the indictment for crimes against humanity

the following document examines this moment in the history of humanity, which is called, in some circles, the Covid-19 Plague. The author sees the world as filled with spirit, not just matter. He also sees the world as having many people for whom the word evil fails to grasp their essence … alien and inhuman gets closer.

there is below a lengthy discussion of the Official Narrative as to the causes of this plague, and this seeks to disenchant them of their lies and falsehoods. In some places on the Internet and elsewhere, folk caught up is this are falsely described by others as “sheep”. Ordinary people, who seem to be submitting to a kind of tyranny, really have complex day to day lives, full of woes of various kinds, and have no time to work out the kinds of thoughts and ideas to be found below ….

from the stand point of the Divine Mystery, we are all the right person, in the right place, at the right time. In our biographies then, the reach of our individual will is to be definitive. The Mystery trusts us, and we might consider trusting Them back, as to the Big Picture …


for crimes against humanity

Whereas the Peoples of the World are suffering grievous harm at the hands of Multinational Corporations, which are enabled to do so by the failures of various Heads of State and other politicians, who also gain personal wealth by their oppression of the human beings over which they claim the right to control, imprison, and kill, …

We the People of the Earth assert our power to try in the Court of Public Opinion such immoral actors for these crimes.

This is a simple matter of Justice, which neither the Corporations or various State actors pursue, given that present day legal tribunals have also failed to guard the People of the Earth from the overreaching of these entities into their personal lives.

The Rights of Humanity, as developed in the Hague following World War Two, and expressed in The ten points of the Nuremberg Code concerning “permissible human experiments” (1) … these Rights are being violated right now in the actions leading up to the worldwide social crisis we label: the Covid Plague.

True Justice is the Right of each Individual human being, given that the human being is a divine emanation of the Mystery Itself. The ancient priests, of the early stages of Egyptian civilization, understood that the human being was the microcosm, an exact analogue of the Microcosm, formulated sometimes this way: “As Above, so Below; and, as Below, so Above; for the miracle of the One”.

Fundamentally the individual human being is to be both the trier of fact, as well as the enumerator of the law … in this case, Divine Law. We are prosecutor, judge, and jury, and we call before the Bar of Justice, in the Court of Public Opinion, these State and Corporate actors to be judged for their crimes.

The following facts can be established, for each individual, through becoming familiar with certain writings concerning the lies being told to the public. What is being challenged here is the belief in the Official Narrative as to the causes and meaning of the pandemic.

Certain lies have been in existence since just after the 1918 flu epidemic, where the scientists of that era established as fact, that there was no contagious illness at play. These observations have since been covered over with propaganda that benefited the big pharmaceutical companies.

The scientific examination of the actual reality revealed that the five so-called centers of contagion were in fact so far apart from each other that it was simply not possible to claim that any one center of alleged contagion had spread disease to the whole world.

In looking for a common factor to explain this mystery, it had been discovered that each of the five major “sources” had recently been exposed locally to new electronic radiation in the atmosphere, from the first five powerful radar installations of that era. (2)

Essentially, humanity was becoming exposed to even more illness generating pollution, than was already present everywhere in the soil, the air, the water, the food, and our medicines, since the mid-19th century when industrial civilization began to rule. What can be called “scientific materialism” had become a kind of pseudo-scientific religion, where modern scientists claimed that the human being was only matter, and without an interior life of spirit and soul.

Today this riddle has come down to an argument about whether “qualia”, such as the smell of a rose – which cannot be measured, is of equal importance as what today’s science discovers in it investigations of “quantities”, which can be measured. Every ordinary person can self observe that our conscious experience actually consists primarily of qualia.

Without doubt people are suffering and dying everywhere. The underlying question is whether or not the Official Narrative actually explains Why.

The general false assumption can be called: the germ/virus theory of disease. To understand this riddle, it is necessary to appreciate the history of natural science, no small matter. (3) At the same time, for the purposes of this Indictment, this theory asserts that a very tiny piece of semi-organic material can invade the human biological organism, and “cause” illness.

Is that true?

The phenomena observed by the priests of the religion of materialistic science is that there comes to be a massive proliferation of these organisms in various regions of the physical body, and this is a sign of causality – although even doctors know that “mere association does not establish causality”.

Among more rigorous thinkers, it is clear that this proliferation is not the cause, but just another symptom of illness. The reasons the body serves as food for these organisms, is because the Whole Itself is Out of Balance. In our present situation, this lack of balance is an effect of long term industrial pollution.

As our bodies have had to deal with illness producing toxins and poison, even the DNA has been weakened in its ability to transmit health from parent to child. We, at birth, already have compromised immune systems. When you add the number of “vaccines’’ being given to children these days, … these weaken the immune system as well

An important phenomena is the appearance of “seasonal flu”. We are taught to believe the “flu” is a disease, when in fact it is an effort by the body’s immune system to throw off the toxins and poisons encountered every single day of our lives.

We live in a sea of anti-life manufactured and synthetic chemistry, and it is no wonder that we are chronically ill. The appearance today of the phenomena called “long Covid” is further proof. People who have had this “flu-plague” and “recovered”, continue to be ill, and in some cases die, even though “vaccinated”.

To appreciate this, we need to look at the four major soul and spiritual aspects, which materialistic medicine doesn’t know what to do with, because they can’t be measured: Stress, Sensitivity, Will to Live, and the true mystery of the Immune System.

Quoted material just below is without a footnote link, because anyone can Google for these definitions – they are everywhere, and well known, yet now forgotten in our panic responses to this crisis.

People are under a great deal of Stress in their normal lives. “The body’s autonomic nervous system controls your heart rate, breathing, vision changes and more. Its built-in stress response, the “fight-or-flight response,” helps the body face stressful situations. When a person has long-term (chronic) stress, continued activation of the stress response causes wear and tear on the body. Physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms develop.”

The pandemic political responses increase Stress, … they do not alleviate it.

In normal life we hold each other for comfort, touch being essential to health. “When you don’t get enough physical touch, you can become stressed, anxious, or depressed. As a response to stress, your body makes a hormone called cortisol. This can cause your heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and breathing rate to go up, with bad effects for your immune and digestive systems.”

The erroneous idea of contagion has caused officials to require social distancing, masking, lock-downs, and in the worst case hospitalization, where both caregiver and patient are completely physically isolated from each other – no comforting contact allowed.

Sensitivity has been well known for a long time. With regard to our medicines, this phenomena is called by the useless euphemism: “side effects”. In the book The Invisible Rainbow it is pointed out that when electricity was first discovered, people gathered at “parties”, to hold hands in circles through which a mild electrical current was run. When “Sensitive” folks began to faint and/or have nosebleeds, this “fun” ceased to be attractive.

Will to Live – Wikipedia: “There are significant correlations between the will to live and existential, psychological, social, and physical sources of distress. Many, who overcome near-death experiences with no explanation, have described the will to live as a direct component of their survival. The difference between the wish to die versus the wish to live is also a unique risk factor for suicide.”

Here we come to the phenomena of so much death among elders enduring nursing home care. Touch is lost. Masking confuses. Social Distancing is crazy. Most of these elderly already have chronic “diseases”, and are being treated with side-effect producing “medicines”. When their “immune system” tries to throw off toxins, these flu symptoms are seen as a result of the Covid-Mysteries, and their letting go of life is “counted” as due to the plague, when this “plague” has very little to do with it, other than add stress, and ignore sensitivity. When they have their personal near-death experience, they accept the opportunity to let go of the physical body and be welcomed into the afterlife by family.

The mysterious “Immune System”: “The immune system protects your child’s body from outside invaders, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins (chemicals produced by microbes). It is made up of different organs, cells, and proteins that work together. There are two main parts of the immune system: The innate immune system, which you are born with; and the adaptive immune system, which you develop when your body is exposed to microbes or chemicals released by microbes. These two immune systems work together.”

In the jungles of Major Media, we have the terms: anti-vaccers, and conspiracy theorists. Keep in mind the common quip, … If there actually is a conspiracy, you are not crazy, or paranoid.

In the late 19th Century a man by the name of Rudolf Steiner began the work of seeing past scientific materialism, and becoming able to observe phenomena revealing the inherent spiritual aspects of the human being. From this was birthed what is called Anthroposophical Medicine. Those, who practice this more evolved kind of healing practice, are required to first obtain the necessary degrees and such, to become licensed to practice medicine, before they study Steiner’s indications. This generally involves an apprenticeship with another doctor, already experienced in this more spiritual approach.

A friend of mine, a family doctor board certified in internal medicine, was attracted to Anthroposophical Medicine, when she realized conventional medicine payed almost no attention to nutrition as a factor illness. This evolved “Anthroposophical” medicine knew that the nature of what we eat is crucial to health.

This advanced form of medicine observes that “vaccinations” for childhood illnesses impede the needed effect of theses “diseases” in developing the immune system, through its exercise in meeting and dealing with these kinds of “illness” producing organisms. Just as we fail a child, when we restrict play, and running around learning how to use their physical body, we also fail the child when we inhibit (suppress the symptoms) of illness as are needed to give the mysterious immune system the opportunity to develop in a normal way.

At this point we have gotten deep into advances in medical science requiring specialized knowledge. I must insist that anyone wishing to argue with these aspects become familiar with the works of the healer Thomas Cowan. He used to have a medical license, but as with most doctors who disagree with the Official Narrative, the AMA has taken the right to practice from him.

He is, essentially, the Einstein of modern medicine. Just as Einstein broke with Newton’s thought, which allowed great advances in physics*, so does Thomas Cowan’s work greatly advance medicine. What is also of note is that while Einstein’s work is obscure to most of us, Cowan wrote four books, quite accessible to ordinary educated people. Sally Fallon has also worked with him on these tasks. These should be read in order of being published, as each is the necessary foundation for the next.

*[Physics, as we know, is highly involved with the measurable quantitative to the exclusion of the immeasurable qualitative, such as: Stress, Sensitivity, Will to Live, and the mysterious immune system, which is mysterious to present day thinking because it can’t quite figure out with numbers how the Whole works together.]

(1) “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease.” (2) “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.” (3) “Cancer, and the New Biology of Water.” (4) “The Myth of Contagion.”

As we know, modern medicine has no cure for heart disease or cancer, and even the “vaccines” presently offered do not cure, … they only suppress symptoms. “Suppress”, by the way, is medicine that “Forces” the bodies natural wisdom to react is specific ways. In evolved medicine we work with the body, not against it – which failure via materialistic medicine is a source of even more stress.

There are many factual and logical reasons for seeing the Official Narrative is a work of fiction. (4) The following are the two most obvious. Just keep in mind that Big Tobacco stood in front of the American Congress, under oath, and said they did not know nicotine was addictive; and, one of the members of Big Pharma claimed for years that oxycodone (a synthetic opiod) was not addictive, and is now paying billions of dollars in damages to the States that have sued them for the illnesses and deaths they caused in the name of unmitigated profits.

Reason One: It is guilty mind that stands behind the achievement of Big Pharma to get the American Congress – in the late 1980’s – to save them from any liability for illness and death that flow from their “vaccines”. (again, keep in mind that vaccines do not cure, they just reduce symptoms). Big Pharma can employ armies of bent scientists, and without a doubt knows exactly what is going on, just as did Big Tobacco. (bent: morally compromised and extremely well paid).

Reason Two: Real science consists of arguments, as different thinkers and researchers battle each other in publicly accessible forums over what is the truth. In the present, such debate is completely censored by the control just six major corporations have over what gets into the News. We get one Official version, and the contrary findings and ideas are forcibly suppressed.

A recent meme on Facebook tells this story: A westerner was in China, and noticed that his friends did not watch the news. He asked why, and was told: We know that the News is propaganda, and therefore useless. Why do you westerners believe your News is any less compromised?

Let us now consider numbers, which are put forth on the Evening News with a kind of Blythe Abandon (seemingly joyous freedom).

When I was growing in Montana, in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s, the following folk wisdom was taught: How do you know a politician is lying? His mouth is open; and, there are lies, damn lies, and then statistics.

The News makes a great deal of numbers and statistics. All the material about the peaks and valleys of the course of the faux-pandemic – that comes from the epidemiologists – are guesses based on statistical analysis. Depending on the basic assumptions, it is possible to make statistics say anything.

Peaks are only what we see on the News. For example, we are told that a high number of cases, and so forth, happened a few months ago, and today those numbers are even higher. Factually, if the real graph was displayed, instead of a high number, it would be clear that between one and the other, is a long valley, where the numbers of cases is almost zero. This is, of course, normal to annual flu seasons: spikes separated by long weeks and months of little or no flu “outbreaks” at all.

Those who follow carefully the Official Narrative have observed a kind of constant readjustment to its content, as what was predicted to happen, didn’t quite fit what was actually happening.

A category called “cases” appeared, which category had not been there in the beginning. As matters unfolded what was a “case” depended upon whether a certain test had been done. This test is not for the alleged Covid micro-organism itself, but for remnants of the “strain”, of which Covid is the newest variety, thus the early name: Covid-19. Most everyone given a flu vaccine in the last ten years will have Covid strain debris in their body.

The scientist, who invented the test – as part of a search for answers about AIDS, later declared that it didn’t really work. For this confession his life and career was ruined.

Another word, with some inherent confusion, is: symptom. You could be a case, but not symptomatic (fever, achy, and other symptoms common to the ordinary flu). If those showed up you had to be “quarantined”. More Stress. Just call to mind the long lines of cars, filled with scared people, waiting get the test the “authorities” assert will show they have been “infected”. Followed later by more long lines to receive vaccines, which then needed booster shots, and for some today, a third is urged.

So, … we get ill, then come the forced suppression of symptoms, which apparently don’t work well unless we add more force. Can the reader remember when Big Pharma was just satisfied with an annual flu vaccine, … an odd situation given that many vaccinated people still got the “flu” (which, remember, is not a disease, but the initial efforts by the immune system to heal us from the ravages of industrial pollution).

Many such symptomatic cases included people who already had some form of chronic disease, from alcoholism to heart disease, and one or another stage of cancer. Some were lifetime smokers as well. Others obese.

In “normal” flu seasons, the course of the flu for people with these kinds of health issues can be quite difficult, even leading to death. The Official Narrative stopped making any of those distinctions, so that if you were hospitalized, and/or died, the responsibility was laid at the feet of the alien virus, and generally almost no autopsies to determine the actual cause of death have been undertaken.

Basically the real meaning of “number” of cases, and numbers of deaths and hospitalization, has been greatly exaggerated. Apparently this was done to convince the public that this was not a normal flu season, but rather a plague or pandemic as was alleged to have happened around 1918, which the book The Invisible Rainbow proves false.

As a final comment on this theme, it can be stated that when the News – as it is doing today – asserts that America, for example, is experiencing a far greater number of deaths than since 1918 – this is a complete fabrication as anyone with Google can establish.

Contrary to the Official Narrative, if folk were dying in America at the same rate as in 1918, instead of 670,000 deaths (as of the day I am writing this), we would have now had over two million.

Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

When this idea of the arrival of the “pandemic” happend, a short video of Judy Mikovits (a research scientist) – “the Plandemic” appeared in social media. What struck me the most was how quickly this individual was attacked in the same “social media”.

Wikipedia describes her as discredited, and a conspiracy theorist.

The attacks were personal, and appeared by the hundreds over the next few days. Nothing of the underlying scientific questions were discussed … she was just declared to be an outlier who didn’t know what she was talking about, who was not qualified to judge, and in addition was a person of dubious character.

I wondered what did she say that caused such a crucifixion of her person. If she had zero credibility, why bother.

The video had been removed from Facebook and YouTube, but was saved in other less controlled social media. When I read it, the basic point was clear: a very great deal of money is to be made by those who hold the numerous “patent” rights, for the soon to be sold “medicines”.

She also had previously published a book,“A Plague of Corruption”. At issue, for purposes of the Indictment, is whether or not, such media darlings as Dr. Fauci, were free of conflicts of interest, given their ownership of many of these medical patents.

We have been taught to trust “the science”. Is it actually trustworthy? Even the most casual observation of the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and the U. S. Food and Drug Administration reveals the too close relationship between officials in those agencies, and large corporations. Like former military officers, who leave that service and get high paying jobs in the Military Industrial Complex, so officials in the above organizations go on to lucrative positions in large corporations.

Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, with the warning about the influence of the military industrial complex, also gave a warning, that to his observation a great deal of money was invading our colleges and universities, causing receivers of grant money to become more beholden to the source of the money, than to the truth. This money was not for pure scientific research, and a scientist who did not support the needs of the giver, would not continue to receive grants.

My older brother – a brilliant and sensitive soul, who had a PhD in microbiology, left this field in despair, mostly because the students attending his graduate seminars were more interested in being fed answers for tests, then in doing actual science. Somehow they had gotten their first degree, without understanding the ideal of real scientific work. This, to my brother, meant that something had broken down in undergraduate studies.

A few years back, the twenty-year editor of the English scientific Journal, the Lancet, admitted that as much as half of all articles were not peer-reviewed, many lacked a viable sample size, and/or exhibited faulty reasoning as well.

My first blog observations, of the arriving of the idea of a full blown plague, wondered why did we trust: News media, politicians, and pharmaceutical corporations, as all were well known, to anyone who cared to know, to be professional liars.

I also pointed out the illogical process by which News media were beginning to go to politicians, and ask this silly question: What are you – politician – going to do about the plague?

To expect good decisions from professional liars was idiotic. To demand that they take a position (on stuff about which they have no personal knowledge), just enabled a lot of actions, whose soul purpose was to make the politician look like they did know. If we follow the actions of many governors, and even higher officials, they bend with the winds of “what makes me look good”.

Needing experts, and given that the compromised Media was quite willing to let Dr. Antony Fauci be the main spokesperson, the Official Narrative had a face, but only one face. In actual science there are serious disagreements. Where were the dissenting points of view?

Both the assassination of JFK, and the falling of the Towers in 9/11, produced considerable arguments against their Official Narratives.

I even wrote that with certainty, when the dust settled, and the pontificating experts had to give their opinions under oath in a court of law, their lying would be exposed. The reader should know that I have a degree in law, graduated with the high A in Evidence, was a clerk on the Montana Supreme Court, and was licensed to practice law in both Montana and Colorado.

I presently have an organization called: Shaman’s Law Firm, which was originally dedicated to the idea that: If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law. (5)

Presently, uncensored social media is full of memes challenging the lack of logic in the Narrative:

“The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected”

“Hey stupid, if you don’t use your umbrella mine won’t work”

“At no time in history have the people who force others into compliance been the good guys”

“Please wash your hands regularly. Don’t worry about your brain, we’ve already done that for you”

“The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous, rather than cowardly” George Carlin

“Trust the science? Coercion is not science. Withholding data is not science. Manipulating data is not science. Cherry picking studies is not science. Fear-mongering is not science. Pharma propaganda is not science.”

A frequent type of meme quotes George Orwell’s 1984.

However, … my view is that ordinary people, basically scared witless, are not really sheep as some imply. Most everyone has a lot on their plate, and navigating the confusing messages takes up too much time, when they are immersed in the stuff of life: involving their regular illnesses, their terrible bosses, their ungrateful children, and never ever enough money.

Would that this was all that needs to be said, so if the reader wishes, take a break, … when you come back I’ll try to unravel certain ideas that come in words:

Super-spreaders, and herd immunity: The theory of contagious illness, when applied to flu and such, runs into problems when we examine the facts on the ground so to speak.

As back ground, let me relate a story from ten or so years ago.

An “outbreak” of measles appeared in a small city, which caused consternation reported in the never ever wrong Media. Measles, we were told, had been eradicated.

In the community where this happened was a Waldorf School, and folks there did not vaccinate their children. These being then the dreaded anti-vaccers, blame was laid on them for the outbreak. The problem was that none of the unvaccinated got ill with the measles. Only vaccinated children did.

As the Media Noise lessened, an expert in these diseases explained that measles cases appear every year, with generally less than two hundred children involved, although sometimes death was a result. The causes of such outbreaks were unknown, although in the above material I have explained that these illness do not mean a bug is on the loose, but rather such aspects of health as too much vaccinations and such, harm the immune system, and matters of stress, and sensitivity need to be factored in.

Such clusters appear every flu season, and in order to maintain the fiction of contagion, there arose the idea of the “super-spreader”, and the need for “herd immunity”. Wuhan, an alleged contagion source in China, has some of the worst air pollution in China, … is a place with many elderly workers who are lifetime smokers, and had just been invaded with 5G, a very intense uptick in atmospheric electrical irradiation.

Efforts at “contact tracing” fail, because of the false assumption of contagion. As applied to the current “plague”, we have a problem well known where issues of the philosophy of science are discussed. If we already think we know the cause, all the data is predetermined to fit into the existing model.

Currently we have the “fast tracking” of these new vaccines. This a terrible mistake. Vaccines usually undergo intense research scrutiny, for there are around ten categories of types of folk, that each need to be tested independently, so as to insure the vaccine will do no harm, such as pregnant women, young children, adolescents, the aged and so forth.

Right now only three of the most basic categories of human beings have had their potential for possible harm tested. Permission needs to be had if the other groups are to be ignored, so the CDC and the FDA can authorize skipping several steps of complicated and expensive testing, typically required of a new medicine or vaccines.

What this means is we really do not know if there will be problems, although the reason these groups are tested, in a laborious and costly process, is because history has shown different types of folk have different sensitivities, which if not accounted for can cause members of that group much harm, such as the horrible consequences of thalidomide.

Because of these types of problems VAERS was invented. “The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is an early warning system that helps CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitor health … “

People, who follow the details of this “plague?”, observe that there is a lot of under-reporting going on. Vaccine manufacturers benefit if adverse reactions get lost in the mass of data, now being accumulated.

In the beginning of the “pandemic”, there were questions of how transmission occurred. Air born? Physical contact? These worries gave birth to masks, social distancing, washing every exposed surface, and the ultimate assault: quarantines and lock-downs. Over time, even the efficacy of masks came in doubt, and the CDC and friends declared (after the fact) that better and more costly masks needed to be used.

This world-wide confusion then led politicians (who depend upon experts, who often do not agree) to create – through lock-downs – a removal of about a third of the world’s workers from the actual economic processes. It was obvious, to at least a few, that the world’s economy would never recover from this catastrophe.

Today the flow of goods has collapsed. Cargo ships wait outside ports, unable to off load needed containers. Semi-conductor and transistor manufacturers are not producing enough so as to prevent automobile production to normalize. As people traveled less, car rentals at airports tanked, and those companies had to self off inventory to compensate, which they are presently unable to replace.

The Evening News is reporting that we should buy our Christmas presents now, for later there will be great scarcity. Restaurants can’t find enough labor, at the old pay rates. Health care givers are traumatized, just as soldiers in war suffer from PTSD.

In the beginning, “conspiracy theorists” warned that social controls would arise, greatly reducing human freedom, ultimately producing political and economic tyranny. They were right.

Enforced masking, mandated vaccination, and documentary proof of the same, are totalitarian. People leery of the real effects of these untested vaccines are being shamed by the fearful, as the idea of “herd immunity” still retains its magical unscientific meaning.

As these matters unfolded, I bought a book on epidemiology, that gave simple explanations of this statistic based “science”. Between about page thirty to forty this problem of “association does not prove causality” was discussed, in some detail. It would go to far afield for our present purposes, but the curious reader might look to the tortured reasoning used to avoid this serious logical problem.

As I said above – which does deserve repeating – if science thinks it already knows the answers, new facts highly tend to be made to conform to existing theory. (6)

There is “scientific” work, using an electron microscope, that asserts it can “see” precisely how the micro-organism causes the infection (remember the flu itself is the body beginning to heal). The problems with this technology is complicated, and a long essay of mine on the deeper questions can be found here (7)

From the beginning of the “pandemic”, a kind of war broke out on social media such as Facebook and YouTube. The complaint was made, by the powers that be, asserting both places were hotbeds of false and misleading information, contrary to the Official Narrative. A great deal has been out-rightly censored in these venues, and as we know today Facebook, for example, puts profit before any effect on people or the culture at large.

Something that is helpful to realize is that we are in a vast historical process, which I call the dying and becoming of Western Civilization. Most large institutions, such as governments, and even corporations, are going into failure mode. They are fragile because they have become full of too much order. (8)

Yeats had it right … “things fall apart, the center cannot hold, and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”

How to take part in this Justice Creative-Activity as an Individual:

In the most ancient – early Egyptian symbolic book of wisdom, Justice, the eighth major Arcane of the Tarot in modern versions, is called “The Balance and the Sword”.

Its meaning is described this way: “At the top of three steps which represent the three worlds*, sits a woman, her brow circled with a crown of iron, the emblem of inflexibility: her eyes are bandaged, to indicate she holds no account of the social position of the accused ones. A sword in one hand and a balance in the other, she judges and she punishes. The lion by her side symbolizes Force ruled over by Justice, and the Sphinx next to it, the eye of God who looks into the souls of the wicked. The winged Turtle above symbolizes Repentance which may obtain forgiveness in spite of the greatness of the crime. Finally a divine messenger tells us that the justice of God will be the final judge of the justice of men” (9)

*[the spiritual or mental world, the psychological or soul world, and the physical or material world]

A very important book on Jurisprudence, by Valentin Tomberg: “The Art of the Good – On the Regeneration of Fallen Justice”, lays out in detail how, over time, the nature of the higher ideals of Justice and Jurisprudence fell into their present state of decay. This book should satisfy any legal scholar interested in the details. I will not pretend it is an easy read, and here I just point in the direction of such ideas as: The Ideally Good res divnae, on the upper axis of a cross, and The Ideally Evil below; while on the horizontal axis – to the left, is Factual Knowledge res humanae, and on the right The Norm.

When transformed, The Ideally Good res divinae becomes divinarum → justi, and the Ideally Evil becomes humanarum →injusti. Factual Knowledge becomes res humanae jurisprdentia, and the Norm becomes rerum notitia → atque scientia.

The Latin is crucial as during the time of Rome and into the middles ages, before scientific materialism, the scholars of Jurisprudence wrote their erudite and careful studies in Latin. The fallen Law of today still includes many Latin phrases.

For the current reader of this Indictment, we are simply pointing out the fact that moral thinking, in our time, has been replaced with the values of economic and political interests. Our modern laws are born in a tyranny, a rule of money over common sense, that serves the few, at a serious cost to the many.

I do not apologize for the length of this essay. The subject itself demands it. For the individual who made it this far, I urge that you share it with others. Again, the point, as it were, is to get these horrible events before the bar of the Court of Public Opinion, so that individuals can find their way to dealing with the terrorism of modern corporate and political ambition.


(2) “The Invisible Rainbow”




(6) “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”, Thomas Kuhn


(8) “Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder” Nassim Nicholas Taleb

(9) “Practical Astrology” by Saint Germain – the only text which combines into a singled system: Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot.

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