Dear The Nature Institute Folk,

Dear The Nature Institute folk,

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I am writing in regard to your short paper on Tom Cowan’s views as to whether or not contagious diseases, via small bits of matter, are the cause of illness.

There is probably no more important contemporary spiritual adventure than the seeking of the meaning of this plague. Billions of people affected. Great fear of death. Incredible uncertainty.

Among a few, this is clearly also a unique riddle for those attracted to Anthroposophy, and the work of Rudolf Steiner. Already among the anthroposophic physicians there is disagreement. Many accept the dominant narrative as the truth, yet others are just as certain that narrative is not the truth.

A physician/healer, Tom Cowan, has stepped bravely forward with the “idea” that there is no contagious illness active in these troubles. Yet, over in The Nature Institute, a place well versed in modern scientific riddles, Tom’s latest book is criticized for failing to really grasp the underlying “accepted science”.

Is Tom wrong? Is The Nature Institute confused? Humanity could not be more at sea, what with the social pressure to vaccinate everyone.

In the following, I will try to find a thread/path through to the truth, which can be quite surprising. Beware, … some knowledge is dangerous, given that often to know, means also to act.

Serious riddles … I’ll try to walk around them a bit … look from different qualities of thought …

I found your defense of current thinking curious, given your reputation. Clearly there are scholars among you, able to read and absorb medical research literature in a way I cannot, lacking that necessary “training” for that. Be more accurate to see me as a generalist, rather than a specialist.

My ideas are small, yet about the very large. I am 80 years old, by the way.

Since there will be reasonable questions as to whether or not I have something useful to say, let me provide some background material. I have a BA in pre-seminary, from Denver University; and a JD in law from Montana State University.

I have been a student of Steiner’s, and Goethean science, since beginning that journey in 1978. Before that, I had spent about seven years studying the Hermetic Science of the ancient Egyptians, aka: magic. This science is just a self-study of the elements, and the laws that govern their relationship to material and non-material existence, we being the microcosm. As above, so below for the miracle of the one.

Fire is their symbol of will, water the symbol for feeling, air the symbol for the intellect, and earth the symbol for consciousness.

Having already had my own questions on the nature of mind, I then took an interest – that has lasted for decades – in the exploration of the mind outlined in Steiner’s GA-2, “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception”, and GA-4, “The Philosophy of Freedom.”

On that path I met the lessor and Greater guardians of the threshold over the Christmas season of 2009-10. I was 70. This is an initiation related to the Father and the Son. Previously, on Epiphany 2008, I was initiated into the Mysteries of the Mother.

My CV is here: My spiritual biography is here: “Familiar Spirits and the Education of a Shaman”

Inspired by Steiner and Goethe, I undertook a phenomenological study of the realm of the social/political life of humanity, learning to read that Book somewhat in the way Goethe read the Book of Nature. My masterwork, which is basically a spiritual social science text, is called: “The Art of God – an actual theory of Everything.”

I have written various “scientific studies”, at the edges of different disciplines, which can be found here:

One of which involves a long study of the relationship of the four classical elements to the four fundamental forces/transformations of modern physics.

I am familiar with Andrew Linnell, and his work on the Mystery of Technology. I have made a study of electrical and magnetic phenomena, and on that long journey came to “see” that electricity can only be understood as something whole, never parts. In the highest sense, electricity (called the force of coherence in Lehrs’ “Man or Matter”) is where the Father came to rest, following the Creation.

Goethe, as you may know, believed that there had to be some fundamental sub-strata basis to Nature, otherwise there would be no primal order, just the chaos of unregulated growth.

It is hard for the mind to picture the degree of wholeness permeating everything that has been manifested. The study of projective geometry can help with this need for the imagination to picture infinite qualities. To make the shift from the particle nature of scientific materialism, to the wholeness nature of reality, is not easy.

As Barfield pointed out, most of our words (and their related concepts) carry materialistic aspects in their meaning we don’t even notice.

My studies of Steiner, as regards the plague question, begin and end with the problem of smallness. He was, if we are awake to the subtitles involved, concerned with both the idea of the “germ” and the “atom”. Not the material “thing”, but the idea/concept itself.

It has helped me to reflect on Dr. Hauschka’s remarks in his book: “The Nature of Substance”, regarding how it is that when we attack water, with chemicals or “electricity”, these “powers” kill something living, such that the right conception for hydrogen and oxygen in this case is “corpse” material. We kill the element of life (see Schwenk’s “Sensitive Chaos”), and not only is the remaining “stuff” dead, these actions also release light and heat, which are the liberation of elemental beings involved in the manifestation. (See also, Adams’ “Universal Forces in Mechanics”)

Materialism, having dis-ensouled matter into conscious-less things, has been giving “names” to corpse parts. Water tortured into two molecules, sans the elementals, next gives us the atom. That corpse part itself is further assaulted into parts, corpses of corpses – aka: what Steiner called our mastery of the forces of death.

Every kind of stuff has consciousness, known to the ancients as the Mother, the Many, paired with the Father, the One. Even your keyboard has this kind of consciousness, being itself made of elemental beings.

Where resides the primary universal consciousness in “matter/stuff”? Electricity, the Father at Rest. In Hermetics, the will/fire principle is also called the electric fluid. The feeling/water principle is call the magnetic fluid. As both were created at the same time, and are inseparable, physics calls this marriage electromagnetism.

The primal reality began as a unity, and retains that unity-nature even as the One becomes the Many. For this reason we find that particles – related in the right way, can be separated in space, but remain connected in time.

In his two books on “The Plant”, Gerbert Grohmann helps us see/know the idea that there is just One Plant, manifesting in Many ways. This would include all plant-like corpse parts, the natural debris we swim in ourselves – every aspect of the material and spiritual worlds remains deeply interconnected. Meanwhile, we today feel/think/imagine/believe we are separate from all that appears to be “other”, … yet, we are not.

Consider the “onlooker separation”, by which the beginning of the Epoch of the Consciousness Soul announces itself. In Gottfried Richter’s “Art and Human Consciousness” we get introduced to how it is that art births perspective. In Barfield, we see the evolution of language, as it changes on the cusp of the on-looker separation.

While we can imagine the forest as the lungs of the world, it is a bit harder to see that wherever we have imagined a boundary, there is no boundary except in our conceptual life. All of the green world, from the very small to the big and tall, is one single organ of exchange of primal life entities*, with their immediate living environment. *[Steiner’s ethereal formative forces, all of which are Beings, not things.]

I could go on, but here I just want to question whether or not the electron microscope actually sees/knows what we theorize it sees/knows. Especially given the “weight” of preconceptions and assumptions that permeate most of our “scientific” thinking. First I see in a mirror darkly, but then face to face.

The sense world looks/knows us, better than we do Her/Them/Him. What we hear, is borne by elemental beings, not molecules of air. What we see, touch, feel, breathe … no disconnections, nothing without self-aware sentient consciousness.

Even “space” was created. (See Adams’: “Space and the Light of Creation”. Chapter One: Radiation of Space; Chapter Two: Music of Number; Chapter Three: The Burden of Earth and the Sacrifice of Warmth)

It is useful here, to add one additional fundamental observation, which is the logical error that led to the illusions of quantum mechanics and the theory of probabilities. Physics ran into a problem, where its instruments could only gather a particle’s (corpse part’s) position, but not its velocity. Or the velocity, but not its position.

Helped by the dominance of the abstract intellect, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle assumes that the limit of our instrumentation is a product of the way the natural world is itself organized. We don’t have this problem, Nature has it.

A Thought born in the borderland of keeping any idea of spirit out of “science”.

Needing to keep chasing the secrets of existence from the small (screw the wholes), with the electron microscope we beam a stream of positive electrons, organized by a magnetic field, and touch the corpse piece, using a force which itself can be dangerous to living organisms.

It might help here to remind the reader of Steiner’s discussions of the “Culmination” and the coming meeting between the Aristotelians and the “Platonists”. These are not differences in philosophy, but in Mystery Wisdom. Socrates and Plato were initiates in the Goddess Mysteries. I was at a focal point of this Culmination, which remains ongoing – and not particularly as advanced/evolved as it could be.

Steiner, for good reason, had to dance around the concepts of magic and mysticism. There was only so much conceptual adjustments that his students could handle. Modern Platonists, in the sense Steiner used, are up to their wholeness in these ephemeral paths. Makes for a troublesome getting together, however.

Consider this: All is Being. There are no things. The smallest entities are the members of the elemental kingdoms, the people of fire (will), the people of water (feeling), the people of air (intellect), and the people of earth (consciousness).

They have no freedom, and the ordering of what they do rides in on the arts and crafts of the hierarchies above them. Here is some Steiner on gnomes and their fellow artisans:

Sometimes the simplest conceptions are the most apt. While modern materialistic science (and medicine) act toward the world as if that World was created out of the parts, yet nowhere in nature do we ever see the living come from the lifeless. Can’t be seen. Life leaves behind the lifeless, which even in “death”, to Hermetics, still has elemental nature.

The geological record is a sequence of metamorphoses. One living Planet, growing, filled with elemental living forces from the beginning. The infinity of ethereal and physical spaces, unfolds itself inwardly into the spacial density we call: dark matter&forces.

There is a tendency to see what we expect to see, and the germ theory of disease is haunted by its own apparent successes. The whole investigating line of questions and answers then lacks many fundamental conceptions.

I was once a patient of Tom Cowan, and have bought and read all his works. His biographical material in the book: “Human Heart – Cosmic Heart” has to be read, before judging any part of his work.

He is a natural goetheanist in how he tackles the questions and mysteries his patients bring to him. He follows the phenomena, and goes from experiment to experiment to find out how to help modern man in the face of modern diseases.

He can’t be expected to wander in every nook and cranny on certain parts of the questions involved in this Event/Plague, and I am glad The Nature Institute was able to go there.

Still, they seem to have not understood why Tom’s instinct, formed from his sense of wholeness on issues in health and illness, remains correct, even though modern instruments like the electron microscope are limited by the conceptual frames of reference, and habits of thought, say otherwise.

Being a practicing physician involves a lot of direct experiences, that a laboratory analysis can’t resolve. Tom has those, and most of his doubters do not.

The principle question is logical. The basic conception that tiny things cause illness (such as the “germ” theory of disease), fails to account for context. There is a kind of mechanical thinking in forming the picture of a tiny something causing so much havoc.

To reinvent Steiner’’s metaphor: To claim that happy cows in a ripe field of their favorite foods, are the cause of the environment makes no sense. It doesn’t work to assert that mechanistic thinking, and its tools, actually sees their own limiting assumptions.

Why is this important? Because of the clear facts that not everyone exposed gets the “dis-ease”. Outbreaks of clusters, such as polio etc., don’t prove causality for the same reason. Not everyone gets it. Tom wrote: “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illnesses.”, which has many details.

If this [the variations in who has been exposed, but never symptomatic] is the case, what are the factors that make for the differences in who gets what kind of illness, even up to the level: death?

Quite naturally modern medicine is a science based on numbers. My doctors are always checking my numbers. There are other aspects of human life, of which they are aware, but which can’t be reduced to numbers. They can’t easily be measured.

Stress. Sensitivity. The Will to Live. The Health of the Complex Processes we call: the Immune System. The idea of karma also has a place here. Steiner, in “Spiritual Science and Medicine”, advises that sometimes all the arts of the physician can be done rightly, and still the illness proceeds to its conclusion.

Let me tell a story … In Wuhan China were many people. They worked very hard and were under the stress of being carefully watched by their own government. They often smoke, and Wuhan had some of the worst air pollution in China.

Like most of us on this civilized earth, they were being regularly poisoned by their air, water, soil, food, medicines … pollution and side-effects were the deflecting euphemisms.

Materialistic medicine was lost in its failures to account for spirit. Industrial civilization birthed industrial medicine.

The 20th Century had seen an earlier plague, and in its after affects, when scientists were not so pressed for time, most of the ideas of contagion failed. Simultaneous outbreaks occurred in quite different parts of the earth, which had one thing in common: the recent placement of radar stations, the beginning of a whole series of inventions having to do with putting radiant energy through the atmosphere. (see “The Invisible Rainbow”).

This form of pollution is primarily of an electrical nature, which as was discussed above, is a force for order, for causal lawfulness, and a fundamental unity. We applied it not knowing that too much order is actually anti-life.

Electricity increases order wherever it is “beamed”. Direct electrification of human beings had been a kind of party event around the end of the 19th Century, until people started fainting and bleeding.

In Wuhan, at the beginning of the “outbreak”, they had just turned on the radiant forces known as 5G.

One of the odd facts connected to electricity is that the nature of space itself is different from where it is not, or more apt perhaps, where it is less present. Space in this event being a kind of rheostat for the effects of various intermingling “fields” of spiritual beings.

What is illness? For the healer, something different than for the patient.

The healer is needed, the patient is in a deadly condition. For materialistic medicine, healing means getting the numbers right, and finding the right medicine with the least side-effects.

The individual is also their own doctor. The most common illnesses I have had are colds and flues, with a few allergies and sore backs thrown in for spice. Like most I applied the over the counter stuff, followed the advertisements, and had some relief of symptoms.

My second wife taught me that the flu is a cleansing rite, which the body needs for getting rid of toxins. I once a bad headache and fever. She encouraged and supported me in letting the fever run its course. This led to a 28 day fast, much needed for detoxification.

Some flues require more forceful types of elimination processes, barfing, shitting, sweating, … but mostly not doing anything but being “sick”, while the wisdom of the body tries to help.

Few of us live a truly healthy life style, mostly because we are too busy-active to offer the time. We live in a culture, in the First World, where if you want to eat, you have to have money, and if you want money you have to work, and if you want to work … in the future we may be required to be vaccinated.

Magic substances will take care of illness, the advertisements sing, and please get back to work as soon as possible, regardless of the stress.

The seasonal flu is for detoxification, and if people get symptoms they need very little but rest, sunshine, good water, good air, and good company. When we suppress this natural process, with vaccines and other allegedly necessities for healing – the Materialistic Way, we add to the inner poisoning.

In fact, the physical medical aspects of the plandemic-Pandemonium Reboot are secondary to the social, psychological, and spiritual qualities. The immeasurable is of more value than the measurable.

Most folks, in the First World at any rate, are wage slaves, trained to be workers and consumers, and to give over their young to be cannon fodder in the wars of elites against elites.

Mom – as divine providence – then gave the whole world a time out, and stopped “Western” civilization in its rush over cliffs of arrogant ignorance. What’s next is up to us.

One final clue …

Consider what physics says about light. A beam of light through a prism gives colors, yet Goethe taught us to recognize that color is from the deeds and sufferings of light, in its relationship to the dark.

In the split screen experiment we get the mystery of whether light is a wave or a particle. At the same time all those ideas are materialist representations of the phenomena. No spirit involved. What would it look like to include spirit in such cases?

The human being has an experience where we notice a difference between our outside sense world, and our inside thought/feeling world. Mystics argue these are not separate, yet the naive thought often reveals wisdom.

While we know ourselves as a visible physically-embodied self, with an invisible interior spiritual life as private, … what we don’t yet know to do is to recognize that “light” too has an exterior manifestation, and a fully self-aware inward sentient consciousness.

“In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World”, is not just religious poetry, it is also good physics.

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