Watching the Evening News on PBS

Watching the Evening News on PBS

I was bored almost immediately. I felt like I could write what is being said while sitting on the “(((”. Bernie Sanders told his story about raising the taxes on the unseemly rich. Fat chance that.

Not that his hopes and dreams fail to be on point … While the two parties play their games, wasting time and serving their masters, … because of the Covid Mystery the whole economic engine is collapsing.

We took huge numbers out of the work force all over the world. For the wealthy and powerful this looked good, then the whole flow of goods and services starting breaking down.

As usual government wants to spend money, which means borrowing money. Then inflation because to cover the borrowing the Fed has to make “money” out of nothing.

No effect on the rich, though. They keep doing fine.

If you want to scare your own pants off, study up on recent history in Venezuela.

Linda and I are recovering from illness, a seasonal flu has been about. She’s twice vaccinated, and I will not be vaccinated . As a vaccinated person she has faith that somewhere in all this fuss, good things are being done. I agree, with the caveat that the science alleged to justify the restrictions has great weaknesses, which are not being allowed to be debated in public.

I’ve not been vaccinated in the last twenty years … except … about four years ago my primary care physician really wanted to keep me healthy, so I agreed to let her give me that year’s “flu” shot.

That night I had the worst case of the chills I’ve ever had. No fever, just all the long muscles on the arms and legs shook and shuddered. I did not sleep. I did however trust the wisdom in my body.

I understood that the shaking was driven by the miracle of the “immune system”, which was generating and directing a lot of heat/energy. I feel cold, because the body wisdom is busy eating an invader. Although tired, the next day I felt fine.

When I told my doctor this story, she insisted that there was no live virus in the vaccine, so my experience could not be explained by the shot. Sure.

The Covid Mystery has made me more aware of certain differences, among the general public, about what “illness” is. Mostly being ill with the flu is bad, and we need drugs, over and under the counter. Socially, go to work if possible in spite of how we feel.

For years we have had seasonal flu. The seasonal flu is not an illness. It is the wisdom of the body throwing off toxins. We are not getting sick, we are getting well. Still the elimination processes are often painful and dramatic.

My experience of the last couple of days was one night where some pain in the gut made it hard to sleep, and the next day I realized I was bloated, as happens when I eat wheat/poison.

When I reviewed everything I had eaten last 24 hours, it was clear it wasn’t “gluten intolerance”. I was careful with my diet, and noticed a lack of appetite. I feel quite normal now, although as expected the change in “diet” influenced elimination processes.

My Lady – the day after I started to deal with the bloating – felt tried in the morning and laid down, before engaging the ritual of successfully throwing up.

When I visited in the midst of this dance she wondered if she was feverish. I palm touch her forehead and the back of her neck. Warmth was normal, although she was sweating.

She entered a nap and slept for several hours, waking feeling quite well, yet didn’t mind being encouraged to not be too active.

Both of us are tired, yet symptom free. Sort of.

For Linda the psychological aspect was ridden with fears and worries about Covid, and could she infect me. Ought she quarantine. Go take a test. Who should she tell.

Having a seasonal flu (toxin elimination) is not an illness. Its the magic wisdom of the body we lamely call – because its mysteries remain unseen – the immune system.

I recently read, again, that we live in a sea of germs and viruses, and some of those go from one variant to another every ten hours. Our bodies have lived in such seas for uncounted millennia – might be reasonable to believe that the science asserted god-like magic of the DNA has learned a thing or two.

At one point as Linda was resting, just before her healing long nap, I was inspired to suggest that she surrender to the process.

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