Ann Arbor in 2005. I had been speaking to him about the book by Irina Gordienko, which asserted that he (SOP) had missed out on the Consciousness Soul experience, having been born into social wealth and power in Russia.

She had also said that he did not know The Philosophy of Freedom in practice, an observation with which I could concur. His reply said more than “Nobody is Perfect”, but for purposes of this bit of writing those matters are not relevant.

One consequence was that Prokofieff did – shortly thereafter – write a book about The Philosophy of Freedom, which was reviewed here: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Prokofieffbookreview.html

All the same, this idea of “Nobody is Perfect” is wisdom. See my short story “the Zen Potter” for details: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/zenpotter.html

I was reflecting on this idea this morning, and this thought followed: “But everyone is unique”.

I read once in Steiner that the differences between individual human spirits were vast, … we being as different from each other as is an ant from an elephant. Multiply that idea by 7.7 billion, and the world acquires some remarkable qualities.

None of us, for example, are meant to even be mini-Steiners. Although our affections for his works does become decoration in the temple of the heart’s mind. There is a danger, as Emerson pointed out, which is that we must not place our mind in orbit around another’s mind. To much fascination with other’s thoughts can lead to inhibiting the development our own uniqueness.

Books, said Emerson, have one purpose only: to inspire.

For Steiner, knowledge was not a content, but a scientific method or Way of cognition. He practiced it, and wanted us to learn how to do the same. Prokofieff’s subtitle for his book was: Anthroposophy and its Method of Cognition.

One bit of wisdom I have learned, that belongs with this stream of thought, is that what we are in any given Now is what we need in that Now to be. We can’t get away from the Now, or from our many selves (Whitman’s “… we are multitudes”). Like the tip of a leaf or a root, we are a spiritual growing point. What is manifesting with/through us is not just unique, but very special. We can frown (and or scream), but to the Mystery all are important, whether or not we might wish they never existed.

From the Mother&Friends, I learned to write/think this: we are all the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

And yes, none of us are perfect, each day a fractal poem of minor and major choices, as we endure Christ’s Baptism, through Fire and Holy Breath, during the Epoch the Hopi name: The Day of Purification.

A world full of spiritual adventurers. Fundamentally foolish what with the risks taken. To the Mystery: Art … ever changing, ever evolving, human and imperfect, generating choice-moment to choice-moment the unexpected, even often unanticipated to our own many selves. Spontaneity rules. Even if we planned the whole thing out in our minds, … the Now – when the Doing is – however good our treasure map, the Deed flies in unpredictable seas of chance.

We call this being in a “mood”. That “mood” is our feelings, and they give to the birth place of choice – in the own heart’s mind – its depth, height, and breadth. “In self trust all virtues are comprehended” Emerson, again.

Be remarkably unknown – even to your selves. That is why you joined us for the Party at the End of Western Civilization. Surrender to the future, it tends to jar loose all the tight parts of the soul, and can lead to laughter in the face of chaos and depair.

The wonderful cliché is: “Bring it on”.

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