In Star Wars, chapter four, Obi-wan Kenobi suddenly becomes very faint, with a look of horror upon his face: “I feel a great disturbance in the Force.” That is the moment the Death Star is first used to destroy a whole planet, in a single “blast”, from the Death Star’s chief weapon.

Are Thoresen (he had a “vision” during a difficult Covid-trial) is in America, giving lectures, and the Idea of an annual Vidar Rite for August 20th emerges. I have even read that Vidar has replaced Michael as time spirit, or some such looks like Loki inspired “new revelation”.

The Steiner quote on Vidar, offered by Andrew I believe, does not suggest such ideas. Where are they coming from?

My view is who cares? There are all these spirit beings, some of them have more than one name. Big deal. I need to hear some detail as to why this is important to Americans, and those concepts need to be from a source better than a fever dream.

Why? Good question.

There is a tale, about RS, where he was asked why he never came to America, and the alleged reply was: “I’d have to be silent for five years, before I could speak”.

I had an Imagination, almost four decades ago, where I was helped to see that when the European soul comes to America, its astral nature is such that it can’t become grounded – connected as it were. In Geographic Medicine, Steiner points out that the double of Europeans is not as strong as those who incarnate in America, which is why Druid’s and other Celtic priests journeyed to America to study the effects of the double on illness.

One effect, of this inability to become grounded in the geology of the region, leads to folk who are aptly in adoration of all things Steiner, yet who knows – we were encouraged to feel – we would learn more about being an “anthroposophist” from the Europeans, who helped found the A. Society in America. The Imagination showed a leading European teacher, well off the ground, and in a kind of vortex movement, the adoring ones too became disconnected from their roots.

Some years ago I helped put together a conference – in Concord MA – “Conversation in America”. I wrote to Marjorie Spock, who lived in nearby Vermont, and invited her to come and speak. She declined, pointing at the Europeans giving lectures all over the place, about the genius of Herr Dr. Steiner.

She agreed this countless lecturing was not a goodness. [In America the social happens in the circle – sun-sun – each individual voice important, not sun-moon (lecturer and audience)]. She quoted Steiner from the Lectures East and West (or West and East), that Central Europeans have no business doing spiritual teaching for any other folks, given that they lack the ability to enter into the inner life of any other people.

A lot of anthroposophists are encouraged – by example – to be addicted to “authority”. Obviously RS was … well, he just was, and there is no getting around being impressed. I wrote the first sentence of this paragraph in order to point to the social phenomena, where we can observe the generation of cults of personality. Are is magical. JvH is mystical. Prokofieff has many fans, as does Ben-Aharon. Steiner is a Jupiter Sun. Draws the attention of some, such as book readers, and lecture goers, mostly. A world of elite minds in the blossoming of scientific materialism, enchanted by a guy who was the most selfless smartest person in the room.

I met him, when he incarnated for the Culmination. This meeting was on an Internet conversation list, called: the Ark. None of us suspected, and he didn’t know either. Such knowledge would have been impossible to bear. Forgetfulness is truly one of the higher powers.

Harvey had a family. He followed deeply more that one religion. Spoke and wrote in more than one language. A learned man, we might otherwise say. Played classical piano, I believe. I met him three times, when we were both living in Arizona. At that time he had a job teaching English to students of a special high school for the pregnant and delinquent.

He didn’t talk like he wrote, though one time he almost let that out … a gift, and a curse of sorts, … to feel enraptured with the beauty of the world of ideas. I saved a bunch of his emails, and recommend they be read aloud.

Emerson, with his wonderful artistic prose, urges we not put our own heart’s mind, in orbit around that of another.

According to Andrew’s advertisement for the Are talk and stuff: “He has published over 25 papers and 10 books and … “ among other evidence of obvious qualifications. I’ve written over three dozen books, 400 papers, 270 videos, a novel, some short stories and poetry, as well as a film treatment. I have a degree in pre-seminary, as well as a law degree. I’ve been initiated in the Mysteries of the Mother, and met the Lesser and Greater Guardians of the Threshold, as well as having had a modern Pentecost experience. I wrote a book called “Sacramental Thinking”, and another called “American Anthroposophy”.

And nobody invites “me” to give workshops and lectures. I don’t blame them, given that on a number of crucial points I have strong disagreements about the real issues as regards technology and the spirit, as well as the nature of the practice of Anthroposophy. My first publication to the Internet, in the late ‘90’s: “Outlaw Anthroposophy”.

[The Study of Rudolf Steiner’s Lecture Cycles, and the Problem of Cognition – musings on the epistomological swampland of the Anthroposophical Movement

The Anthroposophical Society: Is it a living social form?]

Some folk claim we do spiritual science, but there is no science if one particular set of ideas controls all the media outlets, … a self-perpetuating “in-group” guides, publishing – now weekly – what is approved. Scientists, as we have just observed, don’t agree with each other, although it is possible dominate the media realm with enough money, and/or editorial power.

Next some stuff you won’t hear from Are … or his fans.

The Americas are not like the rest of the world. We got the Western migrations from Atlantis, asserts RS. He also sez that the soul of the human being, during each new incarnation, involves an interaction between the incarnating spirit, and the local geology. Think of geology in its ethereal sense.

Each point of “space” is a material realm joined to a non-material realm. This next is worth the trouble: a point can be made up of an infinite weaving of planes. This infinite weaving of planes is the ethereal, and is essentially larger than the point manifested in the material. So, when Are touches, what he sees as the elemental kingdom, that which stands hidden in the point of touch is infinite in It’s Nature. She has the whole world in His Hands.

“In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.”

The Hopi oral history speaks of their migrations ending, at a place that they named: “the place the world was first made solid”. Their prophecies spoke of a coming time, marked by three great world-wide catastrophes, of which modern Hopi believe that the first two crises were the two world wars of the 20th Century.

The third, according to their Lore, will involve the appearance of the Pahana, or the “true” white brother. They had been told to expect a white race that would come and claim the land as their own, and that this might mean the end of their way of life. If, however, if … the Red Symbol takes command of the four forces of nature for the benefit of the Sun.

The Red Symbol is the Rose-Cross, which needs to join with the Sacred Heart, (that is, the Way of Gnosis joins hands with the Way of Faith). This combination will then make possible the remembering of the Mother (the Four Forces of Nature), and the relationship of Her to Him (to the Hopi, Christ was still a Sun-Being).

The above inner act (the remembering of the Goddess Natura) is what it means to be a “true” white brother. This is both easy as pie, and worth attending to on purpose. The tricky part is to realize we have to go down, into the true dark of the own soul.

We all have wounds of soul. We have a world today full of walking wounded. There is a brotherhood and sisterhood of living in the school of hard knocks and shared pain.

Hopi Lore speaks of there being a Red Kachina, and a Blue Kachina. Hot and Cold. Lucifer and Ahriman. Too much anthro-talk seems to put it that we are on the Path, if we can somehow banish L and A. Marriage is the truer Way. Have to own that we are not just of the “good”, but simultaneously of the “bad”.

This Americas’ shamanistic rite of passage involves going to the Underworld. Where Christ went on Saturday of Holy Week. Some Earth Religions (of the Mothers) speak of the Lost Cities, or of Faerie and the Fae.

In Star Wars chapter Five, Luke is being trained by Yoda in swamp filled jungle. He finds himself in a large earthy cavern, with roots and such in the way. He fights what appears to be Darth Vader (Vidar?), and knocks him to the ground. Upon taking Darth’s mask off of his face, it is Luke’s face looking out at him.

In chapter Eight, Rey (the hero is now a young girl), seeks instruction from Luke, who has disappeared. She finds him on an isolated island, and has a dream where she falls into water, climbs out into a cave, and runs into the double mirror out to infinity images of herself.

The Paths in the Americas are not like either systems of initiation, or enlightenment. Shamanism is very much a Moon Wisdom, but all the more important because we humans are both Sun and Moon.

Certain powers of the Beings of the Moon Sphere were so great, They had to build Their own realm, along side ours. Steiner’s return of the Moon is a spiritual event, already ongoing. Steiner, like all of us, didn’t know everything, and when you learn mostly (perhaps too much) Steiner, you’ve harmed yourself, and us as well.

I am more interested in what you think yourself, then in what you read in Steiner.

The Return of the Moon is ongoing in the present. Ancient Rites for evoking the Goddess remembered (Wicca and Class Lessons – Ceremonial Magic Arts and Crafts). Carl Sagan’s “Demon Haunted World”, and we Steiner fans dance all time with the minions of Lucifer and Ahriman.

What does a Coven do? Naked folk getting intoxicated, and dancing in circles by the light of the moon. All in a ceremonial fashion, which most often in ancient times actually resulted in communion-with the realms of the invisibles, especially the limitless wild of the Mothers.

We all need to be known. Expressing our individuality, and accepting the individuality of others gives riches, and That is a given wherever two or more are gathered.

As to the World, … we jumped off that cliff a long time ago. All are now in free-fall. And, if we look around us there are still some forces of life. A baby, a sign of future becoming. Justice slowly grinding towards certainty. What individual changes in soul and spirit come with the Covid-trial?

Eight Billion sparks, dancing to their own music. The Hopi call this time: “The Day of Purification”. John the Baptist said that the One coming after him would baptize us all in Fire and Holy Breath.

Is there cause for Hope? I have it on Good Authority that everyone is the right person, in the right place, at the right time. I personally trust the Divine Mystery, and They seem to trust us.

Some times various fans of Steiner sez, will evoke Michael … as an authority. Unless I misunderstand matters of spiritual hierarchy, the Mother and the Son, who I “work” for, are Michael’s bosses.

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  1. Worth repeating: “In America the social happens in the circle – sun-sun – each individual voice important”!
    Re: “cults of personality” – may relate to: “…God is no respecter of persons”: Acts 10:34 (KJV)


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