Riddle Me This

Riddle Me This

For decades I’ve had the view that there were three “occultisms”, Eugenic, Hygienic, and Mechanical. Now I am not saying this is so, I am just stating my understanding – via Steiner obviously, and would be glad to be informed of mistakes.

The material I remember is from “The Challenges of the Times”, which was a context in which those terms were placed. That context (if memory serves), was the idea that occult brotherhoods were running a millennial long breeding program designed to enhance those (- essentially magical and mystical -) potential gifts latent in those matter-based hereditary biological streams concentrated in those three different areas of the Earth.

Also Steiner: the soul is built out of interactions between the spirit descending into material life, and the surrounding geology (the stuff). Not so much the geology of tiny visible things, but the arena of the ethereal world where incarnation is taking place.

If we borrow from the work of George Adams, we might come to understand that for any given point in space, there is a counter-spacial ethereal form made out of an infinity of planes, all of which share this particular point. The ethereal body of all matter is infinitely greater than the materialized space-bound point.

Yet, as long as we live in Matter, Matter matters.

In the East then, Eugenic occultism involved being able to call out of the spiritual world specific individuals into birth, at specific Times (Tibet). Hygienic, in the Center, then gives special capacities for healing Arts (and its opposite). In the West, Mechanical Occultism, aka: the Strader Machine. A child in a sandbox builds, and destroys, and builds again. To be human is to touch and be touched by the world of experience. It is natural to want to emulate our Creator, and become Makers on our own.

When I ran into works, such as Paul Emberson’s, I wondered if it might be crucial to have been born in the Americas, in order to be able to observe in the own soul such otherwise latent qualities. I was also disturbed by the tendency of those in Europe, working on the Strader machine, to rely on abstract quotes from Steiner, rather then from the Goethean scientists, especially George Adams and Ernst Lehrs.

Several year ago I made a study of Steiner’s use of East and West, on the one hand, and East, Center, and West on another. The difference between East and West seems to me to be on the level of the spirit, and East, Center and, West is about the level of soul differences. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/WestandEast.html , for details.

In what ways are the Americas – the True West at the level of soul life – different from the Center and the East? Consider some phenomena: The Americas really don’t do much in the development of “Western” Civilization, except to be in the way of progress. Those who left Atlantis and went East, founded all those post-Atlantean Epoch civilizations … while at the same time the American “natives” …

“...America is the place at which races or civilizations die.” R.S. The Mission of the Folk Souls, lecture 6.

“The Indians then took over with them to the West all that was great in the Atlantean culture. What was the greatest thing of all to the Indians? It was that he was still able dimly to sense something of the ancient greatness and majesty of a period which existed in the old Atlantean epoch, in which the divisions of the races had hardly begun, in which men could look up to the Sun and perceive the Spirits of Form penetrating through a sea of mist. Through an ocean of mist the Atlantean gazed up at that which to him was not divided into six or seven, but which acted together. This co-operative activity of the seven Spirits of Form was called by the Atlanteans the Great Spirit…He clung firmly to the Great Spirit of the primeval past.” R.S. Lecture 6 above.

In the Hopi Prophecy, the coming True White Brother, aka: the Red Symbol, will/may take command of the four forces of Nature for the benefit of the Sun. They are Sun Clan, they are children of the Sun.

The West side of the Americas has a long mountainous backbone, born in the leaving of the Moon, which left behind the Ring of Fire. This event should also be understood, given the vastness of the non-material realm, as fundamentally not physical.

The first Atomic Bombs went off in and via America. Try to picture now the infinite non-material world, and its many Powers and Principalities, as the recipients of an event that could only be done in the world of matter in the first place. This Event also tore a hole into the non-material world, and from this wound came “living beings”, who were themselves still evolving, and curious to freely interact.

Where does America, the political State, fit within the phenomena of the Americas? [Chile is a very active place for signs in the sky.]

The religions of the Americas are Earth religions, mostly. Father Sky, Mother Earth. The Mother’s wisdoms are Moon wisdoms, and with the pending / already ongoing return of the Spiritual Sphere of the Moon Beings, magic will be remembered, and Steiner was hopeful that by that time people will have achieved the sufficient moral qualities, for which these gifts/curses have been given.

The Mother is of the Wild. We are dangerous to ourselves, and others, if the Tech masters us instead of us Mastering the tech. Yet magic knowledge cannot be avoided, and will be capable of being added to the “tech”.

Talismans are real. Through ritual, objects can be created in the physical world to effect the material matrix of the earthly. Imaginative objects can effect the general ambiance of the astral world, with the right training. The forces of the spirit are the most powerful, for there we decide meaning.

An impatient child says: oh goodie, magic powers fun. A scholar, who values the works of others, will know that the highest magical power is knowledge itself. Knowledge of how to make truly useful machines is also of great value.

There are secrets, hidden in plain sight. Everything is there in our own consciousness. Behind all “matter” are invisible beings, of a variety of natures. The littlest ones, the beings of the four elements, have sacrificed free will, to be of service to laws which underlies material reality.

The science of magic is about learning how to commune-with the invisible world hidden behind the surface of Nature, … Herself … a Way of Speaking, which Goethe called: Learning to Read the Book of Nature.

Millennia ago, human kind took dominion over the kingdoms of nature, and slowly lost over time the capacity to speak with various Beings who organize the Elementals into works of Art. Oddly, it is only through our eyes and hearts that They get to see the materialization of Their remarkable natures.

Steiner’s Third Force is the return of effective ceremonial magic rites through which we learn to be in communion-with, once more, these wondrous Nature spirits.

Use of a Strader “machine” is basically a ceremonial act. The gesture, which Steiner elsewhere sez sets elementals is motion, is repeated with Rite-like reverence. Tesla came to America, to try to build his design for “a self acting engine that extracts power from the ambient medium”.

Keely and Russell shined brightly as well. On the West Coast of America, the US of A, there is produced: The Journal of Borderland Sciences. Remarkable investigations into “matter and energy” (whatever those are).

It is of no little effect that Tesla, Keely, and Russell self-built their “machines”. A love affair if done rightly. Parts personally machined into existence, yet seen inwardly to the mind as something whole. The whole device a talisman for the Idea, itself a “mechanical” gate way to primeval powers such as we encounter in electromagnetism and music.

Again: “Tesla came to America, to try to build his design for “a self acting engine that extracts power from the ambient medium”: aka: a Strader machine.

Borderland Sciences published one of my first articles on “electrical engines”, which was called “there is no free energy”. What happens to our electrified civilization if we continue to “take”, without gratitude?

Any sensible person knows the world is falling apart. This condition of increasing chaos is a situational virtue. Disorder precedes the possibility for fresh order. “Things fall apart. The Centre cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”.

In my biography, my “youth” could be seen as creating a “son of Montana”. Unwritten and yet sensible social rules: Work Hard, Play by the Rules, Mind your own Business, yet be a Good Neighbor.

Such folk are called: the Salt of the Earth. Today, too many outsiders are putting too much pepper into the social mix, trying to ride us like a well broken horse.

As an American citizen, I have/share various common troubles. Some fancy being rich will take care of a lot of woes. Others believe they need to be better “looking”.

Also as an American citizen I am the Sovereign Power. Government is supposed to work for me, not me for it. Alas … there is no fate but what we make. The idea of linear time stops in the IDEA of the Now. The Future?

I am working on an essay on magic and things, lifeless, inert, lacking consciousness ? Things ?

“Mechanical Occultism” could also be called: “Magical Technology – and the Spirits of the Moon”

[Some Notes on Rudolf Steiner’s conception: “Mechanical Occultism”,
and its relationship to The Second Becoming of Christ in the realm of Living Thought, as well as the Remembering of the Holy Mother, aka: the Goddess Natura … all of this in the Light of Franz Bardon’s epic modernization of the magic science/ideas of the ancient Egyptians.]

[this essay was begun after reading Georg Unger’s “On Mechanical Occultism”:

https://rsarchive.org/RelAuthors/UngerGeorge/MchOcc_index.php ]

[ … a recent article on Are Thoresen’s travels in the Americas

https://thecollectiveimagination.com/2022/08/18/classical-gas/ … ]

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