The Role of Hope, Faith, and Love, in the Practice of Anthroposophy

The Role of Hope, Faith, and Love, in the Practice of Anthroposophy

Does Hope in the future die in the apparent gloom of the MysTech views of the world’s technological courses? Steiner warned us about much that was coming. Are we justified in treating those remarks as certainties? Do we have so little Faith in the Mother and the Son?

For us, the ideas we have from Steiner concerning the future are perceptless concepts, as discussed earlier. We might obtain an understanding, but not knowledge in the absence of the percept (experience).

There are some necessary conditions, before a lot of these predictions can come true. One, which should be doubted, is the idea that the necessary technical basis for advancing scientific work can continue on a straight line course.

This is often the case of folk trying to predict the future – to assume that there are no radical changes on the horizon. The Covid Mystery is an obvious proof that enormous change is just beginning.

Certain devices require special minerals to exist and be refined in order for a computer chip to do what is of the present. If the world’s extraction of these elements – from their place of origin – is interrupted in some fashion, the imagined technological advance can’t happen.

As we know (or should know) the world economy is crashing. The over-reaction to the bogus plague/pandemic means that much of the future has become indeterminate. It is fair to say that “Western” civilization is dying into a new becoming.

Many of the present day ideas – that are worrisome – concern relationships between “tech” and the mind. Given that the belief that the brain is the seat of consciousness is falsifiable to self observation, predictions of various kinds just don’t work. Over in one place, the dreamers imagine they can build something, while over in other places, the students of physics are trying to include consciousness, and the older views of the mind/body riddle are being re-evaluated. “I am not my brain, the map is not the territory”

Many anthroposophists have the idea that the study of the works of Rudolf Steiner are adequate for understanding modern spiritual inspiration. This is mistake, … and fails because of the assumption that the Mystery would put all of its generative eggs in the Steiner basket.

As a reminder, without going into details, if we look at a larger spiritual scale of what happened in the 20th Century, we can observe that Steiner led us to a science of knowing, that relies on a more modern appreciation of the evolving nature of thinking.

In the realm of feeling, we have the works of Valentin Tomberg, in particular: “Meditations on the Tarot – a journey into Christian Hermeticism”; as well as his works on the Law, found in: “The Art of the Good”.

Lastly, we have these three works of Franz Bardon, which are a deep training of the will. “Initiation into Hermetics”; “The Practice of Ceremonial Evocation”; and, “The Key to the True Quabbalah”.

Some readers of Steiner might recall that he said there would be a relationship between our fifth Epoch development of the Consciousness Soul, and third Epoch development of the Sentient Soul.

Part of this relationship is found in an examination of the Emerald Tablet, and the Tarot, ancient spiritual teachings that remain valid even to this day. Another part is the social change from hierarchical forms, such as the top down pyramidal organization via the Mysteries, … to circle like social forms, such as we find in the idea of the Reverse Cultus.

The Mysteries are to come through us, as individuals … no more gurus, masters, mullahs, priests, and/or initiates, telling the individual what they must do – i.e. we are to have full spiritual freedom.

If MysTech folk truly want to connect to the underlying processes in the evolution of technology, Franz Bardon is to be studied, and the capacity for communion-with encounters returns, via practical knowledge of the Moon mysteries (aka: Magic)

For example, I pointed out in my “The Father at Rest – magical and mystical dark-matter physics and the Age of Technological Chaos”, that in order for the fundamental significance of “electricity” to be appreciated, we should realize that an unconscious guidance of humanity, via magical arts, was required, for the instinctive materialistic understanding of the fundamental “force”.

To tame such a power, that modern physics called “electromagnetism”, a whole hierarchical set of spiritual entities had to be given structure and order, so that such laws as we discover within electrical phenomena might appear to be true – temporarily, there being no abstract forces, just the will of spiritual beings.

What had been first set in motion unconsciously, now could be seen and interacted with consciously. Yet, to do this, requires the understanding that such communion-with these types of spiritual folk – that are living within our technology – will involve “ceremonial” acts, i.e. Magic. Did not Steiner say that the laboratory must become an Altar?

Magic is the ultimate technology, and fire its first manifestation. Not physical fire, but the fire element which the ancients call: the Will. So we then get, in the sense of the ancient elements: fire/Will = Saturn; air/Intellect = Sun; water/Feeling = Moon; and, earth/Consciousness = Earth.

In order to save my readers the reading of Bardon’ books, I’ll simplify the practice so that MysTech people, working with their riddles, can become able to begin to commune-with those relevant spiritual realms.

This material I will refer to as instructions for “the meditating scholar”, which is Bardon’s phrase for those more interested in “knowledge”, than in “powers”.

Keep in mind that these thoughts are for the individual’s course of spiritual development. No group is to manage these studies, for folk will differently talented. In addition, say for work on the riddle of chem-trails, the meditating scholar will seek to commune-with those hierarchies that live within atmospheric phenomena.

A good book to own, in order to have a grounded sense of the phenomena, is Dennis Klocek’s “ Weather and Cosmos”. In addition the film “Arrival” should be studied, for just as with the artists of the Renaissance, spiritual inspiration lives in such films. Art enables bypassing the dry intellect, so we can come to know more intimately the living essence.

Climate change and Rogue weather are works of the Mother. In point of fact, all the darker entities attached to, or within technology, are ruled by Her. Meeting Her, and Her companions, is a Love affair, requiring courtship. Just about every technological puzzle MysTech folk study, concerns learning to commune-with powerful Beings, that express their nature in deeds, as when tornadoes destroy another trailer park community, She also being the Gate of Death.

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