Stupid-News, Item

Stupid-News, Item

Its common today to hear on the News, in America, that hospitals are stressed to their limits, because of the pandemic. These overflowing ICU environments have no room at their Inn.

In fact, the medical delivery system is being worn down, by months and months of too much too fast for the doctors, nurses, and support staff to keep up with demand.

This “system” doesn’t work without the people, and when we task them to the degree happening today, I do not doubt that in the aftermath many will be diagnosed with some type of PTSD, due to psychological trauma.

That the Covid Mystery is at fault is a dangerous assumption. America is a place where illness is a business, and corporations own most of it. Doctors don’t have individual practices anymore. They work for an HMO, which organizes the treatment of illness something like how factories are managed.

Between the insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical companies and the HMOs, most of the wealth produced by this for-profit health shitstem goes up and out, into high executive salaries, and shareholder value.

Only part of this wealth goes to actual direct care. The patient is a line item on a spread sheet for the accountants, and a near impossible trial for the care givers.

It is not that the pandemic is growing faster and faster, but rather that in America we have met the natural limit of healthcare capacity. Our hospitals are full, not because of the extreme nature of the number of illnesses, but because the profit motive didn’t care to be more than a business, and not a real service to people in need, for which “our” government should be responsible. Government too is ruled by wealth, and wealth – obviously – doesn’t care.

A similar social disaster happened when Chaney, Rumsfeld, and Bush started sending our warriors overseas into two wars. A lot of warriors were needed as cannon fodder, in order to protect American financial interests. Yet, the three stooges knew the public would not accept a draft.

So they start taking America’s national guard folks, weekend warriors that kept up with their skills. If you are in the National Guard you made a promise. If you are in the National Guard you likely were fully enlisted at one time, and may already have seen “combat”.

Out of fear of the political reaction to a draft, these warriors keep being asked/forced to go back, once the initial tour was over. Back, and then back again … two wars chewing up and spitting out warriors dead, warriors crippled for life, and warriors extremely psychologically damaged.

That’s what our “government” and its owners are doing to the heroes of the current health crisis.

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