In the Absence of Faith

In the Absence of Faith

It is possible for more than one idea to be true at the same time. Given the Ukraine crisis, much valid thought has been produced in Anthroposophical Venues (such as Adriana Koulias’ recent piece on the Anthroposophical Facebook page).

This work is not so much wrong, as it is incomplete. The missing element comes in part from the failure (to this point) to appreciate that the Platonists add something, that Steiner, as an Aristotelian, could not.

In the relevant Steiner lecture, we have him pointing out that at the meeting at Chartres, two steams were present that normally do not incarnate at the same time. He advised that at what he called: the Culmination, both groups would again be incarnate at the same time. We live in that moment.

Koulias’ essay includes a lot of references to the “bad guys”: occult brotherhoods, Sorat, Ahriman and so forth.

Years ago, in my own spiritual research, I formed this question: If the “bad guys” have as much power as many believe they do, how come the whole course of evolution is not over and done?

In a logical (Logos) sense, some Being must restrain and otherwise limit them.

This Being is that which in the lecture above is called: the Goddess Natura, described in the Emerald Tablet as the Mother, or the Moon. Go here for a full translation of the Emerald Tablet, by Issac Newton.

“The Sun is its father, 
the moon its mother, 
the wind hath carried it in its belly, 
the earth is its nurse. 
The father of all perfection in the whole world is here. 
Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.”

Steiner advised that the Moon would return to the Earth in the future. Most people, who write about this, tend to conceive this as a physical event. Like the Return of Christ in the Ethereal, the Return of the Moon/Mother is a spiritual event. For details: “Medicine Woman is Here”

We do a disservice to Steiner (and the Logos logic), by treating him as knowing everything, and never getting any of his vast corpus of work wrong.

He had problems himself with the Mother, as evidenced by Stephen Clarke’s re-examination of the Mexican Mysteries:

Stephen had gone looking for what happened to Christ on Saturday – in between the Death and the Resurrection. In the link above Stephen writes of how shamans / priests / initiates in southern Mexico were able meet Christ in the spiritual world (the land of the dead), and helpfully accompanying Him to the Mother, where the forces of Resurrection were provided by Her.

From Stephen Clarke’s “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”

Table of Compliments

God the Mother God the Father

multifarious unitary

luminous darkness blinding light

questions answers

spontaneous playfulness fixity of purpose

fractal centripetal

below above

grief bliss

relaxation striving

immovable irresistible

forms life

mercy justice

chaos logos

In appreciating Her qualities, which differ from Christ’s (I and the Father are One), we find our answer to which Being it is that sets limits on the “bad guys”.

I describe Her effects as: Rogue Weather, The Four Horseman, and the Gate of Death, for starters. What we call Climate Change is a warning from Her, that if don’t get our stuff together, we will likely go the way of Atlantis, although not via Water, but via Fire. Or as John the Baptist puts it: the One coming after me will baptize us all in Fire and Holy Breath.

As with Koulias’ above, many of us focus on the ongoing political, social, and historical events. As I said above, nothing wrong there, yet something major is missing.

The main spiritual event, for those folks who are incarnated and incarnating in the years of the transition to the Third Millennium, is that as individuals they are Loved by the Divine Mystery. The historical dramas we see are a secondary effect of the actions of the Mother (as Divine Providence), and Her Son (as Artist of Karma) … actions totally focused on the spiritual needs of each individual biography.

This is the Baptism by Fire – chaos in individual life, forcing the i-AM to have an opportunity to birth the consciousness soul out of their own seeking to manifest the good and the true, as a free spiritual act.

As to the Baptism by Holy Breath, we have in each soul the support and guidance of the individual i-AM, via the Guardian Angel (when young), and the Holy Spirit – the Wind (as we mature.). Steiner described this process (accurately from his point of view), as involving the ordinary imagination of the moral riddle, the inspiration out of our own heart’s mind, and moral technique, or how to incarnate the self-determined Idea/ideal into the surrounding social situation.

In order for the individual i-AM to pass through the trials of the time, each needs a life of troubles, which are personal to their particular nature. Individualized aspects of Divine Providence and Karma surround us all … aka: She has the Whole World in His Hands.

Steiner was seeing his own perceptions of this situation when he urged us: to Trust and Embrace the Future. Or, as the Hopi beautifully capture our Age: The Day of Purification”.

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