Does God Have a Double?

Does God Have a Double?

I like cheeky questions. A week or so ago I was getting depressed … again. My usual interventions didn’t seem to be working. Then I remembered that depression is – in part – anger turned inward. So I released my current level of rage on one and all, including the Divine … especially the Divine.

Out loud quietly, in private. In my head, screaming as needed. I tried variations of “swear” words. Made up a few of my own. I blamed the Mystery for the whole mess the world is in. Them and us: the victims of plans gone horribly wrong. What kind of love lets children be raped.

I started feeling a lot better.

Then I went around to my favorite gurus. No reason not to imagine that human beings do contribute, … but let God free of blame? Steiner, Tomberg, Franz Bardon, myself … all were a focus anger … nobody is perfect, Prokofieff said to me in 2005.

Still … some “ideas”, like good and evil, seem inadequate. Too simple.

One day it occurred to me that the Greeks were on to something, when they attributed to the Olympians various excesses common to all of humanity’s worst characteristics.

Having spent many years caring for the “mentally” ill, it had became clear to me that our crazy is just a mirror of Theirs.

Is human evolution some kind of means God has for working on Their stuff?

I think that is true. They just parceled it out, among a star-field full of fractal-nows birthing virgin makers, all facing bits and pieces of the terrors of change, while outcomes are hidden. The reason they are hidden is because Nobody Knows whats Next, not even Them.

We see mostly, yet intuitively instinctively, that linear “time” is only half of the problem. There is another style of “time”, which is vertical in nature, and consists of just Now. Reading the News is like watching and waiting for the waters of life to boil over.

All prophecy is guesses. The Mysterious axis of the twin nature of “time” {“+”} is best understood with the upper gesture of the vertical line, as it crosses the horizontal needing, to take this form {“?”}, or …



Even They don’t know tomorrow, because it is being constantly re-examined and rebuilt from one day&now to the next day&now. Still … there is momentum and inertia in linear time. Poets do pattern recognition, so when someone writes of such as the coming of the Beast from the Abyss, this is part of a pattern in the weaving in linear time.

The Beast is the human being’s freedom to choose, to make up the next next from the Abyss of the Uncreated and Unimagined.

To paraphrase Forrest Gump: crazy is as crazy does.

True Faith is Trust in the Mystery. Hope is what we add for flavor. Love is the Dance.

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