The Rose Cross, the Sacred Heart, the Hopi Prophecy, and the Spirit of America

The Rose Cross, the Sacred Heart, the Hopi Prophecy, and the Spirit of America

Among students of Rudolf Steiner, the Rose Cross Meditation is a ritual of unique potential. Not everyone is drawn to it, but those who do report many benefits.

Among Catholics, the symbol- the Sacred Heart – has deep meaning as well.

The Hopi Prophecy and Oral History remembers Atlantis. They expected this time to come, this Day of Purification – a world-wide Event. A Christian might recognize this “Idea”, in the remarks of John the Baptist, that the One coming after him would baptize us all, in Fire and Holy Breath.

The Hopi Prophecy expected a white race to come and claim the land as their own. This would bring destruction to the Hopi Way of Life, yet … the prophecy also said there would be a “true” white elder-brother folk, who came from the East. These folk would help the younger brother-people, which we know as the aboriginal peoples of the Americas.

The “True” White Brother would have the life plan for the future. They are Sun-Clan, they are Children of the Sun.

I have been studying this prophecy for decades. I originally thought that the elder brother people were anthroposophists. Although, a key riddles is: to what is the elder brother “true”?

The wonder is that the Prophecy has this language, as to what will happen when the Day of Purification begins. The whole world will be rocked into war, twice, and then might come the third event: “This third event will depend upon the Red Symbol, which will take command, setting the four forces of nature (Meha) in motion for the benefit of the Sun”.

I originally thought that the Red Symbol was the Rose Cross, until Christ encouraged me to join the Catholic Church. There I came in touch with the mystical element in meditations on the image of the Sacred Heart.

At the time of Atlantis, the Christ was the Sun Being, yet not yet on the Earth. What the Hopi were “true” to is that all existence is living, including the Planet and the Stars. The Hopi also have this idea: that their Ceremonial work helps keep the world in balance.

Both esoteric Christianity (Anthroposophy is an aspect), and exoteric Christianity (the explosion of different Rites), are filled with ceremonial activity, with a common thread being the Eucharist – the Body and Blood of Christ.

We must not imagine these Rites have no effect. Whether it is the first mass, or the moment we stood up in church, to be saved.

Elsewhere I have written about the spiritual potential of the folk of the Rose Cross, to wash the feet of the folk of the Sacred Heart – for the unity of Christian depth is real, in spite of doctrinal confusions.

Among the elements, of the Hopi understanding, is the idea of the two brothers, and a broken stone tablet. Those who went East out of Atlantis had a different task then those who went West. The Western migrations led to aboriginal cultures in the Americas, that were of the nature of Earth Religions. In such Rites, the human being is an integral part of nature, not someone separate.

My meditations led me to seeing that the half of the stone tablet, held by the Hopi and their brother and sister Nations, is how to maintain a spiritual life as a community. The other half of the stone tablet was about individual development. The migrations to the East led to the founding of Western Civilization, and to the profound individualization we see everywhere today.

The idea of community can be expressed by the symbol of a Circle, while the idea of the individual can be expressed by the symbol of the Cross. Among aboriginal lore in the Americas is the idea of the coming unity of the Circle and the Cross.

This should be done openly and on purpose. The warriors at Standing Rock apologized for our abuse of native cultures. Yet to be done, is for the priests and initiates of the two aspects of Christianity, to do the same, for without a doubt the crimes in the Americas were promoted by the Catholic Religions.

Christianity flowed out of Europe, and murdered the stewards of the land, while claiming ownership of all. To aboriginals, the obvious question is what kind of dumb ass idiot thinks they can own the Mother.

Part of the wave front of this flood into the Americas was the appearance of materialistic unnatural science. The white races lost the Mother, and decreed the Son a fiction.

Yet, in Europe as these crisis of the opening music of the Day of Purification unfolded, the world began to receive new revelation, of which clearly Rudolf
Steiner was one “prophet”. Tomberg and Bardon are players as well, revelation tending to threeness.

Recent world-wide events, for example the plague that wasn’t, … yet still the Mother allowed for our foolishness to fester. She helps us, via Her role as Divine Providence, to experience a collapse of the insane rush of history towards the cliffs of stupid, … everyone got a time out, to reflect upon what’s next for them personally.

Keep in mind that this unfolding meeting of the younger and elder brother peoples is happening most intensely in the Americas, and particularly in the Nation we call; America. The Hopi are here. Standing Rock was here. The “Bioneers” (biological pioneers) are here.

America, the Nation, is something new, something never before. It is a developing People of Peoples, given that most of the whole world dreams of America as the better place than where they are.

Yet we live in a world where the conscienceless egregore of multinational corporations have freed themselves from the rule of nation states; or as Harvey Bornfield puts it: these entities are effectively nation states unto themselves.

These organizations are anti-life, except as the poor continue willing to serve/slave as workers, consumers, and cannon fodder for the corporation induced insanity of modern existence. They have their own armies, and seem to own the Courts of Law.

All the same there is a reason – no doubt known to the Steiner’s dreaded “occult brotherhoods” – to cripple America, and deaden the spirits of the America People, the People of Peoples. Why?

Because America was founded on the idea that there is no other sovereign but the citizen. This makes it possible for people in America to thwart the multinational titans of evil, if they can wake up to there own political/cultural riches.

America belongs to the world. The world needs to contribute to our healing. Americans cannot do what needs to be done spiritually, without the help of other citizens of the Mother. This is so crucial, that the opponents have driven us into our current social state, in order to weaken what lives in the Spirit of America, a Spirit Transcendent of all the ordinary foolishness.

Among the gifts of the “true white brother”, in sense of RS, is the science of knowing he developed, and the Goethean science he inspired. Unnatural scientific materialism has been overcome.

Tomberg with his Meditations on the Tarot, gave to laity and religious in the Roman Church a Way to unite Christianity, with the oldest forgotten Way – the Emerald Tablet, and the Tarot.

Franz Bardon teaches the intricacies of Ritual Life, that are in tune with the Emerald Tablet and the Tarot, and enable the modern human being to rediscover the possibility of rites of communion-with, instead of dominion-over.

Recall above the idea of the Hopi that their ceremonies help keep the world in balance. What would happen if some anthroposophists got together with a few free thinking practitioners of the Catholic “Religion”, and the both of them accepted the need to go to the Native peoples of the America, and apologize for all the evil that has been done to them in the name of Western “religion”?

The Emerald Tablet, the broken stone tablets, and the Foundation Stone united, through a ritual that recognizes prior responsibility, and blesses a new and much deeper connection – Circle and Cross made One.

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