“The Meditating Scholar” part four.

“The Meditating Scholar” part four.

The Mystery of “Climate Change”, and the Earth Mother’s Role.

When I was an adolescent I had a strong relationship with the Christ, as explained to me first by the Lutheran Church, and then later by Congregationalists. In my early twenties I explored Seminary. Their academic way of looking at the Mystery of the Gospels, such as that the disciples didn’t write them, broke my heart. I then tried Law School, got a degree, and spent half a year as a clerk on the Montana Supreme Court. When I saw how power and wealth and politics effected the Court’s decisions, that broke my belief in the law, as a place to be a “good” person.

I was also a scientific materialist, believing that at least in that arena doing something “right” was valued. Aspects of the “Pandemic” suggest I was mistaken to hope for truth in science. Anything can be corrputed.

I began having direct spiritual experience in my early thirties, so I knew the world was not just matter. By my early forties, I found my way to Steiner’s works, and the works of what was being called Goethean Science … a science that observed “spirit” in matter. Those works, and some other material, I today label as “gospels, because the authors clearly had met Christ in the Ethereal – the thought world, … I will discuss them in a later “part”.

What I didn’t know directly – but believed because others I was meeting thought this way – that Nature was Divine. You could say that my idea of the Earth Mother was a kind of trusted theory, yet weak given that the Christian Church certainly did not see Her that way. The Catholics had a little room off the side, where people lit candles, and prayed to Mary. The Protestants just ignored that riddle, probably because they were too busy dividing themselves into an ever increasing large variety of “faiths”, as theological disputes were settled by just making a new church/belief system.

I had faith there was a female aspect of the Divine. I started having experiences, of a sort, that were Her. These were powerful, yet I still lacked the best “idea”. Most of my studies in my 50’s and 60’s’ were phenomenological (following Goethe) observations of human social and political life.

A friend of mine, from the Ark internet conversation group, Stephen Clarke, talked of his regular experiences of Her, likening it to having tea and conversation. My Christ experiences had tended to bit more drama, or so I thought.

Stephen led me to appreciating that Steiner’s ideas about an “Evil Inner Earth” were wrong. A few years ago, he published (shared with friends etc.) an essay: “Rudolf Steiner’s “Mexican Mysteries” Re-Imagined” http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Clarke5.html

Stephen’s riddle was: Where did Christ go on Saturday? Not our theological conceptions, but as a participant – a “seer”. Sometimes Christian understanding speaks of His Death, and that He then went to the realm of the Deed, in between the Death and Resurrection.

In the above article, well worth printing out, Stephen writes:

“In Mesoamerica, however, the other half of the story is told – and is still told. Half a world away, our unnamed shaman in the hamlet of proto-Teotihuacan, with the help of all his allies shepherded our avatar through the gates of death through all the UnderWorlds into the resurrecting arms of the World-Mother. The Weaver Goddess, Spider Woman . . . where God the Father creator has one name: “God”, God the Mother-sustainer is fractal in aspect and has many. The Intimate and Vast Loving Unity of All is respectfully hidden behind the designation of “The Great Mystery.” God is, in the end, One.”

Bardon had a peculiar relationship to the “negative beings”. None of his names and sigils are about “them”, Bardon does not even give us the names of positive beings of the Mars Sphere, as they are too dangerous.

The Emerald Tablet has much to say about the Mother, and at the same time: the Moon. Goddess religions tend to be Moon religions, and most of them existed before the arrival of the three patriarchal monotheisms.

When the Hebrews fled Egypt, for the desert and a promised home, they shed the idea of a divine feminine. Not all at once, but to give a sense of that process just keep in mind that the Hebrew creation story has a feminine being as the agent of a snake/devil. Somewhere unimportant, given its falsity, we later get the idea of “original sin”.

One day, about three or four years ago, when I read this in Stephen’s article:

“ … an alternate vocabulary for the traditional kabbalistic worlds of Emanation, Creation, Formation & Existence as depicted in shorthand in Genesis) can be seen as having their parallel “tree-rings” in the building up of successive inner-earth layers corresponding to Saturn, Sun, Moon, and, finally, the surface world of Nature, all inhabited at their core and in every particle by divinity in its immanent maternal aspect.”

“… all inhabited at their core and in every particle by divinity in its immanent maternal aspect.” blew my mind. While I had been studying the spiritual in my own way, as I said above – She had been more theory than experienced reality.”

It is as if something always seen right in front of me was now truly known as Its Idea. She is so everywhere/when, that I started to write: She has the Whole World in His Hands, He being the Son, in a sense. “I and the Father are one.” “No one gets to the Father except by me.”

Was the Divine Feminine the last part of: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? Stephen provides a remarkable table of complimentary ideas:

From Stephen Clarke’s “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”: Table of Compliments:

God the Mother God the Father

multifarious unitary

luminous darkness blinding light

questions answers

spontaneous playfulness fixity of purpose

fractal centripetal

below above

grief bliss

relaxation striving

immovable irresistible

forms life

mercy justice

chaos logos

“Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” is Stephen’s story about how he first had “alien” experiences, which as most know are very full of fear, woe, and lost time.

Rather than flee from these apparitions, he tried to love them. From this act of love and acceptance, They revealed much deeper natures, and became more accessible. These are the “negative” beings for which Bardon refused to provide sigils or names. They are of the Underworld, the Lost Cities, and Faerie – pick your name, but to the extent we experience Their activity, these are the kinds of beings lurking as aspects of floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and such. Beings of great power in the material world.

Their ruler is the Earth Mother, aka: the Holy Mother. Via this rulership, She can be said to be: Rogue Weather, The Four Horseman, and the Gate of Death. While She is Gravity, Her Son is Levity. She is point centered, while His “center” is in the periphery. These two Fields of Love are One, i.e. They are a necessary pair.

“ … all inhabited at their core and in every particle by divinity in its immanent maternal aspect.”

We do better, in grasping the necessary ideas, if we see Mother and Father as verbs, rather than nouns. To Father means to generate. To Mother means to nurture.

We also have the words/ideas: Divine Providence and Karma. Steiner sees the Son as the Lord of Karma, while I prefer: Artist of Karma. Sometimes I go for: fate and fortune, which is what “Practical Astrology” by St. Germain hopes to illuminate for individuals.

Right now the world of the religion of scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) gives us the vague gods of random chance and accident.

If the ancients all had goddess aspects to their religions, how and why did the Mother fade away into the Mists of Avalon?

By choice. She knew that the children needed to forget their true origins, in order to become free to choose the nature of “final participation” for themselves. While aboriginal religions remembered the Mother, “Western” civilization had to forget Her.

One result of Her apparent Withdrawal, was the arriving of the three patriarchal monotheisms. We tend to think of them as separate, although Islam recognized the Hebrew and Christian religions as also: “people of the book” (i.e. all have a “bible”).

Some years ago, when I was working on my “electricity” studies, I recognized a need to consciously think in wholes, even though materialistic science sought the truth in the “parts”. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/electricityandthespiritinnature.html

For example, we can find this definition: “The general equation for photosynthesis is therefore: 2n CO2 + 2n DH2 + photons → 2(CH2O)n + 2n DO [or] Carbon dioxide + electron donor + light energy → carbohydrate + oxidized electron donor. In oxygenic photosynthesis water is the electron donor and, since its hydrolysis releases oxygen, the equation for this process is: 2n CO2+ 4n H2O + photons → 2(CH2O)n + 2n O2+ 2n H2O [or] carbon dioxide + water + light energy → carbohydrate + oxygen + water.”

This is an abstraction, rooted in the idea of Parts, yet when seen as Wholes, lets us write that the leaves of the Plant Kingdom, swim in seas of light from the Sun.

This habit of seeking wholes led me recently to experience Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as one religion, not three. As I sought their Ideas, Judaism gives us God’s Law, Christianity God’s Love, and Islam God’s Surrender.

Yet, in the over all process the Mother fades away. Maleness dominates. So we get the idea of dominion-over the Kingdoms of Nature, and lose the idea of communion-with. Nature becomes a thing, and the human being is the only being in the Earth sphere, with a sentient interior self-consciousness.

Because of these abstractions we now have about Nature, we get the idea of “Climate Change”, as a mechanical system, which obeys fixed laws, and is built up from parts rather than wholes.

If we are going to think in wholes, we need to find a way to include the Covid-Mystery.

We live today on the cusp of the Third Millennium of the Christian era. There are over seven billion souls in attendance. A world-wide plague (remember She rules the Four Horseman) is a kind of shared Rite, for everyone.

If we are honest, the world is already in decay. Politicians, drug cartels, dictators, and corporate lackeys, are addicted to wealth and power. They promise much, and deliver nothing.

From science fiction writer Frank Herbert’s novel Dune: “When religion and politics travel in the same cart, the riders believe nothing can stand in their way.  Their movement becomes headlong – faster and faster and faster. They put aside all thought of obstacles and forget that a precipice does not show itself to the man in a blind rush until its too late.”

This is where we were headed, until She used the “plague” to give the whole world a time-out, with time to reflect on whether or not we want to jump over that precipice, or not.

One of my earliest “conversations” with the luminous darkness, involved me asking what do They do, with all the horrible and inhuman things we do to each other. I felt a lot of anguish, knowing my own role in such acts of callous indifference. Her reply: “We turn it into Love”.

It took me 14 years before I could start to see how They did that.

Recently tornadoes roared through several States, destroying buildings, and killing hundreds. She knows we are immortal, so receives all who were to die at the Gate of Death. For the living, lives are ruled for a time by chaos, yet in the middle of all that are human deeds of love. People have needs, and other people are called to care. New relationships are formed. Old life patterns are now forced to change.

One – of the stories of a helper – is about man, who hitched his big barbecue stove to his truck, loaded up a bunch of food, and came and cooked and helped.

Keep in mind that the human being is an aspect of the Mystery, not just a needy part. When She said “We” turn it into love, She included us.

Once upon a long ago, true shaman/priests communed-with the Beings of Weather. Those talents live today, and folks will do good if they start to trust the Ideas that come to them in the face of all the chaos, that goes with the Dying and Becoming of “Western” civilization.

The Mother fancies that the Law could also be put to good use. The details of those ideas here: https://thecollectiveimagination.com/shamans-law-firm/

The principle one being: If a Corporation can be a Person before the Law, then certainly a Planet can be a Person before the Law.

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