“The Meditating Scholar” – part five

“The Meditating Scholar” – part five

Law and Spirits (aka: politricks) in the Light of the Moon

Rudolf Steiner offered an idea as regards human social life, in the sense of its potential ideal nature. It was called: “The Threefold Social Order” (or Organism).

The three spheres are: Cultural Life, Political-Legal Life, and Economic Life. The underling idea of the Cultural Life is Freedom … of the Political-Legal Life is Equality … and the Economic Life is Brotherhood.

Many anthroposophists recognize these Ideas are not yet fully realized, and take the view that we can help Society to better inner balance, if these principles are understood and applied.

When I began my phenomenological studies of social-political life, my question was not so much in what direction should we develop Society, but rather what was Society actually doing, even though yet incomplete in the sense of Steiner’s views.

Over the course of the last three decades of my life, I have written many observational examinations of Society, and in particular the middle arena, the Political-Legal Life. https://thecollectiveimagination.com/citizenship-and-modern-politricks/

In one of Steiner’s works on Medicine (“Spiritual Science and Medicine”), he suggested to doctors that when they wanted health for the whole system, the middle realm needed to be strengthened.

The middle of living organisms is where balance is achieved between upper and lower fields of activity. Our Society is living, given the obvious fact that all the parts of Society are living human beings.

Steiner also pointed out that the living human being has three fundamental systems: the nerve-sense system, the heart-lung rhythmic system, and the metabolic-limb system. While each system has its different center, all three are also intimately inter-connected.

Our skin, for example, has three layers: at the outer surface, the sense of touch, at the inner layer metabolic or digestive activities arise, including elimination through the sweat glands. Both systems are served by the rhythmic aspect, in the flow of blood, and if we recall Bardon, the pore-breathing of the light, which we do, even though not so consciously, in the present.

Tomberg wrote a master-work on the Law, which can be found in the book: “The Art of the Good”.

There is in most Nation States a kind of law-creation process. Each geographic area has its history in this regard. Most of us see quite clearly that politricks abuses this law-creation process for the benefit of the wealthy and the powerful.

In America, for example, there seem to be three types of laws, recognized by the Courts, who apply these laws. These are legislative, administrative (regulation), and stare decisis: or case – precedent – law made by judges.

The legislature can grant to smaller entities the power to work out details – which we call: regulations. In America, the Legislative Branch comes first in the Constitution, and has the most powers. The powers of the Executive Branch is laid out secondarily, and the powers of the Judicial Branch comes last.

Most people realize that our public life is controlled by wealth and power, although in today’s Way of Doing Business, the whole system is in gridlock. The political parties don’t work together, and perpetual chaos is the result.

We really are midst the Dying and Becoming of “Western” Civilization. Because of this fact, expecting our public life to improve is a vain exercise in childish dreams. Rather, we face a time of anarchy, as things fall apart, and the center cannot hold. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/lawspiritanarchy.html

The Rites of the Mother, via the plague and rogue weather, are transforming social life. Each human being is a ship at sea, drifting on currents we can hardly appreciate, yet many seek tea and company. The older ties of family and blood are giving way to what are essentially new kinds of tribes.

Students of social change notice that before major advancements arise, there is a period of chaos. The chaos is itself essential, the same way the organic chaos of the caterpillar – in its cocoon – has to happen before a butterfly can emerge.

Rudolf Steiner said that a near-god Ahriman would incarnate in this age. Keep in mind that we are the microcosm, as regards the Macrocosm, such that we too have such characteristic ahrimanic traits. For details of his incarnation (he lives among us at the time I write this): https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2019/07/19/rovism/ and this:

Through us then, we get a materialistic science, rooted in numbers. Steiner spoke of the Ahrimanic deception, but I prefer to call this effect the Ahrimanic Enchantment. Under this influence we are meant not to see the world of Nature as having consciousness, but only as a soul-less thing.

The net effect, after about six centuries, is that we know more about death forces, than we do about life forces. We can take apart the world, but can’t make the world. As with atomic energy, we think of DNA, for example, as a mechanical processes, with mathematically established “laws”. We alter “genes” in our foods, and our selves, believing no other forces – such as life forces – need apply.

This is one of the reasons we are having so much trouble and confusion during this plague. Seeing the physical body as a thing, we remove the spiritual component, and fail to cure. Our “leaders”, in this trial, are epidemiologists, whose statistical arts are entirely numerical in nature, and as well are fundamentally guesses based on false and mechanical assumptions regarding health and illness.

On a deeper spiritual level, we seem to be repeating the history of the legendary Atlantis. Our mechanistic Ways only give death, and She, who has the whole world in His Hands, is warning us via “Climate Change” that They can and might sweep the board clean, in order to reboot the new becoming civilization from the ground up.

We make atom bombs, and biological weapons, all of which are too dangerous to be allowed to continue their pointless and savage assault on the life sphere of the planet.

The Hopi Prophecy and oral history remembers Atlantis, when evil two-hearted people wrecked their way of life. “The inventive ones, clever but lacking wisdom, made many destructive things by which their lives were disrupted, and which threatened to destroy all the people.”

Details of my research are here: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/eldbr.html and here: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/twbhp.html

The leaders of the Hopi, as they fled the impending doom of Atlantis, involved two migrations. One into the Americas, where they were to travel as far West, North, East, and South, leaving behind rock writings and ruins so that they might not forget they once were a single people.

The priests of the Hopi advised that in the future a white race would appear and claim the land as their own, and as we know this has come to pass. They were also told that among these folks there would be the “true” white brother.

At one point I thought that Anthroposophy-folk might be this true white brother. Others expect this to be a single person. In the Prophecy this group is called: “Sun Clan, they are the children of the Sun”. My understanding of this as that at the time of the end of Atlantis, the Divine still lived in the Sun, a matter Steiner’s research points to as true.

In Christianity this Being (or Beings) is worshiped today, having left the Spiritual Sphere of the Sun, to live as god becoming human, so as to die. In my research this act of Christ was no so much about saving us, but rather Him having an experience of life and death in matter, something He could not ask of us, if He didn’t do it Himself.

There are many Mysteries here, but the main one for this “part” is understanding that the Hopi expected the True White Brother, who was to be known as the Red Symbol, which was to take command of the Mehe, the four forces of nature, for the benefit of the Sun.

At this moment the whole world would be in turmoil, having first lived through two world-wide wars, and then the third event (which may not happen) where the True White Brother intervenes and the last conflict is resolved in a good fashion.

We are in that Last Conflict, which the Hopi call: “The Day of Purification”.

The keys riddle for me was, in what way would the True White Brother be true?

The answer that satisfies me the most, is that like the Hopi we would recognize the spirit in nature.

The Four Forces of Nature are the Ethereal Forces described by Steiner. The Red Symbol is the Rose Cross and the Sacred Heart, that is an amalgam of esoteric and exoteric Christianity. Given that the Anthroposophical Society has failed on so many levels, mostly due to karma, the Spirits of Inspiration influenced the ‘60’s new age of Goddess worship, and as well the environmental movement, where Steiner and his students have provided important sources of understanding.

Goethean science, not much favored by Society leaders, is however the means for seeing the spirit in the processes of nature. The Bioneers annual meeting in mid-October is the much needed Michael Festival, which draws people from all over the world to share their work and understanding of the Being of Nature.

While the Hopi were also called the Younger Brother, those who went East instead of West were called the Elder Brother. In working with this idea, I came to see that the aboriginal and indigenous peoples of the Americas, were at one with Nature, and their spiritual ideas also reveal them to be one with themselves.

As a consequence the Younger Brother worked at community building, rooted in ceremony. Meanwhile, according to Steiner, those who travel to the East, went to an area near the Gobi Desert, founding spiritual schools from which all the civilizations, which eventually gave birth to “Western” civilization, arose.

These developments were meant to develop the ego forces, the individuality of the human being, which is now at its apex. If we were to give a name to these different ways, to the East – from Atlantis – went the folk whose spiritual life fostered community, which can be symbolized by a circle. The ego forces, on the other hand, were cultivated by those who went West from Atlantis, leading toward the Not I, But Christ in me, symbolized by the cross.

Among the Hopi lore is the idea that for the right future, the circle and the cross must unite. They sometimes talk about the “broken stone tablets”, of which there are two pieces that can be made whole. The photograph that accompanies this “part”, is a Hopi Symbol, and means: “Together with all nations we protect both land and life and hold the world in balance.”

We live in that era.

Also among Hopi lore is the idea of the Red and Blue Kachinas. The Red spirit is Lucifer, and the Blue spirit is Ahriman. We live in a time of great ahrimanic excess, which means a luciferic counter-pull is required. For example, the Dionysian rite of the ‘60’s.

http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/moon~%21~earth.html is a link to an essay: “Medicine Woman is Here”, which as about a remarkable film and the coming future relationship with the Return of the Moon. In essence, it is about the offering of the Emerald Tablet to the Third Eye of Anthroposophia, matters which Tomberg and Bardon initiated at a very high, and deep, level

In my research on the migrations following the Atlantean Catastrophe, there was a third group, which did not live in Atlantis. They were travelers, in both the realms of the waters, and of the air. Recent archaeological studies have established the existence of fifteen to thirty symbols that are the same in the most ancient cultures all over world.

The travelers wove the world together. They engaged in intermarriages, which explains some of the DNA riddles we discover, suggesting aboriginals came from strange places. Not knowing of Atlantis, or the migrations and traveler influences, research into DNA works from materialistic assumptions about how peoples DNA got from one distant place to another.

Far above, I wrote of people forming new tribes, as a means to survive the coming chaos. Some will migrate and settle, and with good fortune, they will practice ceremonies seeing the Earth as a living being. Others of the new tribes will keep traveling, again making possible the weaving together of our understanding of the spirit in the New Age.

We are still in the chaos producing time, yet already we can observe travelers and re-settlers in vast movements all over the Earth. As “Climate Change” evolves, it is very likely that as many as 90% of the population will die, many grateful for the opportunity to sojourn in the After Life, not needing to return quickly.

The population explosion exists because the possibilities for transformative experiences is quite special in our array of Nows.

Tomberg on the Law writes this way, which can be an important sequence of thought for meditation on any ideas:

1) there is the concept of law, a phenomenological approach …

2) the idea of law, an historical picture …


3) the essence of law, when the gaze of moral thought is directed at seeking the true nature of law [“The Art of the Good”].

As new communities arise, following a period of social chaos, we will still need “law” for organizing these shared trials into social order – out of Freedom (a renewed Cultural Life) we develop Equality (a renewed Political-Legal Life, which then gives birth to Brotherhood (a renewed Economic Life).

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